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    Joint family Vs Nuclear family

    Hi friends,

    let us discuss about Joint family Vs Nuclear family, which one is best and which one is most followed in todays modern world.

    What do you think about this friends???

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    In urban areas like chennai nuclear family is on the raise and you hardly get to see any joint family.You lose many valuable experiences when you grow in a nuclear family.These days the bonding in the family is so fragile that people have to constanly make an effort to keep their family together.But if you grow up in a joint family you naturally tend to be more adjusive and caring.You will be attached to your family members ,i am not saying people growing in nuclear family are not attached but they do not know how to express it.People growing in joint family tend to be more sensitive.Childrens would not feel neglected as there would be someone or the other to take care of the them in a joint family.You might be surpised but this will indirectly help in bringing down the crime rates.So my vote is clearly for joint family.

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    In today's times, the Joint family system have become almost extinct. Basically we have to understand what a joint family means, siblings of the previous generation say our grandfather and his brothers and thier kids living together (probably there will be close to atleast 20 to 25 people in the house at any time even if the grown up kids have gone away from home to study or work). Or say even our father, his siblings and their families living together can be considered a joint family. But even our fathers had either one brother or one sister and if it is a brother then the chances of joint family are there, but if it is a sister, the changes get remote.

    But in today's scenario we could say that living with grandparents is a joint family.

    Joint family is definitely a boon always. You learn so many things which help a person to build up his personality even. Lots of things like accepting people as they are and adjusting when the need arise are there when a kid grows up in a joint family. In the current scenario, both the couples have to work to run a family; in that case, if there is some elder to take care of the kids at home, then the parents could work without much of stress. Many working woman are in great dilema, they are always like a cat on the wall. For them this joint family is a boon for sure. But if a person, especially today's women opt for modern family they should be ready to make lots of sacrifices and lots of adjustments. Only then peace will prevail in the home.

    My vote is definitely for Joint Family though I live in a nuclear family at present.


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    Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the present fast world we cannot stay with the joint family due to job and careers. But we miss out a lot of things by doing so. We miss the love, affection, guidance of our elders.

    Moreover, at the time of their need we are not available for them. I remember a short story where a man when asked what he will do with his four gold coins, he said one he will spent in on his children, one as charity, one for himself and one for his parents which is a debt he is repaying.

    We forget to repay the debt that we have and constantly invest in the future expecting our children to repay their debts at a later stage.


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    In joint family all together and help to all, all the relations are there to help us when we sick,when we work in the office,they will help in the house and take care of our child we when we were in office,and our kids also known about grandpa and grandma affection,and love. when we all together in the house,we ask their guidance for us,they will help us for our future,

    But in nuclear family we all missing these and all,we all going out and staying with our kids only,they also didnt know the grandpa and grandma and relations,love and affection,they only knows mother and father thats all,keep going school and coming to house seeing tv ,thats all,these all are not family,each and everything we want to spend time in their house with elders,machine life we are living now,so in my preference joint family is the best family


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    Now days we rarely see joint family. But I believe that Joint family have more advantages than nuclear family.
    In joint family if any one person in the house is facing any kind of problem, all the people will come together to help him and will try to find the solution for that problem and will solve it. While in nuclear family we have to solve it own and no one is there to help us.
    In joint family their is lot of love and affection for each and every member of the family, while in nuclear family love and affection is not as much which is their in joint family because everyone is busy in their own life and no one has time for each other.
    On the other hand joint family has some adverse effects also:
    In joint family their weaker person will always be weaker because
    He/she believe that other are their to help him out in problem, while in nuclear family the weaker will try to become strong as he/she knows that their is no one to help him out in the problem.

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    Nuclear family is the term which gained famed only in the past two or three decades, as the fashion world and technology evolved.Nuclear family consists of the parents and their children alone.Some of the nuclear family members say that since they are out of the Joint family the are highly independent, they are enjoying the freedom in life, also their life is with satisfaction.But they forget many things that suppose a newly married couple stays probably forming a new nuclear family , the lady will surely helpless during the pregnant period and has to face tough situation.If senior people are there they can assist them with their past experiences.
    The main thing in Nuclear family is budget.Since they live separately they will go for whatever they want.Since almost all banks are offering loan for everything, even though the family budget is not suitable for four wheeler they will go for it through loan with EMIs.But if they stay in Joint family, the senior people will restrict and postpond the plan.
    If the nuclear family stays in Joint family what are the benefits:
    ** single home**
    By single home, we can reduce the land value so that every class of people will benefit.Because of nuclear family land value and Home rent and value are increased drastically.
    **single electricity bill**
    Only two or three lights , two fans , single wet grinder, single washing machine , single refrigerator, single television are needed.But if exists nuclear family then it will become double effecting in the electricity bill.Probably this is the watage of power of the nation.So they can save money make their generation brighter.

