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    How to create clickable link

    Hi, I like to participate in Tow. It was mentioned to create clickable link in order to participants the contest, but I don't know to create it. So, provide me the guidelines or provide me the link of the post that already discussed about this topic.
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    Just browse down this page and you will find the help topics section. Go to that and click the links sub section to know how to create links for this site.
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    Check out this Help Topic for guidance. You may come back if you still face some problem.
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    To create link tag used is as follows

    a href=
    (here put url of your thread whose link which you want to make available don't forget to close the tag with angle bracket I am not closing it because then it will also become a clickable link )

    /a href
    (use angle tags for / a href to which is a closing tag in this way)

    Just use this method and you can make a clickable link

    for eg this is the link I have created of the thread we are writing write now although I haven't wrote the same title

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    I am not very good with computers and often make mistakes, so I store this in my mobile as a image and refer it before I have to create a clickable link.

    1)A HREF=
    2)"please add the link that you want to add"
    3)> please add the title, close it with a < and then add / followed by A.

    All three will be in one line, I'm listing it, otherwise it will become a link by itself

    So, If we have to give a clickable link for your thread above. we need to add the below

    "" :between these two we would add ""

    ><: between these two we would add the title >How to create clickable link<

    The the link will become

    >How to create clickable link.

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    In the image above #621749, instead of full stop, it should be the closing tag ">"

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    Thank you. it works.

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    Sri Vetri
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