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    Working Women Vs House Wife

    Hi Dudes,

    This week let us discuss about the topic "Working Women vs House Wife"

    In todays IT era, everyone is working irrespective of sex, age, Distance, Work burden, etc...

    When Womens are also working in a family, there comes some problems like they needs someone to take care of their kids, the childrens are not getting Proper attention from their Parents, they are missing the parental care upto a most.

    But while looking todays price hikes on day to day commodities, it seems both men and Women together can only be able to run a family without economic problems.

    What do you think about this friends???

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    Hi Ram ..

    nice thread initiated ..

    As per my knowledge working woman can make home more bright than home maker .. because she will get to know many people outside the world accordingly she can make plans for her home
    in todays competition worls everyone has to be a step ahead to beat the competition .. in my view the person who explores the outside world will rock the world ..
    but one problem for working woman is she will be burdened .. her husband has to think about this and he should help them at all the times ..

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    hello ram,
    just like in the olden days women used to be great homemakers, these days women not only are greta homemakers but also a source of finance everyone has to change according to the circumstances and today s cost of living and demands make jobs a necessity for women. in my views, any modern woman is one who can balance work and family. she has to be there for her family and children at times of crisis and joy. but this balance is achieved only by making certain compromises. in my views a succesful modern employed woman is one who knows where to draw the line between compromise and sacrifice. most commendable attribute of a working woman is her ever growing knowledge and exposure. also any woman who can be amicable with someone who is known to her for a short period of time will definitely be more understanding and supportive towards her kith and kin. every homemaker has her own positives and every employed woman has her own attitude but a modern employed woman can only be termed succesful if she can combine the both in a correct balance

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    According to both will play very important role from their own contribution. We all know that cost of living is also increased, but nothing should be compared when it comes in the interest of family. Here i am not telling that working women will not contrbute to her family since she is working and doesn't have the time to look after family or Home maker since she is not earning the money we should not think that she is also not contributing to the family. All these problem will only when we have nucleus families,means Husband,wife and their children.If they were in a combined family both working women and homemaker might have carried out there responsibilities equally.

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    As we all know women have always been the source of love and affection for childrens but that should not stop them from realising their dreams.It is unfair to say that women should stop working once they get married as they have to take care of childrens.It is true that these days the childrens are not getting much attention and the only way for this is to make a proper bond with them .Understanding between the husband and the wife is also very important to make the childrens feel secure and comfortable.Both the husband and wife should share the responsibilty for raising up their childrens.Listening to one's childrens is very important otherwise they tend to feel neglected.Having proper conversation with them will make them feel cared and loved.

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    In traditional indian society, status was ascribed to households where wives did not work.
    For women, a successful marriage was a means which allowed them to stop working. For men, having non-working wives symbolized status insofar as their income was sufficient to support their ?housewives? and children. If there is any truth to this conventional view of status, then husbands earnings should be higher among couples where the wives are not working (versus couples where the wives are working).
    My views: till you are not planningkids. year of 2 after marriage, you can go for job . Once kid is ther , spend initial years with the kid, so his or her upbringing starts with a solid foundation. After kids grows up, if yos still feel to work , the choice is yours.

    Varun Sharma

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    Earlier a woman was confined to the four walls of her house to look after her family’s needs. She was a home maker, who was responsible for cooking, washing, and attending to her family’s needs. But with the conventional society moving from closed to a more open society, most women have stepped into the identity of a “Super woman,” balancing their family life and office environment at the same time.

    Today a lot of women, be it upper class or lower middle class, are seeking the job market because they want to augment their family’s income. They aim at providing a better life to their families and thus securing their future.

    But for most of the women, balancing the act of being a working woman and a homemaker is not easy. They not only face physical problems but also go through a psychological problem. Apart from managing the pressures at home front they also have to face the realities of paid work - stress, work pressure and office politics.

    Ironically for women, office work always seems to take a back seat whenever it comes to her ‘Family needs', unlike in the case of men. For the man of the house to compromise on his office is next to impossible. All family functions, children’s illness or even the Parents-Teachers meeting have to be attended by the ‘Mother’ only. But ‘She’ is happy compromising on this aspect because for her ‘Family’ stands first.