    So Joint Family is The Best for all ,in 'all in all';considering the family care , family budget and the future of the upcoming generations.

    India News

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    good write up, eventhough joint family has all these advantages, in joint family, there must be equal contribution in all expenses of home among all members, which is also creating problems in Joint family.

    Of course these are the main reasons why joint families becoming Nuclear family.

    Am i right Lenin?



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    Both the joint families and the nuclear family have their own advantage and disadvantages.

    In joint families all the family members sit together and discuss their own promblems with the family members.Suppose if one member of the family is ill then there are a lot of people to take care of the ill person.The disadvantage is that in joint families we do not have enough time to spend with the family members because time is very less in this modern world.

    In nuclear families there are only the parents and the children.The advantage is that you can spends more time with your children and you become a person of your own will.And the disadvantage is that you do not have have the guidance or the experience of the elders to help us in the difficult times.

    That is my opinion about the nuclear and the joint family.

    Regards Prashant Kumar

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    Although a joint family system has its advantages like you always have company , one doesn't have to worry about leaving children in a empty house. And many others .But has its huge disadvantages too .

    one needs their space as an adult . As an adult you start getting set in your own ways , and beliefs . Being in a large family sometimes it clashes and thats distructive for a relationship. Also as an adult its time for you to start getting responsible for your own life instead of still being semi dependant on your parents.

    And living separately does not mean you love your parents less or will be irresponsible towards them . Infact , you will build a stronger relationship with them.You continue to meet up , care for them and be there at the drop of a hat in their hour of need .

    I personally prefer living independantly . I would have gone mad if i had to live with either set of parents !! Meeting them during holidays is just perfect

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    Today we have a generation of people who after having lived in a joint family system have taken the initiative to break out and start a nuclear family. This generation today has come of age and very well appreciates the strengths and weaknesses of both the system.

    The generation that broke out of the old joint family system did so when individualistic thinking began to gain predominance in the society. It was exciting to explore, experiment and establish a living set up on one's own. The nuclear family gave immense freedom from the traditions and ways of life that the old system was ridden with. Hence whenever and wherever the parents and the grown up adult children could not get along well and when the adult children could afford to build a house to call their own, nuclear families began to be formed.

    The other factor that gave rise to nuclear families was industrialization. Industrial revolution brought with it increase in job opportunities in and around major industrialized and commercial cities and towns. This forced men and women to move out of their family home and away from the parents

    The one and only major gain that I see from the 'nuclear family' system is the opportunity it provides us to create an identity of our own - something we as human beings crave for and are born for

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    In today's era people are going to be more technical-oriented jobs so there are less possibilities of joint families but it has more advantages than the nuclear family as it facilitates the children to be cared by anyone thereby not depending on only of parents,also people in joint family can enjoy every function held and every festival together thereby remains close always,but in nuclear families people have no time to see each other and after sometime it only remains as a formal relationship so i strongly prefers joint family

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    joint family Vs neuclear family

    joint family generally means an extended family say a hindu undivided family

    Nuclear family means the family group consisting of the father, mother, and their children, as distinct from the extended family

