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    Do you go with your intuition?

    Sometimes we need to go with the flow without thinking much i.e, we need to with our intuition.
    Intuition a feeling that tells us whether something is right or not which is very strong feeling but comes with some doubts. These are not riskier because we know exactly what we are doing even though we are not sure but every knowledge we have gained from our past gives us a signal to go in the direction we are going.
    But we always end up regretting when we don't go with our intuitions we end up regretting most of the times.
    We have these intuitions all the times before taking a decision. I think it is better to go with the intuitions rather than regretting it later.
    What is your opinion about intuition? And how will you define give this feeling your own definition?
    Do you have examples of your intuition helping you while taking important decisions of your life?
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    I am a person who has often followed my intuition but I wouldn't say that it was always the right decision. I admit that sometimes it saved me but at times it made me regret later.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Going by intuitions would be the target for every one as it portrays our integrity and honest way of approach too. But some times the situations may not be conducive to our way of approach and there needs to be compromise and work against our wishes and thoughts. The situation may be changed working condition, changed attitude of person to whom we are dealing and above all we also succumb to the alternative by force and thus we compromise our thoughts for a while and accept the new way of approach as the challenge and accept. One thing is sure, not every time we change our intuitions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good post that makes one think. Intuitions are part of our life, in fact many medical experts believe it's an untapped potential. Intuitions are things that cannot be ignored. Often I have come across elders or people who travel a lot on work-related issues who take a small break, who deviate from the original plan, postpone the beginning of a task or ignore an inviting offer. The common reason given is something tells me it's not correct.
    Intuitions are important for us to make us think about alternatives, make us look for facts related to a task that are not out in the open. Intuitions should help us look at an issue from a different angle. It could modify our approach or choice. I have had my share of decisions based on intuition and have been correct more than being wrong. Where I've been wrong, I've not regretted as to me intuition is a calculated risk wherein the possibility of things going the opposite way should be accepted before we venture out.
    If something is not right somewhere, then it's probably correct. That's intuition.

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    I generally analyse the things and come to an understanding myself how to go about it. After making the possible ways of approach I use the one method which my intuition tells is the best. In other tasks where I have a lot of confusion and not able decide any scientific or logical way forward, I will go purely on my intuition. 90% of my decisions taken basing on my intuitions are proved to be right and the end results are good. What I feel is our inner mind will be working the issue on which we are thinking and an idea will flash as intuition in our mind. That will definitely work for us. Sometimes even the decisions that are taken with full knowledge of the issue also may prove to be wrong. So we need not worry about a failure in between for the decision we take based on our intuition.
    always confident

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