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    Have you watch the movie "Newton"?

    Newton a movie nominated by India for Oscar this year. A movie tells the real scenario of the election in the rural India especially as shown in the movie a Naxal affected area, where nobody cares who is the candidate fighting in the election what he will do after winning the election?
    People don't even know what elections mean to them, what leaders are made for, these people have their one tribal leader and they don't know anything like election outside their community.
    It depicts the struggle of a young polling officer who wants to conduct the election in a fair manner but is not aware of the condition of people in the forest of Dandkarnya( a Naxal affected area) Even the military, police all just want their images to be depicted as clean in the media. Nobody cares about fair polling or election.
    One should definitely watch this movie. It depicts the really bad condition of our countries election procedures which is neglected by everyone in some areas where there is no literacy.
    It depicts originality of Indian people much different from what other Bollywood movies depitcts.
    Being a normal viewer I give 4.5 stars out of 5 if you have watched it already what are your reviews?
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    No, I have not watched the film ''Newton''. But I have read the review. It is a different type of film. I also know that this film is nominated for Oscar from India.

    I wish the film's director, Amit Masurkar, all the very best.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Yes I have watched the movie. It depicts the scenario of the elections in villages. A committed polling officer who does his duty despite odds.Our country needs such in real life too... Deserves an Oscar.

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