    Hindu Undivided Family

    A Hindu Undivided Family consists of two types of members :
    (a) Members who are entitled to maintenance only, e.g., female members
    of the family.
    (b) Members who are entitled to demand their share on a partition of the
    family. These persons are called coparceners. These being the sons,
    grandsons and great grandsons of the holders of the property for the
    time being.
    For income tax purposes a Hindu undivided family is one which has common property of the family and at least two members.
    (1) Common property of the family. The common property of a Hindu
    Undivided Family consists of the following :
    (a) Ancestral property; and/or
    (b) Any other property of the family acquired with the aid of ancestral
    property; and/or
    (c) Any property acquired by a member of the family by his personal
    efforts without the aid of ancestral property, but treated by him as
    the property of the family.
    (2) H. U.F. may consist of:
    (a) All persons lineally descended from a common ancestor and includes
    their wives and unmarried daughters;
    (b) A male and widow or widows of deceased male member or members;
    (c) Husband and Wife; \Prem Kumar vs. CIT (1980) 121 ITR 347 (AU.)l
    (d) Brothers only;
    (e) Widows of the members of the family.
    However, an unmarried coparcener who receives share on the partition of joint family properties, cannot form a joint family unless he marries. After hismarriage he can hold the property received from the family as joint property consisting of himself and his wife.
    Hindu Coparcenery
    Members of the family who are entitled to enforce partition of the family are called Coparceners- These being the sons, grandsons and great grandsons of the holder of the property. They acquire their right by birth. It is only the mi members who are entitled to enforce partition of the family. Female member are entitled to maintenance only out of the family property.
    Karta of the Family
    The senior most male member of the family is ordinarily regarded as the Karta of the family. If he surrenders his right of management, a junior male member may be appointed as Karta. If there is no male member in the family or the male member is not competent to contract, the senior most female member will be regarded as Karta of the family.
    Two schools of H.U.F. according to Hindu Law
    According to Hindu Law, Hindu undivided families are governed by two schools, viz., Mitakshara and Dayabhaga. A brief description of these two schools of Hindu Law, is given below :
    Mitakshara. School. It applies to the whole of India except the State of Bengal, Assam and some parts of Orissa. According to this school, the son acquires an interest in his father's ancestral property by mere birth, and has a right to demand partition.
    But the self-acquired property of the father remains his personal property and the income from self-acquired property of the father is to be assessed as the income of an individual even after the birth of the son. In any case, father has a right to impress his self-acquired property with the character of Joint Family property. Such conversion of separate self-acquired property into joint family property can be effected merely by clear expression of intention, i.e., by conduct and does not require any formalities, like a registered document, to be complied with.
    Dayabhaga School. It applies only in Bengal, Assam and some pans i Orissa. According to this school of law the son gets a right in the ancestral property only after the death of the father. During his life-time father has got an absolute right to sell, donate or transfer the ancestral property, in any manner he likes.
    Jain and Sikh Undivided Families
    They are also treated as Hindu undivided families unless under special circumstances the assessee claims that it should not to be treated as such, if such a claim is made, the assessee shall have to prove that there is some such custom in his family on account of which it eannot be treated as a Hindu undivided family.


    A nuclear family is a family on to it's self. A small compact unit that does not offer much support to the parents. With out the involvement of the grandparents and other family members outside of the "Mom, Dad, Kids" element many families fall on to hard times. Stress, money etc.

    Humans by nature are a social creature. To reach our fullest potential we must keep the family intact.

    An extended family situation is better than a nuclear family, but a nuclear family is far better than a single parent household.

    In conclusion the stresses created by situation all parental responsibility on one man and one woman can cause many problems that we see are prevalent in today's society. Extended families give greater flexibility and a larger support network for all involved.

    Sobha Wilson

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    Many you say joint family is always better than joint family. But think of that what man to think for a nuclear family. Because of the disputes in such a large family, he wants to be free from these in his day-to-day life.I am not saying that disputes & problems only in joint family, it is the place where the problems are high and intensive.Moreover when he wants to achieve a lots of things in this competitive world, the nuclear family makes him to make ease the path of his travel.Though the joint family will give a great support from the older people, it can be got from them when we are in a good touch with thwm. Its not neccessary to live with them. So my vote is to live in a free life(nuclear family) which is very much needed for the development for the single man career.
    MS Ananadam

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    Nuclear family Vs. Joint Family.

    I feel Joint family is more better than a nuclear family and express my view in the following lines.

    Ofcourse everybody are well aware of what is a nuclear family and what is a Joint family. Even then I would take the privilege of letting you know of what each family actually mean. Family is first of all a wonderful word existing on this earth which a person who does not have a family will know more of it like a thirsty man understands well what water means to him and a person having no shelter knows what shelter is to him.

