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    "Half truths are more dangerous than lies."

    Many people lie to save themselves from uncomfortable situations. Some of them are chronic liars. It is not possible to believe them even if they are telling the truth. Half-truths are only partially true and mostly used to mislead the people deliberately. There are many people who tell half-truths only. Their main purpose is to divert from the truth and create a state of confusion. It is very difficult to lie and get away with it. A lie can be detected easily but not the half-truths. There are incidents of winning wars by telling half-truths. Some people use half-truths to get upper hand in arguments and sway the opinion of the others. Members, what is your say in this regard?
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    The all time truth teller Dharma Raju also made to tell half truth to withdraw Drona from war. Drona will withdraw his weapon when he hears a bad news which hurts him. So Krishna asked someone to kill a horse by name Ashwathama. Then he asked Dharma raju to shout Ashwathama ataha very loudly so that Drona will hear, then very slowly Kunjaraha. So Drona heard the first two words and thought that his son died in the war. Immediately he left his weapon and Drusthadumya killed him. Here what Drarmaja told is not lie. But he modulated the voice in such a way that only half truth will reach Drona. He got what the author expressed about half truth stand correct with this example. I also feel half truths are very dangerous. But if we concentrate on the people we tell half truths we can definitely understand that the person is not telling truth.
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