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    Giving life to Bofors case: for Justice? or Political gain?

    We all know about the Bofors scam in which people received cuts for an arms deal, influential NRIs and people in the Congress party were linked to it.

    Since then we have had far more worse scams and literal looting of public money. These new scams (fodder, water projects, stamp paper, Vaypam) make Bofors look like child's play.

    Now the CBI has approached SC against the high court order of 2005. This is after Mr. KK Venugopal, the attorney general has advised against re-opening the case.

    Is it the true die-hard spirit of upholding justice whatever be the circumstances or is the case reopened to gain political mileage?
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    In my personal opinion, this is done for gaining political mileage. Elections to some of the State Assemblies are due shortly. To keep this subject alive, the case is now put before the Supreme Court. The Delhi High Court quashed the Bofors case against Hinduja brothers in 2005. After 12 years of gap, the CBI filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court saying they have enough evidence. The Supreme Court may or may not allow the case as it is not filed in stipulated time. The Chief Justice of India, Deepak Misra is hearing this case.
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    Bofors a world class weapon, Maruti suzuki world class company, Computers sectors India's world class services, Bank nationalization an very difficult task, Amul dairy in gujarat, Green revolution when we were importing food from other countries, 2G case Mobile technologies policy decision, We had lot of separatist movement like in south India during 1960s, Making of Somnath temple in Gujarat-political decision, Various large public companies setup with help from many countries Russia, UK, USA etc. Lot of different things happened in past but decisions should be taken to achieve long term gain of our country. Lot of people told lot of negative things for every decisions but In past Congress did which actually they were Capable of. Nothing should be done to do short term gains. India is in 50-50 situation, From here we can even control current situation or India has to face difficult situation in future.
    Bofors was only available weapon in kargil war for India. We all know what BJP told about bofors etc during in Late PM Mr rajiv gandhi time.

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    Why we are considering this Political Or Non-Political. If anyone had Or has offended the Indian Constitution or the people of India in whatsoever post he Or She belonged to must bring behind the bars & must be punished at no further delay.

    If something is happening like in the subjected case then possibly next time & at least few would have hesitation in repeating the same in the future. These are the Scandles which have been participated by the political parties for there gains which will help financially in their future businesses like the repeatedly happening elections of which the funds are collected or arranged from these.

    It would be good to know that It was the biggest arms deal ever in Sweden, and money marked for development projects was diverted to secure this contract at any cost & this have effected the Indian Defense System as well.

    These should be stopped.

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    BJP wants to corner the Congress in every different manner. The re-opening of the Bofors case clearly shows that BJP wants to put in catch 22 position as hardly one year is there for the general elections. And there is a need for the Congress to prove to the world that it was innocent and the system failure . in fact the Congress was under the opinion that like 2G scam even this case would also be in its favour and would receive the clean chit from the court. One thing is sure when the CBI cannot proved even this time, then the case may be closed for ever and BJP would be mocked.
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    One thing is true. The culprits should be punished. They may be from BJp or Congress, we need not worry. CBI might have done it long back? Why they have not taken the action is not known, But now they have opened their eyes. There may be some political interests also might be there. We can't rule out that. At the first instance why the people in power should d encourage these issued is the important issue? After doing the mischief, they have to face the music. As mentioned by the author there are many other scams in which famous personalities are involved. The CBI should not leave any of those cases and no culprit should escape, then only we can say CBI is performing its duty. One good thing which all has to accept is during the last four years there are no big scams like this involving the people in power. That we should be happy.
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    Whether it has any scams in this matter or not. Whether it is for political gain or not. However, this is the same Bofors Tank which has glorified the Image of Indian forces during Kargil war. It is worth to buy it and it has proven its strength.

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    Let us make it simple. In the Bofors case, a huge commission was paid. Nobody was punished for getting the commission. It is now found that some people who were working in the Government (or who constituted the Government) at that time, didn't allow the inquiry to proceed to a logical direction. So, the case has been re-opened.
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    I also wanted to mention things about Vyapaam of M.P. Actually no body talks about it and case was rejected by court. But thing is Congress has big weakness that they don't pick bad things properly and act as opposition. Case of vyapaam was big issue 15+ years BJP is in M.P. and if some peoples who was taking money and giving admission in place of eligible candidates in Doctors. It also means they were playing with career of thousands or even lakhs of students in biology stream, who actually preparing for MBBS entrance for years (2-3 or even more). I think lot of students understand this who actually got close ranks in MBBS. But it was trust failure in system.

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    Nobody is bothered whether the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy were paid proper compensation. The case related to Delhi riots still goes on and nobody is bothered about it. When the Presidential election was due, the Babri Masijid case comes into light and another election is ahead, the age old case gets re-opened while the dealer and the dealt had left the world.

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    Good replies, some would feel justified to uphold justice, some would feel there would be an ulterior motive behind it. But a scam is a scam, there is no point in re-opening unless there is unrefutable strong evidence that Injustice has been done.

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    Compared to many recent scams, the Bofors scam is just pittance.
    I feel that it is better not to dwell on it now. That will only make it appear as political witch hunting. This cycle and drama will go on whenever the ruling party dispensation changes . Even the cases linked are because of some developments abroad only. There things worked slightly better. Here things are not convincing. People should be spared of political dramas and avoid spending the resources for political interests or under dealing or quid pro quo politically.

    As general public never gets the real facts except what is brought out by media(which also is biased in many matters), we can only have our own guesses,feelings and logic n these matters.My feeling and logic is tat better not flog the dead horse.

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