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    Backbenchers versus Frontbenchers

    We all know from our student life that in a classroom there are few students who are very sincere in studies, they sit in front benches and carefully listen to the teachers and they are always well behaved and in good books of all the teachers. They are normally studious persons. I will call them Frontbenchers.
    On the contrary, there are few students who are very mischievous in the class, they occupy backbenches, do not listen to the teacher carefully and are very talkative. They crack jokes, trouble the teachers, bunk classes and are not so good at studies. They do not study hard but believe more in enjoying. I would call them Backbenchers.

    It is my observation (which might be wrong also) that from a career point of view sometimes these backbenchers are found to be more successful, well placed and earning more compared to their studious, sincere and hardworking frontbenchers. Of course, these frontbenchers are also successful in their career but at times I have seen them struggling more compared to the backbenchers.

    When I try to think as to what can be the reason behind this my wild guess goes to below attribute.

    Frontbenchers being more studious and sincere kind of persons are found to be more attached to books and do not find time to go out, explore the world and get practical knowledge about life and ways and means to achieve success. While backbenchers being mischievous, outspoken and less attached to books move out and explore other things apart from studies and acquire a good amount of practical knowledge. Achieving success in one's career nowadays requires practical knowledge as well in addition to theoretical knowledge. Frontbenchers I feel tend to be more theoretical and methodical while backbenchers are more practical and flexible.

    Again all this is my personal outlook and may not be a trend. So were you a frontbencher or a backbencher? Have you seen backbenchers prospering more in professional and financial domains than frontbenchers? If yes, what can be the reason?
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    As far as my thinking goes there is no relation between your studies and success in life. They are two different aspects. Education is required for success but many people are there who don't have any good education will be very successful.
    The family background and financial status of the family will have a lot of say on this. My friend got a very good rank in the medical entrance but he couldn't get a seat in MBBS as for his rank in government quota for open candidates is not up to the required level. He is the first bencher in high school and junior college also.He went into veterinary science. He joined insurance company and retired as DGM
    Another friend got just qualified in the medical entrance. But he was from a rich family. So his father paid the donation and got him a seat in MBBS. He finished his MBBS and started practice in a town near to his native place. He gained good name there and he earned nicely. He is a backbencher.
    My aunt is a PhD in Telugu language and couldn't get lecturer post in any government college and served in a private college. You know the salary levels in private colleges.
    Why I tell you these examples is to establish my statement the education and success in life are not interrelated.

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    According to me the frontbenchers are positive thinkers, do their allotted work at the home and also get prepared with studies and thus they would be eager to answer any question posed by the teacher and also expects a pat from her. In the other hand backbenchers are escapists, they have many reasons to take permission from teacher for not following the advise and thus they sulk behind the students and wont get highlighted in the class. But teachers are sure to ask questions from the back students only because she wants to make sure whether her teaching is legible and her voice reach backbenchers ?
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    Studies and good grades alone are not enough to be successful in life. What is more important is communication, positive attitude, practical knowledge and knowledge on various other aspects. Good grades can be achieved even by studing the subject by heart with no deep understanding of the matter. Such grades is of no use and what ever you have studied will also be out of memory in short time. Front benchers or back benchers, good practical knowledge and presentation skills is needed to have a successful career.

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    I think here, we are trying to link frontbenchers, academic success and hence success in professional and wealth. I don't think there is much of a link, it is how the person utilizes or squanders his skills and opportunities to be do well in life or fail in life.

    Don't you think back benchers are laid back people with less stress than the front benchers, so a stress free school/college education should given them some extra mileage.

    Front benchers are often more focused on record writing, writing down everything what the teacher says, trying hard to get a rank or be very studious.

    There would be exceptions to both. Generally, back benchers have a bad reputation when compared to front benchers. I was somewhere in the middle but many of my batch mates (who are back benchers) have done well in life.

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    During my B.Com.,as my paternal uncle was also a lecturer in the same college but in chemistry department, I was instructed to sit in first and middle row only. If I sit in any other bench for any reason the news gone to my uncle thro' our lecturers and in the lunch hour itself bulb given to me. To avoid bulb I never sit in any other seat. One of my friend named Arunachalam, who normally sat with me gone to last bench for sleeping in the afternoon session as mostly both hours was 'law'. The classes were taken by a practicing lawyer. Lawyer also kept silent with smile by seeing set of students. Later after many years I saw the same Arunachalam and astonished to hear that he is practicing as a lawyer.
    Generally the last bench is considered for poor and timid students . But is not correct front bench student may be an average and last bench students bright more.

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    First or back bench, success only comes to a person physically present in class.
    There will a huge protest by backbenchers saying, "while you were busy making notes, we were busy making memories" and I find such quotes and claims completely baseless and absurd.
    What does enjoyment in life has to do with your arrangement in class? Is talking an enjoyment? Then I certainly enjoy in my very first bench with fellow first benchers.

    There's no magic in back benches that the first benches are devoid of. It's just, alongside memories we get some knowledge too.
    If you're naughty, no bench is greater or lesser.
    For me first benchers win both in life and this argument.

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    Seating in the first-bench and achieving success in future are not synonymous. The author has made an important observation, and I fully agree with him. The first-benchers are not that successful in their future life. Tthe reason behind this may be their success is in a protected environment and not in the real-life situation. On the other hand, the backbenchers learn to handle the real-life situations much earlier in their life.

    I have seen many wonderful examples of the success of the backbenchers. Some months ago, I also raised a thread on the inability of some of the hostellers of good schools to be successful in life.

    It is also pertinent to mention that the definition of success is highly debatable and it varies considerably from man to man.

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