    Caring for the family and at the same time working to enhance their own career graph needs proper planning. Since working women have a correct schedule throughout the week, they get very little time to spend with their children. And to compensate this loss they try to spend as much time as possible with their kids who are the ultimate sufferers.

    Indian women ‘working’ or ‘home-makers’ have handled both these roles with great ease.

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    Hello Ram,
    In olden days women were know as great homemakers.But in todays era women are know as great homemakers and also great earn's.
    Its is true that in today's era they have to work very hard,but people forget that women is gifited managerial skills by GOD.And so they can manage their home and work life very nicely and can overcome their problem of taking care of their kids and family.
    Today's women are well educated and also gifited managerial skills by GOD I belive that whether it be house wives or working women they know their duties very well and will carryout it properly.

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    As a son to my working mom,( She is a teacher) i wish to support working womens, if they can manage the personal life as well professional life with a eagle's Eye. If not i can go with Home makers,

    As a Professional Women :

    The Freedom of finance From the day one, which can help the whole family in the near feature which can help them to improve their family status as well the life of their kids,

    Because as we know the kids of such womens are feel like abandoned in some day's but purposefully they are the one who are in the best colleges or schools, if by merit or by money.

    The second thing is the Social Life they live, and the outcome of that in their work place.

    At last , the balnce of family life from which the learned things they can impart to the best of knowledge to their work place.

    The main things a working women i have discussed is above, if they know how to balance the professional life. if not here is the others

    The home Maker : " A Lot to perform'

    Ultimately a fine place to hide, run and play then create and puplish their own Dreams in to reality, if so what else a women need than a home,

    Nurturing Childrens, Respecting Relatives, Handling the Financial and other heavy weighted family proplems, planning the whole family's life in a well balnced meter, Forecasting for the feature, Etc. with an eagle eye will makes awomen a perfect home maker, with this a little education and passion to dream and wish to perform attitude and imparting them in to their kids will make a perfect home maker, if she is on home alway's or at work and home,

    All your comments and critcs are welcome aboard and with respect to the positiveness which we learned from our Mom's i have Discussed the positive thoughts' only.


    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need’s to be With You – Saleem “

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    Hello friends

    Now a days women have to be working for lots of reasons, financial help to the family and to achieve their own dreams may be the main reasons. Of course they are doing very good as working, but as they contributing there time to job, so they could not give so much time to the family, children and home.
    They work for the welfare of the family and children but only money is not required for the welfare. A house wife not earning money but she contribute in the making of home, growth of children and to fulfill daily needs of the family. A women should go for the work only upto tha extent that she can manage to balance the work and family.

    Gurvinder Singh

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    Nice topic from Ram.

    As said by Adolf Hitler, that woman is only a production engine and made to sit in the Black Room(kitchen),before a century or a half, women were meant only for the purpose of serving the family as a slave,as a House wife.
    But decades after women started showing their will power of balancing the family along with their spouses,as a working women.

    But both are good profession, because, not in all house wives' family we can say they are leading a peaceful life; not in all working womens'family we can say they are having a joyful life.

    Both are trouble some with sweet burdens.
    House wives has to take care of the family, children,budget and everything.Also one important thing Cooking, a good entertainment.
    Working women has to take care of the family somehow but also plan about the work in the office.We cannot say that working women are best because they are taking care of both family and work.Sometimes they show their work tension,ego,proudness in the family and also in the society
    Butin this competitive world, women must work to withstand the family pressures from around the environment.
    So working women get the priority than the house wives.
    Some points to remember for the wotking women:
    i) prefer a joint family with senior citizens,as this will reduce the family tension to a great extent
    ii)dont think or talk about the work when in family, as you will loose the peace
    iii)spend some weekends in near around recreations with family.This will create a fresh week ahead.

