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    Variable thoughts looking for an Ideal behaviour

    It has been observed that we human beings have continuously changing moods. We cannot carry a similar and constant thought in our mind. We cannot remain the same everytime, things have to change, our moods change instantly. But still, we love to follow an ideal process of living.
    We always aim for a perfect lifestyle, a well settled one. In spite of us knowing that we need different things at different times. Our minds and hearts respond differently, they cannot act same. Still, we want to take a decision with heart, where our mind has to work. Everything cannot be perfect and at the place. Things will change, scatter and will be corrected also at the right time.
    We will be sad for some time, then there will be the time we would want to smile and bring the light back to our life. So, it is not possible to stay happy all the time, sadness will come and play its own role and that is needed to maintain an ideal behavior.
    Human beings are species with an instant behavior, and they cannot lead an absolutely set life. There has to be curves and turns, to settle that life in a proper manner.
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    If you want to have a ideal behavior, first of all we must stop thinking about others and their progress. Most of us are much worried of his or her strides in the life and hence want to compete. One of my friend who is rich and has the habit of aping others in their relations and friends. Suppose one of her friend purchases a microwave oven, she goes for the better version and bigger version of it. Though some times there may not be necessary for them to have the product, just because others own a brand of it , they will go for superior one. This kind of ideals would lead to conflict and clashes in mind. Be content with what you have and spread the feeling of happiness and wellness among the people you behave and that will lead to life without any hassles. One more thing , the more we worry abut other, the more we are shortening our lives too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our thoughts and moods will be changing from time to time. We can't have the same type of thoughts all the time. That is true. We should always wish to gE having Ideal behaviour. But sometimes their mind and heart will not cooperate. They want to be happier and they don't bother for ideals and ethics in getting their wishes fulfilled and they feel that is the ultimate. But if the persons thought thinking about the fellow human beings and develop a mood of contentment the chances of getting an Ideal behaviour will be fulfilled. But what is the probability of a person reaching this situation?
    always confident

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    Only when one is sad, he or she would understand the meaning of joy.As humans we should experience everything in life.Joy, sorrow, laughing, crying all are part of life and we need to grow through them, only then we mature. Imagine a child who's never heard 'No' to his demands, reaching a hostel or going away for his/her studies. Life would be miserable, everything would make them feel sad and they would very easily get dejected with life. So, we need to anticipate,understand, experience and learn for each one of these events. Yes, most humans would want a perfect lifestyle but all would not be able to achieve it. Moreover, who would be happy with a perfect life that is full of sweetness and happy moments. It would become monotonous, we would be craving for a change. Sad or unpleasant experiences in life are like falling down. The person who knows how to get up after a fall is far better than a person who hasn't fallen at all. When the going is good, pray and be humble, when it gets tough, pray and hopefully move on in life.

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