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    Is it that easy to follow noble messages under circulation in social media?

    Nowadays, one can find daily, new messages under circulation on social media. Such messages are shared by many users enthusiastically, in few cases even without fully comprehending the underlying meanings.

    Such messages say that 'be positive', 'don't compare with others', 'be kind' etc. I have no doubt that all of us must try to follow such messages in letter and spirit. However, my point is that if it is that easy to follow such noble messages practically.

    What are your experiences and comments about the subject matter?
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    Well I do get some good messages, quotes and by lines in social media and they are new and really gives a pep to our thoughts. If good messages comes our way we must receive and share to others and if fake news are coming our way we must ignore all together. Some food for thought messages are always inducing matter for us for that day when we are confronted with problems and foresee a failure in future too. Some messages are based on their own personal experience and that would be true, but many messages are circulated again and again which is very irritating and I wont give credence.
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    These are basic message which I personally don't think it should need to remind within us. When I get such message, I delete it right away. People when have nothing to do, they circulating such messages. So, we should not bothered much about it . Every person has his own way of looking at their own life and with what they have experience, they do. So, its really does not matter how and what other think or follow. We should have our own set of thinking and should follow what it suit with the time and situations.

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    If one were to pay for these messages, we would find a drastic reduction is such msgs coming and going between people.
    Recently read a news item about Indian what's app good morning wishes to cause internet traffic jam. What the author states seem true, people forward msgs, images, videos as soon as they get it.
    If it is a friend or well-wisher who knows that someone is in difficult times, then for that someone it becomes meaningful and would boost their morale.
    For the rest, it's just another forward.Quotes and other motivational msgs are easy to forward and difficult to follow.
    Something that is rare or difficult to come by holds our attention and we would give some thought to it. For instance, if we get 1-2 such messages instead of 25-50/day, then perhaps we would focus on it.

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    When I used to read these messages, I laughed a lot. Do those persons who circulate such messages, follow the principles in their own life? Nowadays I don't read these messages at all.
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    There is a saying in Telugu. The meaning of that is, It is always easy to tell than doing. Preaching is easy but practising is very difficult. So whether they follow or not they will be forwarding these good messages. I read many such messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. Before forwarding, I will read it. But Following all is not that easy. If we can follow some of them also it is good. By forwarding one good thing is happening that is do geed message is spreading. That is the advantage of these forwards. Once One lady came to Rama Krishna Paramahamsa with his son. She asked Swamiji to advise his son not eat too much jaggery. After talking some time Guruji asked that lady to bring her son next week. So the lady came back with her son after a week. Then he called that boy and advised him not to eat more jaggery. The boy accepted. Then the lady asked Guruji, why did you ask me to come again. You might have advised my son last week itself. The reply is very interesting, He replied that I am also having the habit of eating Jaggery. So I want to stop for a week and then only I want to advise your son. Now I will not eat more jaggery as I have already advised your son. These days we rarely see such people.
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