    India News

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    Now a days both husband and wife has to work together to run their family in good manner. The working women has to face many problems in the working place and in their home. In working women family all the other family members have to co-operate the women to do all work. The husband also have to share the work even in cooking, washing, cleaning and each and everything then the working women has no problem in home. But Eventhough the child is missing the parental care, this makes the child to go in wrong way and this cause a big issue in most of the working women family. Some of the Small child have miss the mother touch and the have to be in the play school till their mother arrived.
    The parental care is the only thing missed in the working women family eventhough the other problem can be bring out.
    House wifes take all responbilities of thier family. The house wifes take care their children , husband and all other family members. Even though the house wifes are not shine, because they have to adapt others for each and everything. And I think that the house wife are not self-confidence like the working women. So,I like to be a working women .


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    Hi Ram!
    This is very much vital for todays situation.
    In my point of view, todays womens are not following the old formals, particularly after the entering of IT sectors in India..
    Basically, what is the purpose of earning money means, to live with their family enjoyable..
    But due to going of job they totally loose their and whole family enjoyment and allthing..
    I think it is enough to earn the money by husband and it makes more much enjoyable to the family and this will be Healthy for our Society..

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    Working Women Vs House Wife- I'm sorry, but I've never liked the phrase, 'House Wife', it is

    always a 'home maker'.

    People talk about multi-tasking a lot these days. But if you want to learn multi tasking, go

    to a woman. She might be a home-maker, or a working woman, but she is able to manage all

    tasks beautifully, and that is what makes her special.

    Take a working woman, for instance. She gets up early in the morning before the cock wakes

    up, prepares food for everyone in the family, especially the engineering college kid, who

    has to leave really early to catch the college bus. And then, she has to get her other kids

    ready, prepare food for her husband, and in between all this, she squeezes time to read the

    papers and offer her prayers. Then, she goes to office, comes back in the evening, again

    prepares food for the night, teaches her kids, and in this chaos, she also watches TV and

    catches up on gossip. This isn't something I'm trying to imagine, but this is the routine of

    my friend's mom who lives right across my house. I think it is just AMAZING, and she is a source of inspiration for everyone.

    But, on the other hand, another friend of mine, whose mom is a career woman, sometimes regrets the fact that her mom is not at home full time. Her mom is not there to take her to the hospital when she's sick, she isn't there to listen to stories from school/college and other such trivial things which only a mom staying at home would be able to give. But one cannot get everything in life, so a few things will have to be sacrificed if a woman chooses to take her career seriously. This, fortunately, isn't the case for men.

    Coming to home-makers, they are no less to working women. They make the house a home. I know quite a few women who've turned their hobbies into profession from home. They have time for their kids, time to watch soaps on TV and time to pursue their hobbies. I think every woman should try experiencing being a home-maker for a year at least, it should be great fun, and you can have time for yourself. This, having time for oneself, is something a working woman will lack. She keeps running and running to save her career, and when she finally turns back, she'll see a beautiful past gone waste.

    So, as such, the debate on this topic is never-ending because even if a woman is working, she has to manage the household, at least, this is the scenario in our society. So, I wouldn't say a woman will not be able to manage a household if she is a working woman. I can give you examples of woman juggling between work and home in a great way, and they are woman I see everyday, everywhere.

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    Working women are best for they are taking care of their work and family too.
    No words about house wife as this word is slowly loosing its fame

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    women are women! the one person who earlier carried the burden of running a house well within the four walls, is equally capable of going outside the same and still manage to run the household with some help from others at home. this help is to be stressed as it involves the wholehearted cooperation from others in the family.
    They need to concentrate on outside work in order to gain good reputation in what they do which means that they should be given enough support by their in laws and their kids and husband alike with out which it is unattainable.
    I remember my mother who used to run our family of 6 along with her sister in laws, where they used to toil throughout the day, with little rest and little help from the menfolk and her mother in law used to command the daily work which had to be done by them.
    today the woman has neither the patience nor the strength to do those difficult chores. They can hardly compramise and can not listen to others particularly their mother and father in laws for they are educated and liberalised.

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    Working woman is a good housewife also.Her knowledge and experience helps her to bring up her children in a better way.
    Now a days in most cases husband and wife are having equal educational qualifications and are working and earning similar,sometimes better. In such case it is not fair to give homemaking entirely to the wife.Father and mother bringing up a child together and caring together,what else a child need?

