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    Article Contest - What to do.....Parenting - submit articles and win prizes

    Ever faced problems as a parent or helped other parents to deal with a tough situation? Share your advice, tips and expertise through valuable articles and win cash prizes. Closing date: 26th September 2018.

    After a long gap, we are back with an Article Contest on the theme "What to do...." Earlier, we had taken up the topic of Emergency Situations and then on Travellling/Vacation.

    Now we would like articles to be submitted on the topic of Parenting. You can write on articles related to situations that come up as a parent. It could be related to being a parent of a ward of any age, from babies and toddlers to teenagers and young adults. Articles submitted on this topic prior to today will not be accepted as entries for this contest.

    Some examples -
    What to do when a child is addicted to gadgets
    What to do after a teenager runs away from home
    What to do to cope as a single parent
    What to do when a baby cries the whole night
    What to do if a teen is constantly angry
    What to do if your child is autistic

    You can use various options in the title of the article - What to when.../What to do if.../What to do during.../What to do to.../What to do at a time when.../What to do after... etc. You can also put the word parent, parents, parenting if required.

    It is advisable to use the search tool and avoid writing the same content as already submitted articles.

    1. You must put the words 'What to do' in the title of every article which is submitted for this contest.
    2. You are not allowed to block any topic. That is, you cannot select a topic in advance.
    3. Submit as many articles as you want in our articles section, selecting the right category as per the topic (health, career, finance, etc). Each article should be of minimum 500 words.
    4. You must put relevant links to other pages of ISC, such as the forum, Ask Expert section, a course page, another related article of any member, etc. Relevant images with no copyrights are also permitted.
    5. Once you have submitted your article, do not wait for it to be reviewed and approved. Simply post the URL of the article in a response to this thread to be considered for the contest's prizes. Put URLs of all your articles in one response only, with direct clickable links to each. However, the article should not be in draft mode and should be fully published.

    1. First prize (Two): Rs. 250/- and 125 points for each.
    2. Two runners-up will be awarded Rs. 150/- and 75points each.
    3. If there are many high-quality entries, consolation prizes may also be awarded of Rs. 100/- and 50 points each.

    Closing date: 26th September 2018.
    (Note: the last date has been extended - update on 19th)

    Have any queries regarding this contest? Submit them in a response in this thread.
  • #648517
    My articles

    1. What to do when a child is afraid of the dark

    2. What to do when a kid refuses to go to school

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    Here are my entries for the competition -

    1. What to do when your child comes out as an LGBTQ
    2. What to do to keep your child from falling into bad company
    3. What to do if your child lacks motivation
    4. What to do to raise boys who respect women

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    I have a few questions -

    What happens if I am working on an article and someone else posts an article on the same topic, with identical information, before I can post mine? The whole effort is lost. Can blocking of one topic, at a time, be considered?

    Any chance of extending the date for this contest?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Don't worry about submitting an article on the same topic as of another member. The Webmasters have said that for a contest we can accept up to two articles on the same topic since the perspective and presentation of the two authors will be different, even considering the fact the same advice and tips would be given.

    Yes, we were planning to extend the closing date by a few more days since there seems to be a poor response so far and, perhaps, extending the date will help to bring in better participation. We will put in the fresh closing date in the announcement.

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    My article for the competition

    What to do when your child has Autism


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