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    What is your favorite Shahid Kapoor movie and why?

    What is your favorite Shahid Kapoor movie and why?
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    Kate, welcome to ISC! We have been observing your interest to post threads based on movies and it is welcome. But please read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics so that you get an idea about the site. Going through a few of the earlier posts also would help. The forum is a platform to discuss our ideas, opinions, issues related to different aspects of life and so on and as such requires a precise description of what the author wants to convey so that others can respond accordingly. A one line thread is, I must say, not very encouraging.

    Take this particular thread for instance. You could have mentioned a few movies of Shahid and could also have told about your favorite movie giving the reasons. Such precise but complete description would make your threads more noticeable and members would feel inclined to respond to such threads.

    Please do not take this note as a discouragement. Our aim is to encourage our members to write more and write beautifully. I am sure that you can do it. After all, we are all here to learn and share our knowledge. All the best!

    Members are requested to please respond to the main thread only.

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    I totally agree with the editor, Saji Ganesh. Because of fruitful discussion I have been learning a lot from this forum section. Hope you will take this positively.
    Always start your discussion with few lines or comments on the topic being discussed. The detailed view of yours will provide other members a direction to discuss.

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    I like Jab we Met movie of Shahid Kapoor with Kareena kapoor due to look good couple and acting , story, dance ,song ,drama etc. Overall movies is good to see with Family.

    I think Shahid Kapoor is simple actor and judging him is very difficult but he is average actor . I think He need to improve his action and style.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Welcome to ISC.
    One of the good movies of Shahid Kapoor is the movie Haider. I liked the performance of a student to a disturbed man and then going through the emotions of religion, revenge and love.

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