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    What is the best way to welcome a new year?

    Which is the best way to welcome a new year? Partying, taking resolutions, helping people, helping poor, self-improvement or any other? In my view, the best way to welcome a new year should involve taking resolutions which help in our career growth as well as personal improvement. As career growth help us to survive with a job, personal improvement resolutions are also necessary to improve ourselves.

    Now that we are at the end of the first month of the year 2018. Most of us would have taken some resolutions or at least given a thought that you wish to do something this year and started working towards achieving it. Some of the people just do a party during the new year day and start their work as usual from the next day. Some of them carry forward their resolution from the previous year. Personally, I have taken a resolution to learn some new technologies related to my career and be successful in the job. And another resolution to help needy people in their life.

    Do you think you welcomed any new year in the best way? If yes, please share here which might help other people to welcome next year better.

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    Though the author has appended his choice of requirement which could be followed during the welcoming of new year every time, it all depends on each person, their way of living and their position in the society. I wont think those who are already well off in life and achieved all the success and pride in the life would still wow for some resolution during the new year celebrations. They would like to party with family and friends and that would be unending joy for them. Like wise some have the niche to help others and get solace from the gestures and thus they would be aloof from the crowd and they would be visiting old age homes and hospitals to wish those who are away from the mad crowd. But the best way to start the new year is to visit the temple , pray the God for ensuring good life during the last year and seek pardon if anything wrong done and also seek blessings for good living in new year.
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    Generally people will have parties, fun and frolic at the time of new year. Many of us take up some resolutions also thinking that any resolution taken in the beginning may work till it's end. Though in practical life it seldom happens so. Resolutions are generally taken but not adhered to.

    Anyway I also believe celebrating New year with my friends and relatives in a close gathering rather to go for a night party of dance and music.

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    The best way to welcome a new year depends on the individual and his interest. Generally, many people try to be together at the time of new year entry and try to cut a cake and distribute among all the people present there. Some people want to meet in a club and enjoy there. Some people want to spend the time by seeing the special program that comes on the TV. Some may like to spend the time with all his family members and wish each other at that time. Some people may go to bed as usual and go for the work next day. Nothing can be taken as a Universal method to say it is the best.
    Taking new year resolutions on the new year day may be a common practice and the resolutions depend on the age and the social condition of the individual. My practice is to pray God to give me a year of peace and prosperity.
    I also wish for the well being of sons and their families.

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    Over the years, my way of welcoming the new year has changed. Gone of the days of wanting to wear new clothes, going to a movie or restaurant, buying sweets and a small ornament for luck.
    Now as the new year comes, I thank Almighty for being with me in the year just gone by, good or bad I don't blame Him. Instead of resolutions, I reflect on what has gone by the opportunities that I have missed, the chances gone by, the good things.

    I just focus on letting down all the unwanted baggage that I carry around for others. Decide what to embrace, what to cut off. This may sound odd, but the emotional clutter and negativities do not help us in the long run.
    I welcome the new year with the hope and prayers that health and family remain good, children study well with one or two thoughts as to how to advance my career.

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