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    Do you watch biopics for inspiration or just entertainment ?

    We have seen a host of biopics in the past few years. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom, M. S. Dhoni, Neerja, Dangal, The Dirty Picture and Sanju to name a few of the very successful biopics.

    I believe there must be a reason why these biopics are made and why are they successful at the box office. There must be some business sense as well in making this category of films.

    I watch biopics for the learnings that it can offer me. It gives me an inside view of the struggles and the hard work that goes into a person's life. Though a book is always my first choice, I also enjoy movies as a medium to know more about another person's journey.
    The fact that biopics are also entertaining is an added bonus.
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    These biopics are also like any other movies as far as I know. Movies are rarely seen for inspiration but for entertainment only. This is my feeling. But in the case of Biopics, it provides entertainment and also some points regarding the person about whom that picture is created. Those points will be the take away points for some people who will have similar problems in their lives. For example, I have seen a biopic recently which is about Mahanati Savitri in Telugu. This movie will give good points to the people who are just starting their career in the cine field. They will get some DOs and Don'ts when they enter that profession. The upcoming artists will know what are the mistakes committed by that great actress and how they changed her life. So these people can be careful in such situations in their lives so that they need not suffer like the actress. They can also understand what are the traits that made the lady such a great actress and they can follow her in those aspects so that they also will be successful.
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    Though biopics are made with the clear intention to show the life style and life works of famous personalities , surely there would be twists and turns with added flavors and also some bit of fighting and comedy. Some people wants to know the other side of a particular character on whom the film has been made, some really wants to know more about the personality and others wants to enjoy the film for over all appreciation. And it all depends on the director and the actor to deliver all, otherwise such bio pics would remain in the shelves and not get popular even after running in many theaters.
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    No doubt every film is made with the intention of generating business and the director and producer would make sure all the ingredients of a successful movie are present even in the biopic.

    It is exciting because we get a glimpse into the real-life struggles of people we admire as our heroes such as Dhoni, Sachin, and others.

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