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    i was also voting for workingwoman, because she is leading the house and working in the office,she wants to lead her husband,children and maiyaar and mamanaar,she wants to satisfy all the people in the house,she want to finish the all work in the house,getting ready the children and husband and doing all the work for her inlaws and she is going to the office and their she is facing senior persons, and she want to work hard in the office,so that they will satisfy with her work,so she is only person,who has the will power in running the house and office,so i will suggest that working woman is the best,and she knows all the difficulties in the outside , she is facing many problem,and she is seeing many persons,about their activites and all she knows,women is nowadays goto abroad and discover something,so working woman is the best, best ,best,in the housewife, she will running within the house and spending time in seeing tv and talking to next house,thats all she is not improving her knowledge,in my faith iam thinking like this.we want to get out and work so that we can see many people and many things in the outside

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    A famous adage is known to all of us- "jack of all trades and master of none",coming to the role of a woman,she is best suited as a housewife as she is the one who is known to be the homemaker.In an office, a woman may be confined to only a desk where she may work on a computer and interact with people around,in other words she leads a sendentary life,where the risks of fast pace diseases like stress,BP,Overweight,etc unknown at first,may come pouncing on her.
    If we think that a woman as a home maker does not know about "workplace",then we are proved to be wrong.She is the one who "manages" the home.She "plans" the things for her family everyday,she "finances" the household budget,she "coordinates" losses,she "manufactures" dishes that satisfies her loved ones,she maintains healthy "human relations"with neighbours.In fact home makers have a life longer than the office working women-the proof?our grandmothers and moms!
    Home is the place where people relax,it fills our hearts with joy to know that our mom awaits anxiously for us.Children grow up in a boarding school and miss the values of family togetherness and oneness.Father is at work,mother is at work,children at boarding school,then what is home without people?it is afterall bricks!

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    hai ram!
    a women married and working or homemaker both the roles are very
    tough ,we cant differentiate between them.both are in a way it working women or a house wife ,they are doing that hard work for the benefit of their kids and family!
    we cant say that a women at office is a hard worker when compared to a homemaker or vice verse .
    there are at times where mothers working outside miss on tiny incidents like there baby walking ,talking....etc
    but its all for her kids at the end of the day ,i would like to say that more then trying to state who is the best the homemaker or the office goer or the the loss and benefits each receives,i would say that both a doing this for a certain reason, children ,family,high cost......what ever it is,they will do it with joy and all the stress they go through will vanish when they think of why they are working so hard .and a women is always strong in mind and very good in multitasking ,so she will keep on working for her family,and this is all possible only if her partner be it parents or husband supports her ,that one support will make her do all thing !and what she does will be the best!

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    hi friends,
    VIEW 1:
    what u people said was right, but what was the current scenario,maximum women in IT and ITES sectors(working girls) were going in wrong way,there's change in their behavior and culture.
    women are capable of creating anything positive, in the mean time they can also bring it in a negative way.
    whoever it concerns "Working women" or "House wives", everything depends on their mentality.

    VIEW 2:
    In the past we cant see a girl after the sun sets,but nowadays we can see them at any time,it shows that they were out of FEAR and they started to PROOVE themself.

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    House wives Vs Working women is a typical discussion, because everyone are special in their own way of thinking and keeping up their work and family. For example take a house wife who serves her husband and children and sometimes their in-laws. But we should not fail to consider a working women who does the same things but whenever she is free from her work. Women are forced to work only because of the financial situation of their families. but, it doesnot mean that all other housewives are financially good. Now a days housewives are also working from home to support their families. House wives are more intensively taking care of their families compared to the working housewives. From our ancestors we have followed a basic principle which says that man should work for his family and women should take care of her family with whatever her man is earning. But working before marriage is acceptable. I am not critisizing working women, because money is not only the requirement of a family instead love, care and all types of support is required to build a good and happy family. If at all the family requires financial support there are plenty of work from home jobs available for married women. So i support housewives instead working women.

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    House Wife Vs working women is infact a very interesting topic of discussion.

    It is perhaps a known fact that earlier the womens were not given more prominence and were not exposed to the outer world. But today due to the rapid increase in the technology the scenario has changed completely. Women have been empowered today.

