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    Please give me an answer

    Dear Editors,

    I posted a forum thread yesterday, a very simple one "Don't take life so seriously". Suddenly I am noticing this thread is being deleted. Could you let me know why it was being deleted? I did not create any copied thread. It was originally drafted by me. I just simply had my thoughts on it.

    Please, I need an answer, let me know if I broke any rule of ISC.
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    I read the mentioned thread. Only this much I would say that I liked this philosophical but practical Forum thread. However, only the concerned Editor would be able to tell you the exact cause of deletion of the thread.
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    I think i responded to that post also. I don't see any problem with the thread. What i suggest is like recently there was an update from ME regarding the Ask Expert section questions and answers. Similarly if an update is posted by the ME on thread rules and regulations also I feel all the members will try to follow that. Otherwise they members will be having doubts like this only.
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    Just visited the said thread and it is not even seen. The reason for deletion must have been mentioned. I think I have also responded to it. Better the editor should give the reply.
    K Mohan
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    Your right Mohan sir... that is what my question is.. at least I should know the reason for deletion.
    Let us see when I will get the response from editors.

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    Pooja, to say that you are not aware of the reason for the deletion of the thread in question does not seem to be correct. The special text on top of the deleted thread does make it clear. Anyway, I would like to clarify that you have been revolving around the same theme (in different words though) for quite some time now and hence we decided that the practice need not be encouraged. We understand that query as to why such and such other threads have not been deleted is expected, but please note that necessary action will be taken as when such a trend is noticed.

    Also, for the kind notice of other members, when a query is raised by a member to get an answer from the editors, we are not able to understand why members are posting responses which do not actually contribute meaningfully. If a query is directed to editors, it is better to leave it to them to issue a clarification.

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    I am providing links to a few threads that you had posted recently to avoid further confusion in this regard.

    In addition to this, there are a few threads by others also.

    Let us leave some gap while selecting topics in the same genre so that one does not feel bored while going through the same.

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    Just now I too went to deleted thread, on the top of it there is clickable link which says "submit new thread". I always feel that deleted thread should provide a reason for confusion with members. The member have no super power to read the mind of ISC editors as why it has been deleted. They will only ask whenever there is confusion.

    With due respect to editors, it is long pending issue which we member taking out in forum time to time that please provide a reason at least! Now when the editor has replied to this thread with reason, it will only help us and ISC.

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh there are two thread's allowed in ISC forum in one subject by a member. Both threads could have been discussed in one thread. yet you allowed it!



    Why you have no opinion for this member? If me or Partha post such thread, you come roaring, why you are silent?. Does it mean that this member is favoured by you so you allow him?

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    #625771, the threads referred to are not on the same topic except the fact that both are related to BJP and Sri Modi.
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    Thank you for the brief explanation Saji sir. However, I would like to say, this reason should have been mentioned in the guidelines as soon as my thread was deleted. At the same link of the thread, it could have been really helpful, if I could have found this reason there "that my theme of writing was same and so."
    This forum has been guiding us to write, so whenever we write, we expect responses and more interactions. Suddenly deletion of a thread causes worry to the author, without any valid reason.

    "Anyway, I would like to clarify that you have been revolving around the same theme (in different words though) for quite some time now" - I agree, that means I have been continuously writing on Life and its problems. That is why you people deleted my thread. That makes sense to me. But, still I want to ask, I like writing on life and related stuff like positivity etc, that means if I write anything more on life, my threads will be deleted? I am just asking and need your guidance in this because I like writing like this.
    I will appreciate your response.

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    Pooja, unlike a blog where you may concentrate on a particular subject, we expect our authors to come up with threads based on different topics so that there are some interaction and discussion. I accept your contention about feeling comfortable with writing in a particular genre but just give it a thought as to how the others would be able to respond. It is mainly in that context that we have deleted your thread. About mentioning each and every point in the guidelines, I do think that you will appreciate the fact that even the laws framed by our legislatures are not exhaustive. Do enjoy what you write but let us have some change in between because changes are welcome as has been appreciated by many of our members in the recently concluded topic based TOW contest. Hope you understand.
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    I got your point, thank you again.
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