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    The ratings on comments

    I just noticed that comments or responses are given ratings. Are they the ratings of the response or the profile?
    Because most have a two star rating. Neither high nor low.
    Why is there a two star consistency?
    And does rating have something to do with cash credits?

    Fill me in with this information please.
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    No, ratings don't have any co-relation with cash credit. As far as I understand, one-star indicates irrelevant comment and may cause negative points or no point.
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    The rating feature is not used very frequently by the editors. We do use the negative rating frequently only to mark copied content and spam responses. The others we use to mark responses ranging from invalid to excellent. The old template then used to display bright yellow stars if this feature was used. What we do now, though, is to assign enhanced points & cc directly as this can be done simultaneously instead of first using the rating feature and then adding the cc. It is hoped that the yellow stars' feature gets restored. Note that, in the earlier template, a grey star used to appear for irrelevant responses and it would be marked with zero points right away.

    As Partha rightly pointed out, the rating is not related to cash credits.

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    The ratings are not seen by me when I use the site regularly to open a thread or reply to a thread. I'm able to see the cc given. But I see a rating when I get an alert that forum response selected as best or cc given AND I click the view button. Is this what we are referring here or am I missing it?

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    Normally the members respond casually to the threads and the answers are on the expected lines of the author and the ISC editors. But there are some members who shall give additional details to the post already mentioned and thus elevate the importance of the thread. In that case there can be enhanced rating to the answer instead of two stars which has become permanent feature by default. Even I would like to have rating implemented as some of the responses are very nice and superlative even to my threads and I feel like giving them more liking like social media, and unfortunately we wont have that facility.
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