    Let me explain in my terms what a Nuclear family mean. Nuclear family is a family where the members of the family are very few in number. It may be a father, mother and their children living under one roof. The happiness and the sadness whatever exist in the family are shared and solved within them. The neighbors are the immediate relatives in the matters of urgency. Ofcourse the blood relations come later for their needs and they also are the part of the family who are not linked directly but are linked indirectly. In Nuclear family Father generally looks after the family as he would be the only person working and in some context ie., now a days we find the wife also working for the welfare of the family. In such a scenario, we can imagine the situation of the children who do not get more affection and care of their parents. Play homes and schools form the major places of pleasure for these children. They get more pleasure only from their friends.

    Let us talk about Joint Family. Joint family is a family where there are several families linked and living under a single shelter. The happiness of the family is shared among them. The father is the head of the family and his sons and daughters and their sons and daughters live in the same house with love, affection and care for each others form the Joint family. How sweet it is to mention and read this sentence. Imagine people living with such love care and affectionate environment. We get to know more about life by the experience we come across it living in the joint families. A child will grow in a well disciplined manner under the able guidance of the grandfather, grandmother and other elders as they have more experience of various aspects of life. Sisterhood, brotherhood and other relationships grow more in such environment. Such happiness are less found in nuclear families. These experiences are unique.

    Generally both the families have its own advantages and disadvantages, but we can in short compare a Nuclear family to a creeper and a joint family to a Tree. A person drenching in rain can get more shelter in a tree as it has more branches and help him protect from the rain. A creeper also helps but not more preferred.

    Hence I feel a joint family is better than a nuclear family.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Nowadays, generation gap is causing a division between the once considered robust system of a joint family. GenX or the new generation of youngsters feel that a joint family is uneducative and noisy for their children. They feel that staying away from their parents is the right choice as they have conquered their goals and do no the support of anyone.

    The statistics are mind blowing and speaks for itself. According to a recent survey among a group of 3000 youths, 71% stated that a nuclear family makes much more sense rather than a joint family. In that survey, 63% youths considered their parents as useless and non-cooperative.

    This is utterly disgusting and a shame as our parents were the only ones who taught us, gave us food, shelter, clothes and comfort and in return, this is what they are getting. This is an embarrassing situation for today's generation. Moreover, a joint family promotes learning, experience, sense of understanding and trust and faith among all family members. We surely do need to have an awareness program on the benefits of a joint family.


    Thanks and best regards.
    A special initiative by
    (Member -

    Ankush Das

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    Surprisingly the best seems to be the least followed in today’s modern world. The reason for the rise of nuclear families is mainly the want of money, and freedom. But consider the benefits that one will enjoy as a member of joint family. My own example, I simply cant forget those days when my family was also a joint family and I grew up in the warmth and care of my grandma and with all my relatives around felt it is like second heaven the feeling at home.
    But things have changed today with changing times that has brought this NUCLEAR FAMILIES trend into being. Personally I feel the best of these will be joint family where everyone acts with a sense of responsibility and shower love, affection and most important they share and they care for you with all that they can. It is good to catch up the good so why think a little before jumping into the conclusion of breaking into a nuclear family by coming out of an otherwise joint family that has its own advantages -many.
    Moreover only in a joint family you will feel secure under the guidance of elders and others around and you can hence be devoid of all tensions as there will always be someone dear who can always extend their help when you need it the most and I assure your home will be a sweet home filled with joy that is lacking in many nuclear families today.
    So this to conclude that though the concept of nuclear family that is picking up off late is exciting once you have decided to go for it you must not forget the hidden costs that would come with it. By this I mean you will feel like all alone, insecure, no one to share and care or straight to the point ‘the feeling of no one around you’.

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    Nuclear family Vs. Joint Family.

    I feel Joint family is more better than a nuclear family

    Nuclear family is a family Father, mother and their childrens live under one roof. When there is only one kid in the family then that kid will get bored because there wont b any one to play, to talk or to share anything, they hav to share there thoughts with his/her parents..when both are working then childrens will b idle at home and are eagerly waiting for their parents but when the parents come home they get tired and they wont hav mood to spend their time with the childrens or to listen wat they say...... Imagine the situation of the children who do not get more affection and care from their parents.

    Parents in Nuclear Family send their chil;drens to creches and play schools...

    Where as in joint family everyone will b around if the parents go for job some one will b there to look after their childrens at least they get the affection from their grand parents..

    I feel a joint family is better than a nuclear family.

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