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    Is it not the time for the government and people of India to awaken to the pollution realities?

    The World Health Organisation data indicates that 14 out of the 20 top most polluted cities in the world are in India. They are Kanpur, Faridabad, Varanasi, Gaya, Patna, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Muzaffarpur, Srinagar, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Patiala, and Jodhpur in the order mentioned. One of the main reasons for this is rapid industrialisation and the slack implementation of the anti-pollution regulations. The country requires a sustained effort to control the air pollution. China followed a rigorous policy to fight air pollution and gained vastly. It is time for the government to take proper action and control air pollution to acceptable levels. The cooperation of the people of India is vital in this regard. Incidentally, none of the South Indian cities are in the list. This is attributed to the implementation of pollution control guidelines by the respective State Governments. All the South Indian States except Telangana are having a coastline. This also helps them.
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    In India we being following the mixed economy that means giving impetus to agriculture and Industries in turn, there are going to be multiple problems as regards to pollution are concerned. Most of the Industries which lets out chemical waste are situated out of the city or town , but their waste are carried through underground pipe lines and thus pollute the city ground water level. The best example are the chemical Industries situated at Jeedimetla on the outskirts of Hyderabad and the effluents are not treated and the they are channeled through pipe lines and goes and join into Hussain sagar, which stinks beyond imagination. Already during Ganesh festivities the plaster of paris materials pollute the lake to the full and added to that the chemical waste of chemical Industries, tanneries and even distilleries comes to the lake and that is further polluted beyond repair.
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    The pollution control departments of various states are not very serious about the measures taken by the industrial promoters. The promoters never wanted to spend money for these measures. This thinking should change.
    The government should encourage public transport and see that vehicle traffic will come down. Battery vehicles should get a push. Smoking in public places should no be looked leniently.
    Then the pollution will definitely come down.

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    Two important points here. That for any politicians, the money comes from the industries & the votes are required from the people of the country in order to be into administering seat. Now slightly getting downwards then there are different government officials who looking after the administration & the approval & the clearance of their assigned departments. We even have more sub divisions. The problem is that this all make up a complete authority & within themselves they are working in association with each others. We don't find any leakages here & so any corruption can well find a environment to grow & become big.-

    Unlike in a private organization, we don't have any specific contact but there are levels. But till we got to the actual authority the occurrences may get changed. This remains the main cause that the actions & the approvals gets delayed.

    If having an instance of Delhi, to its major part almost nothing has been done in order to reduce the pollution level or if there is anything then might be only on paper. The Odd-Even wasn't a success & we suffered a lot because of commuting problems. The so serious is the problem that the SC had to do the interference. For any of the authority the issues remained the same as both at state & central level wasn't able to work within themselves & because of this many projects even couldn't get the startup.

    The government has to be more responsible as well ass we need to be more aware of the government performance so that the government must be afraid of us during the coming elections while we would be casting our votes.

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    It is beyond time for the Indian Government to wake up to the pollution realities.

    But do the party in power have the time and funds? Be it any ruling party, they have to deal with various things (protests, violence, unemployment, drinking water) including the opposition parties trying to unseat them.

    In reality, be it BJP or Congress or any other party, it simply does not have the time, willpower and the huge infrastructure needed to fight pollution.

    Just take for instance a simple problem like the felxi banner issue, the moment the government tries to impose a ban, the producers of flexi banners revolt and them somehow the ban is lifted.

    The same for the polluting industries, the government authorities have to turn a blind eye either because of corrupt officials granting license balantly ignoring the rules and also the revenue the contribute becomes important to the treasury. Mnay industrial giants contribute funds to political campigains and the party becomes powerless in such situation.

    For instance the crop burning in the fields that contribute to the air pollution continues because the problem is too complex.

    We need the full co-operation of the people and the party in power needs to involve all parties (so that they do not change the program once they come to power later) and then a task force to tackle this at a war footing. The Supreme Court has to step in whenever there is a shortcoming or lack in progress from all quarters including the people.

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