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    Student -Teacher Relationship

    Now a days do we have the same relationship between teacher and students as it was earlier or has changed?
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    This relation is extremely important considering a student's career.Teacher is like a role model for student
    Importance of teacher is well-known since Ramayana & Mahabharata.Ram-Lakshman, Pandav all had Guru;Guru Vasishta for Ram-Lakshman & Dronacharya for Pandav. In modern schools & colleges also , teacher has important place. Guru is needed in each field- engineering, medicine, accountancy, etc.
    Good teacher gets respect in society & becomes close to student’s family. He plays important role in making “SANSKAR”. He is the one who monitors student’s behaviour in schools.
    A student should always discuss his problems with teacher.There should not be any fear.Parents should also meet teachers regularly
    A teacher should behave properly with female students. Some teachers don’t behave properly with female students & some of them have got punished also.
    some teachers have beaten students so badly that students have suffered serious injuries

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    The importance of a teacher's influence on a student should never be underestimated.The values learned at home are developed further at school under a teacher's guidance.

    Unfortunately,in the mad race of competition for better marks,teachers in a school classroom are given less importance than the teachers appointed for private tuitions.In fact,the same school teacher who is the butt of jokes in a classroom could get respect in the tuition class as school teachers themselves are often doubling up as tuition teachers!. Teacher's day is celebrated in great style in many schools,but many students meaninglessly give flowers and 'thank you' cards merely as a formality.There are very few students who have a genuine respect for their teachers.

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    Hi Neeharika,

    Studen - Teacher relationship is completely changing nowadays. Everything has become a business now. I heard that there are some teachers who will give tutions in house and for the students who come to them for tutions or go to their friends for tutions will be given more marks. Then naturally student will not have that much respect to that teacher. Nowadays even teachers dressing is also making much difference. Students are commenting teachers. So, I feel teacher profession is such a respectable profession, so the dressing also should be in a respectable manner. By saying such if I have hurt anybody I feel sorry for that. This is just my feeling.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, ISC

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    No, not at all. Still students have the same respect for their teachers.

    The fact is with growing technology it has happened hat we no mare run towards the teacher for knowing something, rather we sit in front of a PC, connect to internet and run a search program for gaining some knowledge.

    Bu, we all know that teachers are practically more strong, So for taking some decision we run to our teachers for the most valuable suggestions.

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    Read an article by me

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    A student-teacher relationship should be just that... a friendship based on an adult who wishes to help the student be the best she/he can be in life... and a student who wishes to learn all that she/he can. Nothing more... It should be more like a big brother/little brother or big sister/little sister friendship than anything else.
    Teacher must be like parent and the students must be like their kids. But now a days, there is no meaning of such things. So, wait & watch, what is happening & what will have to be seen in future ?
    Back in the days.. teachers and students don't have a relationship. Teachers were meant to teach and students were meant to learn.

    Over the past years, the gap between teachers and students became smaller. Though they encourage u to have that professional distance (especially in high and primary schools) as both parties could get into a lot of trouble with the law, generally in terms of college/university lives, teachers can become friends and mentors to their fellow students.

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    As a teacher when I compare the time when I was a student and my relation with my teachers was very different than what it is now with my students. The kind of passion with respect for the teachers was so high that even today we remember and respect our teachers but at present, I do not feel that from our students. This is having a great effect on teaching learning process also.
    Good Luck and take care

    Seema Grover
    (Editor India Study Channel)

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    I think student and teacher relationship is much more important than a parent-child relationship. Though now a days we lack the due respect for teachers in students and teachers too have been more professional and that dedication is somewhat lacking some where.
    Namita Jha
    Editor ISC

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    If we calculate the total time we will come to the conclusion that a child spends more time with teachers than with parents, so the basic contruction of an students career of better to say life is done by teachers, thus teaching is not only a profession but a noble act. Hats off to all teachers, there are the engineer of society as they build the society.

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    After parents and close relatives, teachers are the persons who spend most of their time with students- especially in their younger days. It is in this period that the character of an individual gets moulded. As teachers have great influence on the students, the teachers should behave in such a a way that the students do not get spoilt.

