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    Museums, How do you relate to them?

    Museums' connects us with various things and make us feeling different as if we are at the time with which Museum is related to.
    This New year instead of partying and enjoying with friends I went to art and craft museum in Delhi's Pragati Maidan and it was an instant plan suddenly decided by some of the friends and I felt very happy over our decision to go there. And it made us think about visiting Science Museum but until that time it was already closed so I hope to visit there next time.
    How often do you go to museum and what are your feelings when you see various things?
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    You know that Hyderabad is very famous for Salarjung Museum as it the place for showcasing all the remains and possessions of erstwhile Nizams. Those who visit for the first time would discover lots of things new to them. The dressing sense, the kitchen items, the warfare items and finally the lovely clock which is very famous. At the stroke of every hour a tiny person would sound the bell and for that occasion seating arrangements are made to watch how that clock sounds at 12 noon. And the best one I liked is the single statue which has the image formation of Nizam on one hand and his wife on the other side viewed from mirror.
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    It is good to visit a museum. We learn things about people and place from past. but when I go to a museum one time, I do not like going again to same museum as no fun to see same things again and again.

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    I visited the Salar Jung Museum during my childhood and still remember a few things - there was a bird, I think an owl, but not sure, which made its call at a particular hour (12 noon?) and I recall all of us making a mad rush to that floor where it was located just to hear it! I also remember the mirror image of a woman with the front side of the statue being that of a man (the one mentioned by K Mohan.) I also recall a lot of statutes of soldiers with armoury and getting a little scared of them!!

    I have visited the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum in Pune, where the textiles captivated my interest the most.

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    So far in my life, I have visited only one museum that is Salajung Museum. I had been there about 2 to 3 time. The most interesting part is the clock in which a small door inside the clock will open and a small doll will come out and hit the bell for one hour once. If itis 11 AM, the person will hit the bell for 11 times. The collection of items that were used by the Nizams were good to see. I am happy to see various statutes of various soldiers and a small write-up about the person. But going many times there are also will not be that much useful. once or twice it is OK.
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    Normally I am a frequent traveller. Official as well as personal trips I made almost all parts of our country. If time permits I never miss to visit the museums. I have seen chennai, hyderabad salarjung, madurai Gandhi museum, madurai 1000 pillar museum inside the meenakshi temple, chennai port museum, Guruvayur temple museum. By visiting museums we can realize the pride of our country.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    And for those who reside in New Delhi or nearby Delhi, they can visit the Rail Museum which has the collection of good number of train engines and carriages. That was the treat to watch.
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    There is a famous Doll Museum in New Delhi. It contains a huge collection of various kinds of dolls from all over the country. Showcasing the different ways of dress up for all parts of the world, it is a great place to visit.

    Also, once I visited the Science museum in Lucknow during my graduation. It was really good. It showed a different type of instruments that we used for sound to travel longer distances. There was a fish aquarium also there which showed a variety of fishes. There was some scientific kind of games also.

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    For me many museums have been really 'amuseums' too.

    A couple of months back I visited the G D Naidu car museum in Coimbatore. I was really amused.'

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    We have been lucky to visit a few musems in India and abroad. In Bangalore, we go to Visweshvaraya Museum and the art gallery next to it (Venkatappa Art Gallery). The science and technology museum at Viswehvaraya museum is like an interactive museum learning about machine parts, function of a pulley, how sound travels, it also has models of the satellites as PSLV rockets of India. Children and adults find it very informative and useful to read the details given, understand the logic and partcially see how things works. This is like a practical way of demonstrating how things work.
    If ever you are in Ooty, take time to visit the camera museums. Camera fans would be thrilled to see this small but well maintained museum that has cameras and replicas from the good old days, the real mini spy cameras particularly impressed me. Museums are a place to spend time in learning, learning by observation and interaction. It often transforms one from the modern world to the earlier centuries to learn who science, industry, human tribes lives or functioned.

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    In Delhi, there are various museums. Although I have not visited all, I have visited many and I am really awe-struck by the way museums show-case the development/progress on a particular subject. Rail museum and Toilet museum maintained by Sulabh International are two notable examples.

    To me, the best museums of India are Indian Museum in Kolkata and Salar Jung Museum in Hydrabad.

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