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The GTA contest is beginning! Get updates & post your queries in this thread.
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    Guess the Author contest - updates and queries

    We're are off the starting blocks for the Guess the Author (GTA) contest!

    Everyone is requested to check their emails. 15 members have been sent emails from my gmail ID [iscmecontests], requesting them to be authors for the contest. Please check your spam box, too, in case my email has landed there & ensure that this gmail is not henceforth marked as spam to facilitate quick further communication.

    Please do not get excited on being selected & give any hint that you have been approached for the contest, either in this thread or in any communication with other members! All authors must retain their anonymity till the winners are announced. You are free to turn down the request, but please let me know by 3rd December latest if you do not wish to be an author, so then I will select another member.

    This thread is only to give you updates of the progress for the GTA contest. You may also submit queries or any problems that you face (such as not being able to send your entry) about the contest in this thread. Do not post any response otherwise.

    Hope to see good participation for this contest!
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    Happy to report that 14 members have acknowledged my request email to them & agreed to be authors, a few of them having already submitted their title and text. The 15th member has still to respond. If that member does not respond to my request by Monday morning latest, I will be obliged to select another member to be an author.

    Everyone should check out this thread daily for updates. I will also give hints and clues to help you guess the authors.

    I would like to request members not to reveal their identity as authors even after contest 1 and contest 2 closes. I I have a little bonus surprize just for the authors, for which it is very crucial to retain their anonymity throughout the entire contest schedule. Names of authors will be revealed only after that surprize.

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    It's great to note that 14 Members have agreed to the request of the ME to become authors. Eagerly waiting for the contest announcement.
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    Seven authors have sent in their title & text. The one selected author who did not respond to my email has been removed from the list of authors and another member selected. So please check your emails, everyone, to see if you have been selected as a replacement.

    A few of the selected authors seem to be a bit confused about whether to submit the text in the forum under another name! Please do not do so - I will be submitting your write-ups myself. Do not reveal your identity at all in any manner.

    This is how it will work -
    For Contest 1, I will submit the list of titles with only the topic mentioned and the titles you gave. So, it will be 'GTA 1: [Topic] [Title], GTA2: [Topic] [Title], and so on.
    For Contest 2, I will put an attachment of a Word doc. containing the write-up text of each author in a similar manner.

    Note that when I announce the contest and the write-up of the authors, I will not be correcting spelling & grammar, punctuation, typo errors, etc. It will be presented exactly in the manner in which the authors have written it. Thus, if you have been an active forum participant, you will know about a member's particular English and writing skills and can see this in the write-up too.

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    We're all set! I have received the submissions from all authors. One author whom I selected did not respond, so selected another one & when that person, too, did not respond, had to select the third one. The third one, unfortunately, also did not respond. I thus got a fourth member, who luckily gave the submission within the deadline I had given. I was vastly relieved since each time I had to select a new member-author, I had to select a new topic to somewhat match the author and/or his/her role/contributions.

    Contest No. 1, to match the member to the title, will be announced on 9th December (Saturday) after 1p.m. and will remain open for entries till 10th December (Sunday), 4p.m.This will give you ample time to work on it over the weekend, so do not be hasty in sending your entries. Members are requested not to play any guessing games or mention their answers in any forum thread even after contest 2 closes because there is will be a surprize third part after that just for the authors for which all members' support is required.

    Those who do not participate in contest 1 are allowed to participate in contest 2 (guessing the author of the text). However, to be eligible for the bumper prizes of winning the cash awards for the maximum points, you must participate in both. Keep in mind that the authors of the titles are the same as for the text. So it is possible that in contest 2 you may think of another member having written the text and not who you thought was the author of the title. Hence, you may give a different answer for contest 2. Will you stick to the same name or try for another one? Will you lose points in guessing the wrong one the second time? Tricky, that!!

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    The much awaited contest 1 has been announced. Just go through this thread -
    GTA 1 - Who wrote the titles?


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    Happy to have received 10 entries for Contest 1. The second part of the contest, where the text will be provided to guess the author, will be announced tomorrow afternoon after 1p.m. Those who did not participate in contest 1 can participate in contest 2, but will not be eligible for the bumper prizes.

    Authors who did not send the common theme of the topics will be allowed to send their answer with their entry for contest 2.

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    Before you conduct GTA 2, you should announce the results of GTA 1. You need not mention it with the authors name, but only the number of right answers posted by the participants.
    Eg. Sun 4/15, Padmini 14/15 etc. It will help us in GTA 2.

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    Mr. SuN: You have not understood the contest at all. It is not possible to announce the result of first contest before conducting the second one.
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    The result need not be complete, but partial with scores and CC only as done before for every contest in the past.

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    "Happy to have received 10 entries for Contest 1".

    There are at lest 15 authors. Entries are less than 15. That is, even all the authors did not participate. To guess the author from just a few words in the title is of course difficult. Let us hope that GTA 2 gets more participants including all the authors.

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    Yes, I do hope for more participants in the second contest. It would be interesting to see if the participants of contest 1 change their guess of the author of a topic on seeing the text or it would make their guess even more definite. As I said, that would be tricky!

    Sun - I do not understand how it would help for contest 2 to reveal the scores of contest 1.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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