    It is no use thinking of an ideal teacher any more. It is just a 'job' for teachers. If a teacher is good, the student is lucky and at the most one can say that the teacher is doing justice to his job.

    An ideal teacher cannot exist without ideal students.The parents should prepare their children to become ideal students while sending them to school.

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    I hope ISC members have realised that this site has a beautiful image of a guru & his shishyas in the top left-hand corner!

    I have seen students rudely pushing aside teachers without so much as an apology,not caring to show respect to the very individuals who are doing so much to educate them.It is the teachers who ensure that students progress and the education they impart provides the earliest foundation for their eventual careers.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The teacher-student relationship is mentioned even in epics and it denotes how important this relationship was in old days. Now, that thing has degenerated. It is hard to find a teacher who is like a role model, loving childern like their own kids, educating them, mentoring them as described in Ramayana or Mahabharata.
    There are some very good teachers even now. But, mostly they are commercial and re always looking for money. Sometimes thay harass and torture kids for their sadistic pleasures.
    Even parents nowadays are responsible for such degrading relationship between teachers-students. They interfere too much and sometimes pass stray comments about the teachers in front of their children which results in lack of respect for the teacher in the child's mind.

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    As mentioned By S.G , now a day's the entire scenario has been changed and we are seeing a growing Community of students who are in terms with teachers, even some time i have encountered some students who had the great vision and mission than their respective teachers.

    At the school's they have groomed up by teachers , in the way they wish, but i don't agree that student's of today has been IN PAR with the students of past, below is the best quote i have read

    "The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth - Dan Rather"

    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need’s to be With You – Saleem “

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    The relation has changed completely within a generation. This can be attributed to everyone who participates in the process of education.
    Firstly, a significant number of students have already forgotten the meaning of the term "student". The curiousity and drive of a learner is absent. Many of them are doing their courses not because they are interested in them but because they think it is fashionable to do so. This has been clearly portrayed in the movie "LAKSHYA" by Hrithik Roshan's role.
    Teachers for their part have forgotten that their role is not only to teach the subject but also to guide the student through the process of personality development. Here, even enthusiastic teachers are discouraged by the student, student's parents and the school administrations.
    Parents for their part have now started forgetting their role in the development of their children's personality. The only job they do is provide food and all the physical comforts of life but no emotional support. They fail to inspire their children to do anything great. By being risk averse and habituating them to be risk averse, nothing great is going to be achieved.
    By the way, taking risks does not mean racing drunk on the roads and crushing innocent people.

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    The student - teacher relationship has now changed drastically. Quite some years back it was very good that students will respect teachers even after got employment in reputed companies or after getting higher posts that is mainly due to the subject knowledge and communication skill (mainly English). But nowadays some teachers are not that much talented as before as some are coming to this profession because they are not abe to get some other job. So the standard of teaching is coming down. As almost many things are now available on net, students are also not showing interest in listening to classroom teaching. As a result student - teacher relationship is not as good as before.

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    the relation of student and teacher is changing as we move from first class to higher class.Initially, all is having respect with his/her teacher but as we become more older in age our respect is decreasing.

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    yes it is changed..... as i am a teacher , i consider my student as my friend... I also know the personal difficulties of my students also..if we give the love to them we can teach them in better way...

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    Yes,we can say that the importance and value that the relation of a student and a teacher used to have in earlier days is still maintained to a great extent.
    The teachers, in their own unique ways of influencing students leave an impact on their minds which lasts life long.After parents, teachers are the ones who succeed in imparting morals and values in the students.The importance of a teacher in a student's learning process is never limited to the academics or studies of syllabus,rather,every action of a teacher is considered by students as ideal and is followed.
    Nowadays,we see at times,students don't respect the teachers enough and don't understand the vitality of their wisdom,but it's later in their lives when they realize that teachers were always there to guide them towards the right path only.

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    Hi Arpita,

    As you said the respect to teachers has reduced, I believe may be this is because of their behaviour and also commericalisation of teaching aspects. But teachers I feel should not be so commercial and should help the students in clearing their doubts which can only be possible with maintaining a good relationship and respect.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Editor, ISC

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