    Our life can be considered to a coin. We can have only one side of the coin. If we opt the life of a House wife, we generally have no other way but to cook at home and look after the children. The benefit behind this is that the children get the utmost pleasure of their mothers and the love of their grandfather and grandmother. They are happy by the social relations and in this context their personal relations with others will be improved.

    If you look at the other side of the coin ie., the working women, she has to work for which she gets paid and her family gets the benefit of having a good living. Due to the hike in prices, today people cannot afford to have a quality life with less or a minimum of money which the head of the family earns. If the lady in the house also works, the quality of life will be better. Her children will get the benefit of all facilities like good education, good clothing, status in the society etc. They only thing they lack would be the love and the time which the parents cannot spare for their children. But all others would remain the same.

    Lets now sum up the advantages and disadvantages of being a house wife or a working women.

    A Housewife :-

    Advantages :- A house wife at home would give good love and care to her children, her in-laws and everybody at home. Other than this there is no other advantages.

    Disadvantages :- She cannot be helpful to her family in economic matters.

    A working Women :-

    Advantages :- She can be helpful to her husband and family economically.
    She can give her best quality of life to her children and family members.
    Her skills can be shared among her children.
    The children develop within themselves to imitate others and hence try to imitate their mother by her matured quality.
    Her knowledge improves every day.
    She gets to know more information on the everyday quality of life.

    Disadvantages:- She cannot give her love and care to children.
    She cannot spare more time with them when needed.

    By looking at the advantages and disadvantages amongst both the womens of the society, my views are that a working women is a better person than a house wife.

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    Well this is a duel between two equally qualified and on the same level categories of woman .
    You may give it any name :
    Whether you want to go in for:
    ... House wife or Career wife
    ...You can take it in this sense : Stay -at-home mom and on-the-job mom it daycare vs. home care
    ...domestic engineer or office engineer

    Today the reason that you may give for a person or rather to be specific - a female to go in for jobs and career making are many.
    You may call it a result of feminist movement , you may name it as the present IT scenario or even the most thought of reason - the inflation and the steep price hike .
    Whatever it may be but the outcome of all these aspects are that today the female populace is not confined within the four walls or within the family bounds.

    Today the word female doesn't only describe a female stature with care and tender heart , her life meant to serve her family though before marriage or after that. The word - Feminism , today describes more than that.

    Actually the demarcation that we are creating by drawing a line between the two roles that are played by a woman is a hypocritical act , for we can't judge someone else's choice.

    When I read this topic , instead of laying stress on my mind to ponder over it , I looked around and could see some figures that can give a direction to my thoughts. I don't need to cite the mammoth crowd to find out this thing, I found my mom as the best person to bank on her decision and her words.

    Well after talking to many individuals I realized that , we are quoting the examples of neglect of children and family as the outcome of this scenario .What about many who doesn't have children.

    Well one thing is needs to be made clear in the minds - That the main issue today is not the parenthood on the verge due to career aspirations , its the marriage at stake.
    The greatest of the meaning lies in these words that : ' Understanding is the solution to every problem that ever existed.'

    So why not look into this aspect for the solution of this conflict between the two different sides of the same woman.
    Sometimes its the pressure around you that makes you opt for professionalism , many times its your flair that prompts to you. , few times its the will of others, but most of the time its because of your responsibilities and your commitments.

    If you look at certain statistics and surveys you'll find many people in the matrimonial section desiring for job-oriented and working wives. The families prod to get a educated and working womenfolk in the form of their daughter-in-law.Later these in-laws are the ones who scorn these on-the-job womenfolk for showing neglect to their families and children.

    Why is it that this decision is not left on the female populace to decide on.Why their discretion are brought in the judgement panel where we who haven't ever lived in their shoes try to judge them.
    Why don't we respect their decision whether its of being a home maker or a office worker.

    Why is every decision and every statement fighting on the two very crucial and difficult roles played by a woman at both the levels .Neither of the job is easy , both the things being a career woman or a domestic woman , but it has one thing in common - 'woman' as a whole.
    When the woman playing both the roles differently is the same then how can there be any difference in the heart and tenderness of the same woman.

