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    Giving respect does not mean worshipping and not criticizing

    Every person has some good qualities and some bad qualities. It is not possible that a man has no fault. This is applicable for each and every political leader with a mass following. The popular leaders made some mistakes. And some of the mistakes are very costly and the nations had to pay heavy prices for those mistakes.

    If those mistakes are not discussed, then there is every chance that those mistakes are repeated by the next generations. So, we must discuss the mistakes committed by great leaders whom all of us respect.

    Giving respect does not mean worshipping. Giving respect does not mean that the respected person would not be criticized.
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    True to its facts that the human beings are not perfect & that each one of us are carrying with different personality traits which are developed over the time. These personality traits are different in different individuals or persons depending upon the different circumstances that he was through with the time. Those different circumstances adds tour experience which we often referred to as maturity. The level of maturity leads to big achievements or failures in our life. But with continuous effort we make up to big results. But whatsoever, this whole doesn't make us perfect but instead this makes us learn so as to keep away with the loses but still we are doing mistakes someway.

    Within personal lives or in the public life, we want the attention of others but at the same time we also need to learn to accept the failures. Whenever we are achieving big we are being appreciated but at the same time if something goes against to our success then we also being criticized for that too. This remains the case with all & to all times. This also remains the case with different professions also.

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    Its a true fact that when our ardent political leader does mistake or even indulge in corrupt practices, our blood boils and even curse the leader from inner heart. In Telugu there is a saying " Dorukithey Dongalu" that means those who caught are the thieves. As long as leaders maintain clean life they are considered dear by the voters, but as soon as corruption charges proved against them the voter gets tensed and even thinks of recalling the leader to take back the vote. Weakness of the voters are always cashed by the leaders and they wont care for the emotions and expectations of their voters.
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    It is fact that no man is perfect. There are chances for everyone to do some mistakes. If we are really wellwishers of other people we should be able to explain him his mistakes and advise him to get it corrected. Otherwise, we can't be their wellwisher. If we respect our seniors we should tell them if they are doing anything wrong. But we should bring the fact before him very politely and as if the incident happened because of some slip from the other side. Then he will not feel bad and we will also be happy that we have done our duty in bringing out the fact to his knowledge without annoying him. Even though we like a particular leader if he is doing any mistake there is nothing to discuss that point and accepting that he has done a mistake is not a fault and that will enhance the credibility of the person and the leader as well.
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    Respecting a person for his/her unique nature, service etc is different from worshipping the same person.

    Worshipping an individual implies totally approving whatever the person does to the point of being obsessed that the person in consideration cannot do anything wrong. Here the fan or follower lives or thinks in a world that is different from the real world. For them, their leader cannot be wrong, whatever they do should be and is correct.

    In contrast, respecting someone means when acknowledging the good things that the person has or stands for. But we draw a line here and anything out of the accepted norms, we have to criticise, point out and correct them.
    It may be a senior, a friend, or a family member or a national leader, we need to delicately point out the error and move on.

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    Yes Sir. Unless we discuss some of the mistakes made by any leader, he or she may not correct them, or understand the ramifications of such mistakes.

    Even the best of leaders do mistakes. The same mistake may bring some benefit to some section of society, but might cause a huge damage to the society as a whole.

    For instance, when there was a need for huge investment in the core sector, and international funding was not available at one point in time, Nehru thought that the Public Sector is the only vehicle available to get this done, as the private sector neither had the money, nor the inclination and interest to get into such huge investment-oriented sectors.

    Today, we do have excellent companies like BHEL, SAIL, NTPC and so on, in the Public Sector. But at the same time, we also had laggards like the HPF and the IDPL, both of which are now effectively closed. During the good days, the employees were very well taken care of. However, since the authority of even the Top Management was limited, the discipline and work ethics was very badly lacking in the Public Sector.

    The result: there was a huge push towards disinvestment in this sector, and the results are there to see. We will never ever have any more Public Sector organizations, even at the State Government level. Those that have started for cheap publicity purposes will fail.

    For example, the late Jayalalitha wanted so many products with the "Amma" tag, as she was referred to as Amma. She effectively marketed herself, at State expense. The Amma Canteens are now run by the Chennai Corporation, at a huge loss. All funds that are otherwise available for constructive purposes, is now available only for sustaining these huge outfits, that serve food at damn cheap prices for the urban poor.

    Had this scheme been run with public contributions, and corporate contributions invited, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities, the scenario would have been different. Ditto for the Amma mineral water, that is produced and marketed by the State Government, and sold for Rs.10 at all bus stands.

    Even while doing this, the great Jayalalitha allowed huge corruption. Hence, unless we protest against mistakes and discuss them threadbare, the mistakes will keep repeating themselves. There will also be a stage when such mistakes may even by justified for some reason or the other.

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    It is true that very few people have virtues and qualities that we respect them. That is how leaders and scholars are born and public worships or follows them.

    As well said to err is human and these people also commit mistakes and even do blunders at times. Generally, the followers will not take cognizance of this and will justify their deeds and will continue blindly following them.

    That is the general equation between the leaders and their followers.

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    The respect that any person commands is earned by him or her. A genuine criticism is always welcome. Criticising for the sake of criticism is bad. There is a point if a living person is criticised because the person has the chance of correcting the mistakes. Criticising a dead person makes no sense. What all we can do is to learn from their mistakes if there were any.
    History is something that has happened. We cannot change the history. The study of history is mainly to learn and analyse but not to criticise. The mistakes if any committed by the leaders who are no more can be discussed in an objective manner. The discussion should take into account the time and the circumstances existing at that period. No leader of the past did not ask anyone to worship them. They are worshipped for their qualities. It is again a personal choice and to be respected.

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    Basically, all Members have supported the contention of this thread. I also expected it. Then why some of the Members get very angry when the activities of Gandhiji and Nehruji during 1938 t0 1948 are analyzed?
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    No one gets angry when Gandhiji and Nehruji (I am happy for your new found respectful addressing ) policies are criticised. Countering your arguments is not getting angry. Now that you have started this, what is your analysis of the mistakes what Gandhiji and Nehruji committed? Do not forget the time and circumstances under which the so-called mistakes as per you happened. Be objective and do not forget to mention what you would have done in such of those circumstances?
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