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    Life before marriage and after marriage

    here is how I compare life before and after marriage when I talk with my wife

    Offshore Before Marriage:
    Get up by 9, get ready by 10, Speed (@ 70 kmph) in 50 mins to EC4 to reach by 1115 hrs
    Call mom once or twice during the day
    Do your work
    Leave office by 2100 or 2130 to reach home by 2145 or 22:10 speeding again @ 70 kmph

    Offshore after Marriage:
    Get up @ 7, get ready by 9, Cruise (@ 40 kmph) in 90 mins to EC4 to reach office by 1045 or 1100 hrs
    Call up wife once
    Have Lunch
    Call up mom once
    Call up wife 10 times
    Do your work
    Leave office by 2000 (sharp) Cruise (@ 40kmph) in 75 mins to reach home by 21:15

    Onshore before Marriage:
    Share Accommodation of a fully furnished apartment with a fellow Indian (may/maynot be ur colleague)
    Get up @ 7, get ready by073, walk to office by 0815
    Call up mom once a day
    Have lunch
    Do ur work
    Leave office by sharp 1700, walk home by 1740, talk to mom, put fiancee to sleep and its still 2000 hrs
    Go out for grocery etc shopping

    Onshore After Marriage:
    Rent an unfurnished apartment for a couple
    Furnish the House with what u have got from India and buy everything else needed
    Get up @ 7, get ready by 8 and reach office by 0830 or 0845 (sometimes)
    Have Breakfast @ office
    Call up mom once a day
    Have lunch
    Do ur work
    Leave office by 1645 to get to home by 1715, talk to mom and u have all the time with ur wife to help her in cooking


    Offshore before Marriage
    Party with Friends

    Offshore after Marriage
    Go out with mom and wife
    Give false hopes of meeting friends

    Onshore before Marriage
    Party with friends

    Onshore After Marriage
    Go shopping with your wife for groceries

    still to add Life after children.. watch out for this section
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    Well said. Before marriage one can follow his thoughts. Mom shouts but who cares. But after marriage one has to always please his wife. Should ensure that she does not frown at things we do. In the process one has to do a lot of sacrifices after marriage. Life becomes restricted.

    Before marriage, life is like a unbound orchid. After marriage it is a small garden with boundaries on all sides.

    One feels more responsible after marriages. One can really feed the weight on his shoulders after marriage.

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    Oh thats a real good rewind you have done Varun Sharma. It is just the same for most of the men folk (of course exceptions are there definitely).

    For woman the entire scenario changes.


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    Yes..u r true anusma... for men its just change of their activites but for a girl, its a new world.. new people, new home.. every thing seems to be changed like u have landed in an alien world....
    Varun Sharma

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    Do you know what all changes we make when we get married? Get into a whole new family where we just do not know what the traditions are, actually it is just nil for some new brides.
    New husband, new in laws where everyone keeps watching you even for a small mistake you do.
    You are supposed to get adjusted to their family overnight, forgetting your own parents, friends and relatives but the men are not supposed to. The girl is supposed to do all the sacrifice.
    So the changes you do after we get into your lives doesn't make any sacrifice at all. all the times you men crib that you have got tied up and you are not able to do anything, you lost your freedom etc. Have your ever thought of a women's plight there?

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    I want to suggest what is life before marriage & after marriage with a small example.
    before marriage
    Boy :Yes.At last.It was so hard to wait.
    Girl:Do u want me to leave?
    Boy :NO! Don't even think about it.
    Girl:Do u love me?
    Boy :Of course! Over and over!
    Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
    Boy: NO! Why are you even asking?
    Girl: Will you kiss me?
    Boy: Every chance I get!
    Girl: Will you hit me?
    Boy: Are you crazy! I"m not that kind of person!
    Girl: Can I trust you?
    Boy: Yes.
    Girl: Darling!

    After marriage…
    just read it from bottom to top now.

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    I think You are right. But what you have discussed is a guy's perspective, did you ever tried to find a girl's perspective.

    Girl's Perspective Before Marriage
    Get up
    Have Your Breakfast
    Go to Office
    Call your parents once
    Come Back from office
    Have Dinner

    After Marriage
    Get Up
    Prepare Breakfast for family
    Prepare Lunch for Kids
    Send Kids to School
    Ask Husband to get up
    Serve him Bed Tea
    Help Husband to get ready for his office
    She herself gets ready for her office
    Go to Office
    Call Husband-"I have reached"
    Call parents
    Before having lunch, ask husband if he had lunch?
    Then call kids, if they have reached home safely?
    Ask kids if they have had their lunch?
    Then, Have Lunch
    Call several times at home to inquire about kids whereabouts
    Get back Home
    Help Kids in their Homw Work
    Prepare Dinner
    Listen to Husband-How was his day and all.
    Sleep at 1
    Again get up at 6

    You guys just see your own perspective. Girl's life changes much more than yours. So take care and Respect Women

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    baljeet don't get angry it was just an obeservation we didn't have any intention to hurt u or any women.I respect the women a lot.

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    Dear Vinayak,

    It is not what you men say irritates us. It is the way you seem to think that marriage is a bond on your part and we women have nothing to lose.

    We are the ones who lose everything, you just lose your freedom , that too only some of you. The rest just doesn't think of the hurt the wife goes through.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    Hi Varun,

    What you said is correct but only to some extent.


    I appreciate your sayings. What you said is exactly true. But who cares it. We think only from our side. Not from girl side. Many people say that it is their duty. But you have given the chart correctly. Here I am getting a doubt whether you are married or not. If married are you helping your wife or not.

    This is all for fun. Don't take anything to heart. We are discussing only. These are all our feelings only.

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