    Today a working woman is building the world and a stay-at-home lady is building a family - society - and a world , indeed.

    But asked to choose between the two , what people think ,I want to present that:

    When it comes to marriage many woman drop their career for they understand that now many lives are going to be attached with hers. She'll have many responsibilities clinging to her. A woman always makes a wise decision . But sometimes the conditions don't favour you .

    The time now has turned and changed in such a way, that it has become difficult for a male individual of the family to win the bread for the whole of his family. Price hikes , metropolitan effect , burdens , many more are such reasons that has made working a need for the woman folk whether they opt for it willingly or under pressure . but still you may find her fighting with such circumstances .

    Ironically , whenever family needs are at stake the office always take a back seat in her priorities.

    Today most of the lower middle class woman are striving for jobs to earn an extra income for they have an equal responsibility to augment their family income and fulfill all the needs of her children.

    Whatever be the circumstances , its always a woman who suffers .She has to juggle between her office and household works that sometimes she doesn't have enough time for herself .

    Today's woman is somewhere lost in this 'multitasking scenario '.
    But with all these aspects of a career woman working may be for needs , may be to enjoy or may be to stay away from home , in all these cases the ultimate results is shocking.

    Whatever explanations we may give but the bare truth is that in all this chase for money , the children suffer.They are the ultimate losers , even sometimes many relations come at the verge of separation.
    What for? Just because woman are working. May be or may be not? But that's what we believe and think it to be.

    The house wives on the other hand :

    are no less in dignity and position or skill from the working folk. They both are at par. Though both the individuals work differently but the responsibility is equal .Sometimes these home makers are the real heroes for they have to work on relations - the crucial of all.

    They are the one's appointed for the most difficult task - more than cleaning , feeding , bearing and other household chores , rather than pouring every relation into a single task.

    That's where a woman stands. She is now transformed into a 'Super Woman' juggling the balls of office work and domestic work.

    Today none is less neither the housewife nor the office woman.

    So lets leave this decision on the woman itself when to go in for job and when to sit back for the family welfare .
    Remember if a woman can give birth to an individual , she can deal with any situation . Come what may come!!!

    To reflect upon my thought and my words I'll end my words with a very thoghtful line.

    Many times you may see woman working at the par with their counterparts at work , but when you come to household works you'll never find equality in that case . Most of the times its the woman working there too.

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    I can tell you all dears because I have been both, house wife and then a working woman.
    First I stayed back at home for my kids sake, looking after them. I did what all I had to do because my husband was on a touring job. I had to keep an eye on our kids development.
    Now after they grew bigger and left the nest, I could take up some job. It is still not late for me as I go with my husband to his office and help him out there.
    I have not missed out anything in my life. The life of a woman whether it is a working woman or a house wife is very difficult.
    Lots of ups and downs are there.
    Many think that both are earning , they should be having lots of money in their hands. The truth will be that they spend more , outside food, health, servants at home, etc.
    Please do think it over. Since I have been there, I can understand both types.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    I feel not only for running a family without any problems women need to work but it is their right! The impact of society on them is such that they have been forced to take care of things back home all alone in a few cases. I know many who are highly qualified and who think they feel it’s great to work and enjoy working. But successful home makers (house wives) are also there who restrict themselves or in a way focus on taking care of things as they feel it won’t have a serious impact on their family and so it depends on the conditions entirely. If money is not a major constraint the only disadvantage is if they work they will have very little time to spend with their family. So they can decide by considering the needs of their family.

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    Yes What you say is right Ramya,

    I have also felt like that. Those who prefer to stay at home and look after the kids are forced to work sometimes due to constraints.

    If you can stay back at home and look after the family, your children will be lucky to have a mentor at home to help them through their life.

    They will become well behaved citizens of India which our country needs the most nowadays.
    It really depends on the conditions of ones family, if and only if you have enough to run the house you can do that.

