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    Why can't Government stop lakebed constructions?

    Every week we hear about builders constructing apartments close to shrinking lakes or lake beds in various metro cities and its outskirts.

    The authorities blatantly give permission turning a blind eye, builders construct large apartments or roads and the lakebed is lost forever. Worse is that during monsoon or heavy rains, these are the same areas that are flooded first. Huge resources are spent in rescue and drainage operations. Sadly lives are also lost.

    It sounds like the authorities, not just ignoring 'prevention is better than cure', they go one step ahead, promote the trouble, sit back and let the people and environment suffer.

    In Bangalore, there are many such examples. Are are similar examples in your cities?
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    In every big city the encroachments abetting lakes and tanks are going on with the connivance of ruling party land sharks and the officials and thus the area which were declared as "full tank level' or FTL has been encroached and made either plots or constructed high rise buildings. That is the reason being so as soon as Telangana government came to power to check this menace they have undertaken restoration of lakes and tanks and that means they would remove all the encroachments in the catchment area and pave way for water to be accumulated and stored in the lakes for future use.
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    It is really an unfortunate matter that Govt is not able to control these actions of some greedy builders. The builders will make a quick money and vanish from the scenes.

    The corruption in Govt offices where these permissions are granted is the root cause of these problems encountered by the gullible public.

    Until unless public is staging some agitation against this type of constructions with support of local residents groups these stupid and corrupt activities will go on flourishing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a common thing in many cities. We are seeing in the paper even in Hyderabad many people are occupying the lakes and ponds. They are constructing big buildings without making the surface raised to the required height. This fact is known to Government, its officials and all concerned. Everyone is having his share in such kind of practices and keep silent. in between the middle-class people and salaried persons who purchase these apartments and buildings by taking loans from the banks will suffer at a later stage and the government money will be wasted for the rescue operations of this people at the time of natural calamities. But even after knowing the problems why government and officials keep silent is known to all. In our area, one builder did the same thing. He has closed a small pond in the area and constructed apartments and sold it off. When heavy rain comes the sufferings of the people can't be described.
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