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    Do you also become sort of restless on hearing ringing of a bell?

    Most common types of bells which we hear in routine are doorbell and ringing of telephone - be it landline or cell phone. They beckon us to respond.

    I become restless on hearing any such bells and try my best to respond to such calls at the earliest possible. It appears to me that the individual at the other end wants me, my intervention or my help in any way.

    I have seen people totally impervious to such calls. They move very slowly, taking their own time and sometimes totally ignore also the phone calls. They look least bothered about others telling that the fellow will call again if required.

    Do you become sort of restless on hearing ringing of a bell?
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    Yes at certain times when people call the wrong person around a period of time will become angry. Some people call the wrong person again and again without knowing that he is calling the wrong person. When people rang on my Phones, I usually reply in a sudden manner, because I don't like to hear bell again and again. At certain times it becomes irritated when our families and relatives call again and again. People who visit the home also rings the bell in a repeated manner. I also tell them to ring the bell only once, because we can hear the bell ringing and it causes some disturbance for the people living in the house.
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    We have to keep the ring volume less so that we need not hurry at the bell. Sometimes we may be in an important work and we can't divert our attention. In such instances if you hear very big sound it will be irritating. These days many marketing calls will also irritate us. So we should keep the sound as low as possible. A calling bell is a convenience and we can have a musical type so that the sound will be pleasing for us.
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    I don't miss to receive any call. This is what I learned through my profession. The first essential requirement of communication is - An immediate answer to a call. Let it be a calling bell or a telephone ring or any other call. One should promptly attend to that call. It could be an emergency call or a call to inform a happy news or a sorrowful news. So, we should not be reluctant to attend a call through a bell or any sound.
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    Here by becoming restless, I meant being desperate to respond at the earliest possible instead of getting irritated etc.
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    Yes I am siding with the author on the matter as I wont tolerate the cell phone or the land line ringing and no one lifts the phone nor care to do so. Phone is being made for conveying some message or information and if it is not attended means it is waste to have a phone. Some people wont lift the phone citing reasons which amuse us. One of my friend maintains attitude on every thing and even in phone ring too. That means he wont lift the phone at least for six to seven rings so that opposite person should think that he is not free and busy. If such type of people are around us we do get irritated over their behavior.
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    I don't become restless but try to answer in the first couple of rings. There are many people in the unregulated industry who facilitate official work, land deals, rental contracts who will never answer the phone 2-3 times. They will have more than 2 numbers and tell us with lack of sincerity that they were busy.

    I have also seen some narrow-minded people who will pick up the phone but not say hello, the silly logic is if someone calls us then it's his/her duty to say hello. At times to escape from irate calls from money lenders or friends who are owed money or favors, some people do not answer the phones.

    It is good practice to answer soon if it's an unnecessary or marketing calls, then, by all means, cut it off. The only time I used to get restless was when the shrill tone of the landline phones ring late in the night. These calls would often give us grave news of a relative who is sick or just passed away.

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    I become restless only when I find no body is picking the telephone or mobile or opening the door once hearing bell ringing. I am wondering to see some people while taking the mobile in hand without open the answer button just watching the screen of the mobile from whom the call has come, the ringing was on and on by irritating the person on their side.

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    We become restless when the call is expected or scheduled which is quite obvious. Often when the call is from your boss in office or interview call after the application gets shortlisted.

    For casual we don't feel so.

    But for sure I agree with the author that we remain no more neutral but something there.

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