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    How to sit in the Interview room?

    What postion we want to sit in the interview room..which one is good position to sit..
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    First one should ask permission for entering the room.Then one should greet the interviewer/examiner.Once he offers you a seat,then only you should seat.This shows that one has respect for them.Sit with back straight.Don't bend.Show confidence & smile on your face.Have a look at all the people who are supposed to conduct interview.Look into their eyes.Don't look down or away from their eyes.One can fold his or her hands or keep on thighs.This is to prevent any unnecessary gestures.Don't argue with interviewer.Be polite & answer properly.Your voice should be clear & loud.If you can't hear interviewer's voice,say "Pardon or sorry" & requeest him to talk loudly.
    Don't show "hurry,worry,curry"nature.Have presence of mind.You can take a few seconds before answering a question.Be firm about your opinion.Interviewer will try to change your mind & test you.Interviewer will check all these things.

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    You have asked regarding sitting in the interview room.First you should take permission to enter the room.After that you should greet all the members by saying good morning sir/s or madam/s according to the situation.You remain standing near the chair till the board member asks you to sit down.Wait for five seconds,they would say sit down.After sitting down you should say thank you.Your manner of sitting should be uncrossed legs or hands other it will send negative nonverbal communication.Try not to keep your hand or files on the table.Your gaze should be social gaze.Here I need to explain the social gaze.Suppose you want to see a person in social gaze;assume an inverted triangle whose base is a line joining his both the eyebrows and apex is the chin,the lateral sides are made by line joining lateral end of corresponding eyebrow to the chin.try to see the person you facing in that very triangular area.That is the social gaze.Your non verbal communication becomes positive in social gaze.You can practise social gaze by making such triangle on picture and fixing your gaze in triangular area.

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    thanks for all your reply can any one tell soem other points..
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hello dear...
    dis should help u....

    Interview Body Language

    Handshake: A dry, firm hand shake reflects a strong personality and is what most employers are looking for. Limp, sweaty hands are definitely a no. This is the first body language in the interview that your interviewer will "read".

    Hands: Do not exaggerate hand gestures when you are talking. Try answering an interview question in front of a mirror to help you understand how much you move your hands while talking.

    Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact but do not stare. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of body language look at the interviewer's nose as it has the same effect. Do not let your eyes wander away from your interviewer.

    Posture: Reflects energy, enthusiasm and self control. Stand and sit erect. Slouching does not reflect a positive attitude in interview body language.

    Fidget: Simple - do not fidget. Avoid playing with you hair, clicking pens and the like

    need more????????

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    hey y i hav -ve pts...

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    Hi Sri Harsha,
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    there is no specific ways to sit in an interview room. everyone knows how to sit in home and in an interview room.

    just sit in a way as casual as you wish. but be careful that you neither be tensed nor be overconfidence. be confident in your facial expressions so that the interviewer concentrates on your responses and not in your sitting position

    be calm and cool in your position. once you sit properly then concentrate on the questions and discussions so that you may not concentrate on your sitting position and may lead to miscommunication.

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    sit straight, make sure your legs not crossed, dont lock your hands, dress well, sit properly using chair means comfertably, dont sit near edge of chair this seems, you are less confident.

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    The first and foremost thing is that one should never take a seat before asked to or before asking permission to do so. Thank the interviewer before you take your seat. While you sit, you should be sitting straight and looking at the interviewer's eye. Avoid unnecessary hand movements and try to keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Never ever try to put one leg over the other while you are sitting.

    While getting up, you should gently push your chair and the get up. Its always good to avoid unnecessary noises.

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    In my view interview calculates your internal views or you can say "What you are from inside!". It doesn't matter how you sit, it matters how you present yourself in front of others.

    Your sitting should not be offensive.

    Chair space should be covered properly.

    Back must be straight but not tense.

    Shoulder must not represent effil tower they must be parallel.

    Hands relaxed but not tight.

    Legs 90* at knees.

    Don't create clapping sound from foot.

    Better Luck!

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    Hi friends,

    Really this discussion is very useful to me, because i was faced many problems while i was going to interviews and all.

