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    Money Is the Best motivator

    We are motivated to work hard by several factors, but out of all the factors money is the best motivator to work hard. What do you think guys???
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    Nice topic chosen
    Money are the big motivators to do a particular job.
    Without money no one will work.
    If you take a cell phone it has
    work of many people right from small chip handling to large manufacturing and merging all needs money.
    Only heavy amount of money leads to a successful product.

    So More Money =strives= Hard Work


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    To a some extent money definitely motivate one to work hard. But what I feel is if you are not passionate for your work, if you do not enjoy your work , you will not be satisfied with your work. If satisfaction is not there , you won't work hard even if you are getting lots of money.
    Always choose to do that work where your heart is, which you enjoy most.If you enjoy you will definitely work hard and hard work always pays.

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    money is a motivator for any work but it also is a great demotivator to cross the worklines and ethics and involve in any illegal activites.

    Money is a part of few motivating factors. more than money i feel there are many other motivators like praising, recognising by peers, awards etc.,

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    i agree with the above ones

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    Money is the motivator but i think its da success and da satisfaction in da work which keeps us motivated..........
    U just cant clean da gutter if some1 pays u 10000 bucks.....U need da job satisfaction ...Thats what i think!!! :)

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    Dear Sandy, Money may a motivator for people to work hard. But it is not the best motivator. There so many things which we cannot buy for money. Happiness, self satisfaction, name and fame these are the things even now a days u cannot buy even if u are ready to pay lumpsum amounts.

    when some body talks good of you or praises or congratulate for a good work that happiness will last long with you more than the payment u get for it. As Mr.Kamesh said money is a motivator and a demotivator too. People are tempted to act against their conscience and do illegal things for money. The result they will never be peaceful in their life. We come across so many people who do selfless service to the society . The best example is Mother Theresa. Being borne in a wealthy Irish family she opted to serve India- the people who live in the poverty stricken slums .

    Why so much -please think about our mothers . In every house our mothers do a lot for us . They never expect any thing in return from their children/ husband . They serve everyone of the family knowing their needs.

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    Sorry to post this but check out dora babus post here editor...5 points !!!

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    I agree that money is agreat motivator in both personal and professional life. A person having fair income level feels confident about himself. This provides him inspiration to do better things in future

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    Thanks for all the responses above, yes money is a motivator and take it as a motivator only, dont let money rule over you, either you should rule over money, earn and earn as much as you can but never be a slave of money.
    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Yes Sidharth he got 5 points, because he put down his message with huge spaces. It seems to be the points are very much related the the length of that particular message... Lets inform about this to the peoples like Tony and all...

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    Money Is the Best motivator ! ! !

    I really aggree with Sanjeev. Only one example I just wanted to tell here. See ISC is paying money for creating forum topics, polls, vote etc., Suppose If they stop giving money for your postings, will you continue to post here?

    In that case ISC will lose so many peoples. So Money is always the best motivator. Some of the peoples knows this trick and they succedeed in their life as like ISC team.



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    I am also agree with you

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    Dear Kathirvelu,

    See ISC is offering money because you are doing something good for it. You are interested in ISC because it pays you money

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    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry to post this. But have a look at what Mr. arshik has written.

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    Using money to motivate children can work if the parent chooses to do it as a lesson. You can teach your children about saving, giving and spending. Parents can also give money to their children and teach them about banking and saving their money. Before you decide to use money to get your child to make good grades or to keep their room clean, think about a system and stick to it each and every time. Maybe think about giving a weekly allowance or taking away money for lower than expected grades. In addition, money is a great motivator when that is taken away as a punishment for not doing what is expected of them

    In addition, using money as a motivator helps kids build up self-esteem when they can look and see the progress that they have made. Money is a great learning lesson and parents that use that as a reward can combine it with lessons that kids can use for a lifetime.

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