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    Suggestion on how to prepare for SSC CGL while graduation & crack just after it?

    Seeking competitive exams is a challenge in itself. And what is actually the right time to take up that challenge is what most people decide. Perhaps not all come up with the right answer. Following points are to be kept in mind while making a choice-

    The right time i.e. After Graduation or P.G. depends upon the level of competition like SSC CGL you are about to take.
    The main essence of doing PG before the competition is to make your mind more aware of the difficult circumstances.
    Also, doing PG provides you job security in which so ever sector you specialize.
    However, if you have to ultimately appear for competitive exams, then why to waste time.
    Most of the competitive exams require knowledge of Highschool and Intermediate. So it doesn't make a difference if you are PG or not!!
    Actually, if you are ready to face the weather of throat cutting competition, then, in my opinion, jump into it after Graduation. You may save a year or two and in the process, you will achieve job security early in your life.

    Hope it helps.

    All the best!!
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    For any examination and for any achievement, the basics should be strong. This is a very well known fact. So our knowledge of the basics of the subjects we select for our education is very important. That is why what we study in our high school and junior college will be very important. At that level, we should understand the subject well. Just mugging up and getting marks is OK for coming out of that class. But afterwards the knowledge you obtained only important. My brother after completing his graduation could not get a seat in PG in the university he wanted. So he gave up the idea of doing PG. He started preparing for the competitive examinations. In one year after graduation, he obtained the SBI PO job and got the posting. Now he is AGM in SBI. While in service he has completed his MBA. So sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. I agree with the author's comment. If you want to go for a particular competitive exam for which Graduation is sufficient., try seriously for that than going in for PG and not concentrating on either of the two.
    always confident

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