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    What is the difference between red and blue pack of Jio ?

    Jio has become a very popular 4G service operator in India now. They have become the lead and have created a stir in the mobile-internet sector as of now. Users and prospective users have a lot of doubts and FAQs.

    When we search the net for information and details about Jio, we get to see red colour packs and also blue colour packs. While some users claim certain features and facilities some others say it is not there or they have something different. There are a few differences in capabilities, specifications and the model and make of the products.

    Do any on exactly know what significance the colour difference-red or blue pack - has in Jio?
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    The red or the orange ones already have a number and it is allocated to new customers whereas for the blue ones the number is generated after the verification of the customer i.e you can select a number of your choice/it could also be used while porting your sim to Jio. So blue ones are for dynamic allocation of a number.

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    Neethu even I was wondering about the color difference and the special attachment of service to the customer. If this information is genuine then why the dealers are not parting with such information to customers of other mobiles who want to port with Jio ?
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    Actually, they are giving away the blue ones to the new customers as well when they run out of the red/orange packets.

    I cannot authenticate the report, it is a second-hand information that I read that they are selling the blue ones at a higher rate as the number can be allocated dynamically. The red ones are restricted as the number is already designated but features are same for both.

    Not sure why they don't part this information with the customers, once you place a request for porting, they will give this blue one so that you can take your existing number.

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    As I understand, the Blue pack is to be used by customers who are porting their existing number from another service provider to Reliance Jio. The blue pack comes with a Jio 4G sim. The blue pack was also issued initially for their own employees.
    The orange pack has a pre-allocated phone number. The number is printed on the top of the pack and you can choose your number from the handful of packs shown to you by the seller.
    The immense response received by Jio meant an acute shortage of orange and hence blue pack was issues. But as far as the offers go both blue and orange has the same ones - unlimited calls and 4G data. Hope this helps sir.

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    I am not convinced by the above responses.
    I had bought a JioFi device for internet . The connected SIM was in red pack. I had now got Jiophone- it is in blue pack. Neither situation was I asked for any choice number.
    Earlier, I was thinking that Red is for the beta testers. It was from my logic that most initial reviews and opinions related you tube videos showed red packs. But in the case of Jiophone I had seen videos showing red packs and some other videos showing blue packs.

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    In case of blue pack, you had the option of selecting a number of your choice, but it seems the seller was not honest with you in letting you choose the number or maybe since there was huge demand in Jio Phone and the queue was long, they might have decided not to take the pain of letting the customer chose the number as it would have delayed more time for people standing in the queue.

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    Honestly I was no knowing that the facility of some choice of number was available with regard to blue pack. There was rush was another matter. Hope I can convey this to some others who are also not aware of this difference,like me.

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