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    Money cannot buy Happiness.

    The real source of happiness lies within us. Money cannot buy happiness.A person, who acquires education and living up to its ideals is happy. The purity of thought, word and deed make us happy.
    For being happy it is necessary to avoid jealousy, anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, pride etc. We should not indulge in sinful acts such not to cause injury to mankind through harsh words. The next condition is to live with the contented mind. We should work with a calm mind pursuing our profession with honesty, sincerity and integrity. We should lead a life to perform duty with devotion and help our fellowmen by believing that every duty conducted by us is possible by God's Grace.
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    Nicely said by the author. Money cannot buy happiness and also peace. Why because I have seen people having lots of money and they go mad on planning things in big way and in the melee they miss out mingling with others, discard socializing and above keep aloof from the crowd and their strange behavior baffles every one including their own family members and thus they loose relations and close friends do part with them. And I have seen that those who have lots of money they wont have good deep sleep, their thoughts run amok on how to invest and where to invest. In this regard I envy the person living in the huts. They work hard during the day as masons, earn around 500 rupees, have some drinks in the evening, have sumptuous food and sleep bindaas in his hut not concerning over theft or what so ever.
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    Happiness cannot be purchased with money. There are several people who have millions of money with them, but spend days without any happiness. They miss the family life. Husband and wife lead independent life. Children, if any, will be in another world.
    At the same time certain people lead a very pathetic life, might be finding it very difficult to have a full meal a day, but will be leading a very happy life. They share whatever each is having. They spend free time together sharing their experiences of the day. Open conversation is the major phenomenon which help sharing problems and solving difficulties if any. This leads to happy life. Money cannot buy this.

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    Money can only buy materialistic things and those things never provide true happiness. Although they give happiness to some extent, but that happiness is temporary and last for a very short period of time and as soon as the effects of that materialistic possession begin to lesson happiness becomes to fade away.
    That is why one should never run around money instead try to find true happiness in the happiness of others by making everyone happy.

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    Many can not buy happiness. A content person can have a happy life but a greedy man can never be happy. By earning money you may be procuring many facilities for your life, but you can't be happy with those if you are not satisfied with what you have. You will be always running and you will never enjoy the food also. It will also be finished with a task only. But a satisfied man will enjoy his food. He will spend time with his family while eating and never completes that like a task. You will be happy if you have fun with your family members. if you have good friends and sharing good moments with them will give you happiness. But if you have a crore of rupees in our bank account it may not give you any happiness. But a talk with your spouse on general issues and about your family will bring in a lot of happiness.
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    With money we can live but not totally. In one tamil cinema a comedian was acted as a compounder to a doctor. When one patient came to him for medicine asked him, 'why you feel so bad?'. He replied as doctor advised him to eat one apple daily. Another patient (who was a rich)told him that doctor asked him to have wheat porridge daily. This actor advised them not to worry and exchange themselves as rich can give apple to the poor patient and poor can offer his porridge to rich one. Though this is comedy for the film the real thing behind is it is happening in every family as rich person cannot eat as he please due to his health problem and poor need rich diet due to his health problem.

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