    Nowadays we have choices too, sitting at home we can do many things to earn. We can have a meaningful life we will be available when the kids need us and also we'll be able to earn some money also.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    because of increased cost of living especially in metros,both husband & wife have to work to earn money.Working lady has proven herself as an important earning source for family.There are advantages & disadvantages.
    Because of nuclear families,children stay away from grandparents.Children are in a state of "Emotional Hunger".They need somebody to stay with them.Children don't get proper care & affection because mother is not available always.They don't get food cooked by mother but they have to depend on servants.This affects the bonding between mother & child.Working woman has to work hard to get time & develop relationship with children.
    Housewife is always at home-caring & cooking for children.She can keep a watch on children & correct them immediately as soon as she notices that they are doing something wrong.

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    YES, the kids miss their parents very much beacause of money making world.

    It had became essential that both of them in a family must earn to lead a simple life.

    But this can be solved by living together with our parents and grand parents, if they are. This will not only reduce the expectations of the kids but also will enable them to learn more good activities and know about our family background. Also this will create a bonding in the minds of kids about the relations of family.

    But in todays fast food world neither the male nor the female are willing to live together with their parents or grand parents. Because they think the aged persons are problem creator. Not only this the wife doesn't like the husband's parents and vice versa.

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    yes its absolutly true to say about the rising womens going to jobs than housewives

    From one side being a worker is useful in balancing the family needs.TO take care of the financial problems,by not wasting their graduation sitting at home.But this prospers only upto certain stage of a child being given birth.

    Once the family owns a child the life style should surely change in such a way that the child is shown all the love and affectionby the parents.Lack of it can surly put both the parents and also the child in trouble in some way or the other..

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    Hi Ramkumar,

    This topic is never ending topic. Working women Vs housewives. Here I would like to mention that though the women are working for the welfare of the family they are still continuing their duties and responsibilities at home. Earlier days women were only housewives and used to look after the welfare of the family and they used to get atleast some rest. But nowadays working women are struggling a lot they are managing the house as well as office. Many women are in the higher management positions. We should appreciate their ability to manage house and office. But even then they are doing well. In most of the Organizations, women play a vital role. So they are becoming like a machine and their health is being affected. So, I feel men should help the women who are working.

    Subba Raju, MV

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    Hai friends,
    Working women gain their knowledge by their business.They support their husband in the way of finance.

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    hi ram,

    To start with its not family business when it comes to working women.It is also the story of most urban career women who've perfected the balancing act but who, in crucial moments, would sit home and attend to the sick child rather than go for that do-or-die business trip.
    maybe our commitments at home stood in the way of our career graph and at times we do feel upset.
    The Indian reality is completely different from the West. A lot of Women, especially those from the lower middle class, are seeking the job market today because they have to augment the family income. They have to provide a better life for their families. To have to pay their children's tuition fees and plan a better future for them. And so on. So they toil away in mindless jobs, waking up at unearthly hours, cooking and packing lunch for everybody, attending to their in-law's needs and then setting out. You can see them every morning, at the bus stops or in suburban trains.
    Now, we cannot really look down on such women. I am sure they would rather stay home and be looked after, instead of being out among strangers all day. But today, even in an arranged marriage set up, the boy's parents looks for working girls. Economics, you see.

    And divorce rates are not increasing in the country because more and more women have started working! Actually, nothing could be far from the truth. Except for some women in a very tiny section of the society, no one is really opting for divorce. Yes, what economic independence has given them is the courage to stand up against drunks, wife-beaters, and adulterers.

    It all depends on individual needs and ambition. I for one have never stopped one from working as long as the working environment is safe. By safe i mean not only from dangerous surroundings but from unwanted eyes that see a women as something available. Heard many a times of situations where a person is to timid to stand up for something until its too late. I know ladies can take care of themselves well enough but these are more just words of decieving yourself until the situation really arises. Seen hundred and thousands of such cases here and elsewhere.

    Post more views and support your ideas

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    i am agreeing with vedga and Kavi.Working Women Vs House Wife- I'm sorry, but I've never liked the phrase, 'House Wife', it is

    always a 'home maker'...

    Once the family owns a child the life style should surely change in such a way that the child is shown all the love and affectionby the parents.Lack of it can surly put both the parents and also the child in trouble in some way or the other..

    It is true..


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