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    What do you think about Shah Rukh Khan's film Zero where he plays a dwarf?

    What do you think about Shah Rukh Khan's film Zero where he plays a dwarf?
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    I don't think it is anything remarkable. Such role has already been played by Amitabh Bachhan earlier when he played the role of a person suffering from progeria. I have forgotten the name of the film. If I have to give credit, I will give it to the director of the film. Who is the director of the film?
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    Playing the role of dwarf is not that easy and famous Tamil film actor Kamala Hassan has done that role in Apurva Sogodhargal and that was a awesome performance. Basically Sharrukh Khan comes from his first television serial where in he played a character of a member in circus company and thus he knows the value of dwarf and their limitations in life. I hope he would give befitting performance in the said film. Actually the legs would be tied to the thighs and that would give the looks of a dwarf. This secret was revealed by Kamala Hassan after his successful picture as dwarf joker.
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    Having seen the image, I don't think that legs would be tied like that of Kamal Hassan in ApoorvaSahodharargal. It would all down to the high-end special effects. To just shrink the image like how it was done in Vijay's movie Puli.
    Let's see how the film does.

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