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    Do you support Government's order to ban condom ads during 6 Hrs. to 22 Hrs.

    On last Monday (11th December, 2017) the Government directed the television channels not to air advertisements selling and promoting condoms, because these are indecent especially for children and can create unhealthy practices among them. The advisory issued by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting quoted Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, banning an "advertisement which endangers the safety of children or create in them any interest in unhealthy practices or shows them begging or in an undignified or indecent manner." The advisory has warned the television channels that any failure to follow the advisory would attract action as per the provisions of the said rules.

    Personally speaking, I find the advertisements of condoms are very sensuous and small children are automatically attracted to these advertisements. They ask uncomfortable questions to their parents and elders which are difficult to answer. So, I support the decision of the Government, although many people find this advisory ridiculous.

    So, I seek to know the opinion of knowledgeable Members on this advisory. Do they find it justified or ridiculous?
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    This is a very good move and I welcome the decision of the government in this respect. These advertisements are not very convenient to see along with children in the house. The children will ask many questions which can't be answered. The school going children will get unnecessarily get unwanted information. The government orders very acceptable. If they extend this ban to cigarets and liquors it will be very good.
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    Dr. Rao: The advertisement of cigarettes has already been banned in Indian television and newspapers/periodicals. I think that the advertisement of liquors is severely restricted in India, if not completely banned.
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    Even for relevance the ad should be at night only, by bed time, after the young children would have gone to sleep.I recall that many years ago when only Radio was there, the ads for condom ( then only the govt owned factory made condom) was being aired at about11 pm I think. The wording in Marathi(as I was in Mumbai then) was : woman; Mala bhiththi vaadto- I feel afraid) The man replied that she need not worry because he uses the so-and-so condom. Even for this there was much protest and the timing or wording was changed. (There may be some error as I am recalling from my memory)

    I am of the opinion that certain things should be kept private, hidden and not to be displayed or declared in public. Some ads are target oriented and should target only on the specific audience.

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    Yes, such advertisements should have certain restrictions. The cigarettes and liquors are also in that category. But the films shown during day times contain the scenes of smoking and drinking which is more than advertisements. In the case of condoms films might not give the effect of ads. One thing which is not clear is how the condom producing companies would react to such a decision by the Govt.
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    I welcome the decision. My personal view is there is no need for a commercial provocative condom advert at all if the company wants to promote, they can make a small educative ad with a message and the product name. The revenue paid for the ad can be used by the corporate company to support corporate programs for women welfare and it would be a good way to advertise their product without vulgarity. Then these can be authorised for late night viewing. The content and the tone of these are obscene and it is difficult to turn off when such ads come. It captures the attention of kids who are smart enough to realise that these are not regular products and are curious to know more about it and the questions that follow can be embarrassing to answer. I'm happy that the government is restricting the time for such ads, they should also regulate the content and creativity shown in such ads. Such ban on sensitive ads will always have a group of people against the rulings as they feel it infringes on the rights, rules are outdated etc, we have to hear them out but act in the larger interest.

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    The mentality of the people is such that they are attracted towards anything that is banned. By banning the advertisements for a certain period of time during the day, The Government gave undue attention to it. The children and the young will be in schools or colleges during the daytime. I do not find any use of this ban. The younger generation now has more facilities to see more than what the advertisements are showing. What about the cinemas? Are they decent enough to see with children in a theatre? All these bans are of no use and they create unnecessary attention towards them. In India, sex education is not encouraged. The children instead of learning such things from unwanted sources, it is better they are educated to know the anatomy of male and females.
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