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    Kerala: Why KSRTC employees committing suicide?

    Employees of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have been on strike since last year because they have stopped receiving their pension. The pension stopped in September, 2017 and strike started in November last year. Close to 39,000 retired employees of the Corporation have been protesting, demanding the State Government release their pension. The protestors have blocked the roads and marched towards the Secretariat in the past.

    According to Manorama, at least 15 employees of KSRTC have committed suicide till now, but the State Government has not so far initiated any relief measures. The latest in this long list of the pensioners who committed suicide, are Natesh Babu from Wayanad and Karunakaran Nair from Thiruvananthapuram. Babu hanged himself in a lodge in Wayand; he had retired as a superintendent of KSRTC. Karunakaran Nair consumed poison and was admitted in the Government Medical College Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, but he died later.

    Maybe Kerala LDF is now engaged in planning to teach the RSS workers a 'suitable lesson'. Maybe LDF is busy in information blockade of anti-national activities in Mallapuram and Kasaragod districts. So the ruling LDF under the Chief Minister Vijayan can't do much for the retired pensioners of KSRTC.
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    For the retired government employees they pin many hopes on pension benefits as the cutting for same has been made during the service period and what the KSRTC employees demanding are their own money and not any favour from the state government. And I thought Kerala which is considered to be most educated state, does understand the problems of every citizen. But in this case they failed to give the desired pension benefits which is highly deplorable. The Supreme court must take this case on their own and see that pension benefits to the retired KSRTC employees are given forthwith.
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    I don't know why the pensions were stopped. Actually, the pension for government employees is stopped from 2010 or so. The people who got employed before that should be eligible for a pension. Now the government is ready to invest 12 % in the PF account of the employee as the pension was stopped. Kerala governemnt also should have some such scheme and they should give pension to all the employees who got appointed before that date. Many government employees will plan their life after retirement basing on the pension they are getting. In such case, if the Government stops pension payment without any notification the people who are deprived of this benefit can fight it out legally. As the government employee will depend on pension only for their life after retirement. In such case, if the pension is stopped it will be very difficult for the family to carry on. So Kerala government should think of this and see that no KSRTC employee will play his death.
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    It's an embarrassment a reflection of the Government's insensitiveness for not paying the pensioners their own money. We have had reports of elected officials from Kerala claiming 28,000 or 40,000 reimbursements for spectacles, while the poor pensioners have to take their lives to draw attention to the plight of money not being paid to people. It would be interesting to know whether any politcian in office has also not been paid. Is it another scam in the making wherein the pension funds have been diverted or siphoned off by a handful of it is a real shortage of money at the state treasury. Hope that the government settles the issue soon reassuring the poor retired people.

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    I would be very happy if any Member from Kerala can provide a detailed account of the agitation of the pensioners of KSRTC. After all, we must know the clear picture and we must not spread fake news.
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    I do not know about the veracity of the news. If it is true, entire responsibility lies with the management. The private bus operators are doing good businesses there. The Road transport corporations of the other states are also doing well. Then how KSRTC is making losses and failing to pay the dues of the employees? It is the complete mismanagement. Then, why blame the Government? People are telling KSRTC is operating buses at non-viable routes as a social cause and that is why they are making lossess.This is absolutely a wrong notion. People are ready to pay for speedy and comfortable journey. I have seen many KSRTC buses plying with empty passengers or with minimum passengers at many places in Kerala while private buses are running with full capacity. I found KSRTC employees, majority of them are lazy, inefficient, irresponsible and reluctant to take ownerships of their services. No professionalism at all. They are having real estate as bus stations at many places with value appreciated manifold. Why they are failing to encash that land value appreciation?
    Without studying its financials, history and other operational details I cannot say how and where things went wrong. At this point, my suggestion is Government should appoint some Management Consultancy Firm to study the KSRTC and follow their report.
    I don't believe that employees are committing suicide due to delay in releasing their pensions. Political parties are finding opportunities to score points there. The delay in releasing the fund may be due to technical reasons that state FM only can explain.
    Kerala based members can give more insight about this subject.

    I will be back………

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    First of all, it is not the KSRTC employees who are committing suicide, it is just a fraction of the pensioners! With due sympathies to all those who have been affected and while agreeing that the State Govt could not handle the issue properly, let me tell you that it is the staff that had led this corporation to such a misery. The infight between different unions is one issue. The competition between services from different depo is another issue. And added to that is the link with some private players. Governments can bring in results if they find the root cause, and not otherwise. That is what I believe.
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    Oh My God! It seems that suicide of 15 pensioners is not sufficient! How many would such cases be sufficient for the Government of Kerala to wake up from the deep slumber?

    The infighting between/among unions is perfectly natural in all communist-ruled/influenced states of India. In fact, the communists always encourage it. But is it the reason sufficient to allow pensioners to commit suicide without paying their legitimate pension?

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    Partha, it is no doubt shocking. But more shocking, I think, is the way you have distorted facts. Employees and pensioners are different, I believe. I wish you could be more responsible while churning out threads. I am not questioning your political leanings but I strongly feel that one should be true and honest to himself while proposing issues on a public platform.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Saji-Sir, kindly explain how I distorted facts. What was the distortion? I do know that employees and pensioners are different. But Sir, who has brought employees in this discussion? Who made the following comment?
    ''With due sympathies to all those who have been affected and while agreeing that the State Govt could not handle the issue properly, let me tell you that it is the staff that had led this corporation to such a misery. The infight between different unions is one issue. ''

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    Vested interests or trade unions should not play with the lives of individual staff for personal gains/political favors by prolonging the standoff. Manoramaonline has stated that the strike has been called off after the Government has agreed to pay the dues in a few days. There is a report in Indian express from 10th Feb that the state government is linking co-operative banks to pay the dues to the pensioners, the state would pay back the co-operative banks later on. There are around 38,500 retired staff with pension dues.

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