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    Do you agree there is a vast difference in South India Politics vs North India politics?

    As we all know BJP is definitely a winner in Gujarat elections.Now every political analyst says in Television debates the South Indian people are more knowledgeable than North Indians as we know that Modi winning the Assembly elections as recently concluded like Uttar Pradesh and some other states as we all know that politics in North Indian states are different from South Indian states.As BJP is a tail party in all most all the Southern India.Can Modi take a challenge and also take a referendum on his governance to put BJP on the front line in South India in next Assembly or Loksabha elections?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I shouldn't be saying this. But literacy rate in south is far greater than north, especially Tamil nadu and Kerala. So politics are modified to be understood and implemented by educated politicians towards literate voters.
    In north the dynastical politics is one more thing. Ministers give their posts to their progeny. But in south, dynastical politics always failed.
    There are many such trivial yet impactful differences.

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    I differ with Aditya Mohan in case of dynastical politics. It is more in the south also. For example in Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi and his sons, MGR and then Jayalalitha, In Andhra Pradesh NTR and then Chandrababu Naidu and then his son Lokesh, and in Telangana, KCR and KTR and Kavitha, YSR and his son Jagan. Like this dynasty, politics are more in the south also. South people more hero worshippers and they don't know the difference between cine hero and political leader. But in the north, there is no hero worship. In South people are more polished and in the north, Dadagiri is more. These southern states from the beginning are not very encouraging for BJP. Here most of the times congress or regional parties only formed the government. BJP is having no base here. Slowly they have to develop the base here. But they won't bother much as long as they get a majority from the north.
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    The traditional view of why BJP couldn't get a good foothold in Southern states was that the Hinduvata agenda did not work on the electorates as they were more literate. I don't think it is true. In Karnataka at least we had a good congress government earlier follow by a BJP government that took the fall due to corruption/mining scams. Families in politics and handing over the mantle to their children or relatives do exist in South also. As mentioned by the early replies, people in South believe in a leader equally as they believe in a party. A good leader is worshipped and their legacy stays back even after demise, this is a common observation in TamilNadu. I don't think there would be a huge difference between the functioning and behaviour of the politicians and the parties in general.

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    Even now the percentage of literacy in Hindi-speaking states is much less than that of the southern states (forget about north-eastern states). But I feel that this has not much relevance in politics. Southern states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh regularly elect film-stars even without political credentials; even such film-stars can become Chief Ministers of the states. But in north such film-stars can't become Chief Ministers, although some of them become (silent and not so influential) MPs and MLAs.
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    Certaine comments above comparing North and South Indian politics are correct to certain extent. But in the discussions Kerala is not included exactly in the South Indian States. Because the conditions existing in Kerala are some what different from those in other South Indian States. Here the film stars are not coming to politics. Only a small number of such category have entered into politics and that too are not super stars.
    Again the people here are more literate and they read news papers regularly. It is difficult to change their political affiliations so easily. Left orientation is there in almost all fields. Religious interference is limited. In common issues all religious groups join together. Only a very limited number of people are creating issues in the name of religion. Temples, churches and mosques co exist here. Hence in political decision taking religious influences are limited. In voting also this is reflected.

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    Politics has now become to be well accepted as dynasty business. Neither the people nor the politician feel any shame to simply bring close relatives and handover plum positions in the party and government. There is no difference in this between North,South,East or West.
    The only difference is the money and opportunity involved is slightly less in some states and more in other states.

    Even when you do not win in election, if your party is ruling, and your close people are in the party or government,you may get some posts as Chairman or member of some boards or corporations. Some corporations and boards will be set up new just to accommodate the close people. Many of these things do not come to the visibility and notice of ordinary general public. If asked the counter question will be in a democratic country every one is eligible;being son/daughter/spouse/brother/sister/ son-in-law/d-in-law etc etc of some e one in ministry or party leadership does not bar them. That will be the argument.

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    Yes the voters in South are well informed about the happenings in the politics and they wont leave the candidate for taking in to task. In North the hero worship of a party and the candidates is seen the most. In South there are records when the ruling party which considered to have done good performance had been thrown away to have new government. Unfortunately in Tamil Nadu there are no alternatives between the AIADMK and DMK and the poor Congress either has to sail with one of the party to have some recognition or say in the politics in Tamil Nadu. In AP the voters have the record of throwing a Congress government and allowing a newly formed NTR government in just 8 months from the start of the party. Such is the frustration level of the voters in South. In Karnataka too BJP had the chance to come to power when Congress played dirty politics and Kerala being a fight between two left parties to power and Congress again a second there.
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