    Mainly in Sri Harsha's comments he told some tips what should be maintained on the interview, in that i am not fit, why i am telling means, for me, my hands will be sweating all time, because of this i missed many opportunities, in the interviews and in many places.

    Then as Nikhil Kumar said the sitting positions, it is very useful for me, and it will be very useful for others also.

    Thanks Arthanari for starting this kind of discussions, and thanks for the replayed friends with great informations...

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    In my personal grooming classes i learned how to sit in an interview room.Have a confident walk without knocking sound of your shoes.Then slowly slide your chair near you and sit properly with your back touching to chair back.Put your hands on your lap in parallel.Don't show any nervousness on your face.Sit properly with confidence and sit straight without doing too much movements.I learned this very practically in my personal grooming classes. I think this is very important to how to posture yourself when you sit for an interview.

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    Giving interview while being seated with your future boss you must be calm and comfortable in your formal attire.You must not be surprised or get distracted by anything that is happening on and around you.You must be building a great rapport. You picked the perfect place to sit for the interview which is paying off. Being seated it can help you give a better interview. poor sitting choice can lead to awkwardness.People going around outside interview room, receptionist and even the clock can totally tank your concentration. Try to position yourself so that you are facing a blank.You should be trying to focus. You should remain focused.

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    hi i thanks for all your comments..its all good comments..i will follow that..thank you again..
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi Arthanari,
    Very interesting topic. As per my experience of both giving and taking interviews I have noticed that sitting posture, body language has a lot with getting a job or not getting it. First of all do not wear shining, loud clothes on the interview day. Wear clean, ironed clothes.Sit in an straight posture though not stiff. We have a tendedncy to lean forward while answering questions, make sure you do not sit right at the edge of the seat. Seat comfortably.Do no put your leg on top of another so that it points to the interviewer. Do not move your hands too much to express your points so that it seems awkward to the interviewer. Do not present yourself as very loud.
    Make eye contact while answering, smile when required, look confident.Rest is your knowledge and luck.

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    hi Gitolekha,
    i thank for your comments..

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi All,

    Very useful post .
    I have gathered lots of knowledge on how to behave and sit when getting interviewed. This post will really help me lot.

    Thanks everybody

    Varun Sharma

    Varun Sharma

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    interview style

    1 wear formul dress

    2 be bold

    3 toke like you are for them only

    4 make some jokes

    5 make some impresion

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    Hi Ankush Das,
    As u said i copied the content,i accept but i didt meant to do it...U just check all my replies, no reply will hav copied text...but for this discussion i tought tht content should be pasted as such so i did...i know d rules nd i follwing it,i dont hav any intentions like becoming a diamond member by pasting things,i do this out of interest and i'm not expecting any benifits it was just an incident, but wat u done is like discouraging,thts y i didt post anything for this many days...if u think it was unknown incident forgive me,else............plz reply...anyways sorry for tht:)

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    Hello Arthanari,

    While attending an interview first you should ask permission to get in the room,then sit only after they offer you the seat.Then sit without bending your back,dont afraid,be confident.

    Kannan RK.

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    Hi Sri Harsha,
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    Hi Ankush Das,

    Thanx for response...i was helping ppl, but tht violated the rules...which resulted in a bad remark...let me correct myself by giving info to d forums as per d rules...

    Sri Harsha

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    Sit in opposite to the interviewer is good..
    it helps us to concentrate on questions and our answers.
    before an interviewer we should be bold and strong..

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    based on the interviewer only answer this can sit ur comfortable..

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    Before entering the room always ask to come in.

    Sit only when they ask to do so.

    Try to sit infront of the interviewer and show that you are confident about youself.

    Try to make demarcation between confidence and overconfidence.

    Do not try to play with anything keeping on the table.

    Sometimes they asked you stress questions to know that how you react at stress or pressure. So don’t loss your temperament and have to reply positively.

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    Just sit as you think relaxed.
    But keep attention of all.
    Say, " I only do a job at a time." and reply one by one.
    See the questioner on his/ her eyes.
    Don't be afraid of them all.

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