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    Courage is not an absence of Fear but Fear Walking

    When we were in childhood, we used to fear with everything like dogs, monkey, fire, jumping and most effectively with dark. Yes I felt fear always to be in dark. I never went outside during nights while I was a child.

    My parents taught me to be courage, and some of my elders said that never fear to anything, and courage means absence of fear, so you don't have to fear at all. Even a small or little bit fear must not present when you are courage. And especially everyone says that a brave man is he, who never feel a bit of fear. And there are many movies which shows that courage means absence of fear.

    But when I started to grow and being growing from child to teen and then teen to man, I have been learning all soft skills. But courage is most favourite one. Hitherto I also felt that courage is absence of fear but when I peep at my life and also every brave humans and inside their lifes, I realised that they are very courageous and faced many risks of their life with courage but while they were facing they also felt fear inside but they never give up, they stood their and moved forward to face the risk with fear and this is called courage.

    So Courage is not an absence of fear, but Fear walking. Which means facing with any risk contains fear but moving forward to win is known as Courage. Never stop your doing, if you feel fear because it makes you to stay in lagging position. If you try or move forward then you are courageous and your fear also decreases by going or doing again and again.

    Try it be courageous, I mean Fear walking.
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    Good lesson taught by your parents. A child should not fear for any thing. As long as he is in the company of the parents, a child must be habituated to all the challenges and risks of life. It is natural that once the late evening sets in, the dark gets more darker. Parents must take the children during the late evening hours and habituate them with the all seasons so that they would would get full experience. The children should be given the training how to behave with the pet animals and the street dogs and therefore the fear factor would vanish. One thing is sure , courage should come from within and not pressurised.
    K Mohan
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    It is true. Everybody will have a fear of losing. With that fear only they fought seriously so that they will be successful. If somebody says he has no fear means he has the confidence of winning but not the absence of fear. The sense of fear only will make you courageous. When a child was thrown into the water with a fear of getting drowned the child will try to move hands and legs that is how he will learn swimming. If there is no fear the child may not try to do the swimming and may get drowned in the water. So for success fear is a fuel. When the examinations are coming if you don't have the fear of not doing well you will not concentrate on the studies. If you are sure you will pass you may ignore your studies and that may bring down your performance. If a political leader is having no fear of losing the election he may not even go to the voter at least once in five years. So fear is the guiding force for success and victory.
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    Yes, everyone will have fear of something and out of fear, we will try to overcome it. We become courageous only when we have fear, a fear of losing, a fear of not performing, a fear of not learning and so on. If we sit quite because we fear of doing things, then we will not at all do it. I have fear of riding bikes and out of that fear, I have not ridden a bike along till now. Had I been courageous that time, I would have learnt it well.

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    The title has the answer, Courage has such a positive connotation and a motivating quality to it, whereas fear walking sounds so negative and implies lack of confidence.

    It's always better in life to have positive things around us. Fear will be there in the day to day life events for many of us. But this fear should not stop us or become stumbling blocks. Fear of failure in exams should not deter a candidate to take up exams, instead of having fear, he/she should have the courage and confidence that the outcome will be good if our preparation is good.

    So, we can have a little fear or hesitation but it should not be a continuous task of trying to control the fear always. This would happen when we use 'fear walking'. A word of caution, courage should not become arrogance and overconfidence, this would open the doors to failure and set backs.

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