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    Is winter season good for trekking?

    I am thinking and planning to go for trekking in the coming month of December. Will it be possible to do the same in extreme winter season? Since there would be heavy snowfall and much cold at that time? I checked and have found some good places in Uttarakhand. Please let me know your opinions on this.
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    Trekking is purely a out door activity of concentration and involves our movements with the body and mind. Our body always works positively and listens to our mind commands when the weather is good and conducive. From your mentions it is clear that cold conditions during winter in Uttarakhand state seems to be high and extreme and even though you might take extreme precautions to use modern dress to keep you warm and fit, but when no body accompanies you due to fear of extreme cold conditions, that kind of risk should be avoided. Well when group of same thinking goes on trekking you may also attempt for the satisfaction part of it.
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    1. Kauri pass is an amazing which allows the traveler the sights of majestic Himalayan peaks including Chaukhamba Range, Mana, Kamet and Abl Gamin, etc. The trek takes 5-7 days in winter.

    2. The Kedarkanth trek is another great winter trek. The trek is suitable for first-timers and also for children. The Trek starts with a small village called Sankari. Kedarkantha is one of the easiest trek. The trek takes 3-5 days to cover.

    There are many more well-known and not-so-well-known winter trekking routes in Uttarakhand.

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    Is it an organised trek conducted by an agency or are you planning it on your own? I did the Triund Trek a few years back in the Himachal, with my family, but we did it in July. We started the trek at Mcleod Ganj.

    My advice to you is to go with a reputed agency that has a well-planned itinerary. They chart out the route, look after the logistics and make sure you have the right supplies and ensure your safety.

    You will need trekking gear, the right shoes and clothing, especially if you plan to trek in the winter months. Snowfall can make the trek arduous. Remember, a thin layer of snow can get very slippery and trudging through a carpet of heavy snow can exhaust you. I would not advise a winter trek, unless you are a seasoned trekker, especially if the snowfall is a possibility.

    You also need to be physically fit – is physical exercise a part of your regime? How much do you walk/jog/run a day? And it's not just the aches and pains that can bog you down. I have seen people come down with severe rashes in the inner thighs, caused by the sudden and excessive physical exercise and the constant rubbing of the thick bottom wear.

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    Apart from the above, the popular treks in Uttarakand that have a difficulty rating of easy-moderate include Dayara Bugyal. The endless meadows covered with snow and would be a ski spot soon.
    For trekking in winter most recommend having clothes in layers, thermals, inner two light sweaters,one jacket(fleece) and a heavy padded outer coat with a good cap and decent gloves. The night temperatures would be around -10 to -12. It starts snowing around the last week of December and by end of January the snow is quite heavy, I'm sure you would have checked it. You also need to have an expert or a professional guided itinerary. If you are trekking for the first time in winter, be prepared as the others have mentioned.Mobile phones usually do not work. Avoid deviating from well marked trek trails. Good luck.

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    I too feel it is better to go with a reputed agency. They will take care of all the requirements and chart out a programme and they will take all required precautions and you will be safer in a group that is organised by a well-known agency.
    You take care of clothing as the winter is severe especially those areas snowfall will be high. It is actually a risk you are taking I feel. Of course, I don't whether you are a seasoned trekker. Don't take any unwanted risk. Plan well and go with a good company for the event. Use proper clothing and shoes. Beware of snow falling.

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    It is the most thrilling in winter. But trekking requires peak condition of your body. If there's dense foliage on your track you're rather safe from avalanches and blizzards. Downside, Uttarakhand has dense deciduous forests. And these cannot be easily passed.
    If it is a rocky surface, challenges are too many.
    Let's talk about slippery surface initially. Steep hills offer no protection against falling snow.
    So, though foliage is hard to pass, its not deadly like rocks.
    But I'd suggest you to go at the beginning of winter rather than the end because of the melting glacier.

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    No, it is not an organized trek. I just thought of it myself and was discussing with friends.
    Also, I do not do regular exercises, so I think that as everybody is suggesting I shall make this plan in summers as that time will be much better.
    Thank you all for the responses, this was all really helpful. Discussing things on this forum helps me get solution easily.

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    You have to identify and finalise the route. You have to arrange fiance and necessary equipments. It takes lot of time to arrange a trek. Co-ordination among members of the team is very necessary for successful trekking expedition.
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