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    Has the meaningful media come to an end?

    It was 24th February, 2018 when we got a sad as well as a shocking news that the legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi is no more with us. It was hard to believe but still with a will of acceptance we tried to do so. Media was continuously showing News about the death of Sridevi and it was natural though but it was for continuous 4 days, there was no news about our Military, about any current affair but only about Death of Sridevi.
    The headlines were the highlights "Chandani has gone to some dark place", "Sridevi's death a natural death or a Conspiracy", etc. I was like please stop it and show something useful. I hardly got anything to see about our Jawans or about the Syria's conditions. I was ashamed at this and was continuously thinking "Has the meaningful media come to an end?".
    So many young innocents were being killed by heartless devils in Syria but bro there was no news about it. I was sad at Sridevi's death but I cried at the condition of Syria.
    Coming to India, Sri Shankaracharaya ji well known for his contributions for Poor peoples passed away. And there was no news, no coverage, no mourning over it? He was a great soul, he was the real person who deserved such a huge and continuous coverage but the media has evolved over "Bollywood, Politics and Cricket" that we hardly get to hear anything else.
    A humble request to our Media is that please rather than showing such a non stop coverage for an actress who did nothing for humanity but for her daughters to bring them up in Bollywood , show about a person who sacrificed his life for Poor and please try to show empathy towards innocents being killed in Syria if you can't do anything.
    Thank you and I really didn't want to show any emotion against Sridevi ji, I respect her but I have a strong feeling against News channels.
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    Media has become very business minded and are concentrating on those areas which bring more TRP for them and their revenue collection increases.

    Media is not bothering for the important humanistic news which is the root of good journalism. This trend is really alarming as few channels ate sticking to ethical means and good and honest broadcast.

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    I to felt that this time our media went over board crossing all the limits and they were virtually taking us for ride by showing all their probable and possible news but not the real one. Since Sridevi died in a foreign country, without ascertaining the facts from media there, our media channels cooked their own story and kept on having national debate on a indefinite issue and thus they irked the patience of every viewer. Even on the ultimate day, the live telecast were going on and were getting only two images and not the live footage of Sridevi in the coffin. So our media has wasted our time.
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    Most probably, only day before yesterday a similar thread was raised. That thread is still live. So,.....
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    It is the trend now a days. They overdo certain news and ignore some. Ultimately they want their TRP ratings, Even newspaper for four days completely news on the same topic. All other matters kept aside. Certain channels has gone to an extent that Boney Kapoor was the guilty. But is it such a big news to cover for Four days. Everyday many innocent people are getting killed for various reasons. No coverage. The Seer of Kanchi in my opinion is definitely a much respected individual. But media never bothered.
    I think the present system should be changed. By unnecessarily promoting unreliable news all around is a bad practice. The media should understand this fact and try to give equal importance to all news based on their usefulness for the public instead of trying for their TRPs and advertisements.

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