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    Living legend: India's most decorated General is still going strong at 96+

    He was born on 21st October 1921 in a village near Rawalpindi in present Pakistan. His father was also a decorated Officer of the British-Indian Army. He joined the Army in 1943 and was initially commissioned in Baloch Regiment. After independence, he came to divided India and joined 2/5 Gorkha Rifles. He fought in the Second World War in Burma. In the 1948 war against Pakistan, he was awarded Vir Chakra. In 1949, he received MacGregor Medal for a highly classified operation. In early sixties, he led Indian force in a UN assignment at Congo. After this successful mission, he received Vishist Seva Medal. In 1965, as a Brigadier, he successfully captured Haji Peer pass from Pakistan. He received Maha Vir Chakra. In 1971, as a Major-General, he captured Chicken's Neck area in the Western sector. He received Param Vishist Seva Medal. Later, he was promoted as Lt.-General and commanded 2 Corps. He retired from the Army in 1979.

    The day before yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised to know that India's most decorated General, Lt.-General Zorawar Chand (Zoru) Bakshi is still going strong. He has been spending his twilight years at Defence Colony in New Delhi.
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    In those days people lived with utmost discipline and their eating habits were subjected to home made food only. So there health and energy remained in tact even after so many years of their existence. Hats off to Lt General Zorawar Chand for still maintaining good health at the prime age.
    K Mohan
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    It is good to know that India's most decorated General is going strong at an age of about 96 years. We should feel proud that we have such people in our country who struggled in their lifetime for the cause of the country. The younger generation should take such people as their role models and strive for the country. I wish he will continue his journey much stronger in the coming years. Thanks to the author for bringing out the information about such a great personality.
    always confident

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    My salutations for Lt.General Zorawar Chand Bakshi for his valuable contributions. Such people who have achieved great heights in life and in their profession still prefer to live peacefully without making a fuss or a big show-off. In contrast, today we see individuals who have been in public office, giving many interviews, be in debates and constantly in the media even though their contribution to the nation/people would be far less than their role in corruption and scams.

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