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    Which Job is more suitable for ladies?

    Which Job is more suitable for ladies?
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    I dont think any particular jobs is made for ladies or gents, now a days ladies can fit themselves in all kind of jobs, we have even seen lady auto drivers and mechanics.

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    Though now a days there is no discrimination of jobs between men and women but I think teaching jobs suits best to ladies, as they are very much caring by nature, they can be a very good teachers for kids.

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    I fully agree with Neeharika, boys and girls are equal in the field of work, they are equally competent. those who forcefully try to highlight biological difference as a hindrance to a girls capability are ignorant and egoist people.
    Girls are in every field, serving society equally with men, be it in intellectual fields or labours on the field, from administrative jobs to working on petrol pumps.
    In India we worship Godess Durga,Laxmi to help us overcome our obstacles but in real life the female counterparts are neglected and thought of as a burden, this is really unfortunate.

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    hi friends
    i am also agree with neeharika answer at present time no difference between girls & boys in the field of job but some job is not suitable for girls, but any official or any teaching job is perfect for girls

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    Its true that girls can do all types of jobs,certain jobs which are strenuous ( physically) are not really suitable for girls.
    Jobs which are really good for girls
    Engineering- software,electronics,chemical,instrumentation
    Medical- All branches except Orthopedics. Orthopedics requires a lot of physically strenuous work during surgery,night time emergency calls which may not be always possible for girls considering balance between family & career.Some girls have done career in Orthopedics but generally medico girls don't take this branch as a choice
    Branches like Ophthalmology,ENT,Gynae,Skin,Medicine are preferred by girls

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    Jobs where a lot of travelling is involved,its better if girls avoid such jobs - because of risks involved & fatigue & tirednesst which is a part of excess travelling.May be initially girls can do such jobs but once they have children,it becomes difficult
    Politics -Its better if girls avoid as we know everythinh is fair in politics & so one should be ready to face any types of statements made against us if we are in politics.If girls want to enter politics,they should find out who are good people in politics & try to work with them
    Teachers,professors-This field is again suitable for girls.Fixed working hours,job security -these are some advantages.In free time,one can start tutions to earn exter income,
    MBA & then HR manager- Good job for girls
    Nowadays girls are seen in almost every field & this is a welcome sign.Jobs in airways is another good opportunity .
    Call centres jobs-girls have to be careful considering the cases of rape & murders which have been reported

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    I think all jobs are sutaible for women there are not any particular jobs is made for ladies , now a days ladies can fit themselves in all kind of jobs, we have even seen drive auto working as a conductor in south.working as a labour also.

    but if you want a correct answer then the teaching job is best for ladies.



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    I think some job are suitable for boys only like mechnical,field related job.These jobs are more difficult and more stressful and more physical.
    So girl can do only soft jobs like software Engineer,BPO etc

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    choosing the jobs is more on one spersonality and individual abilities today there is no discrimination ta the workplace regardinng gender ones priorities are to be kept in mind like for a working mother the priority will be to do a job which allows her to return home by evening when her kids sand husband are back home ! so it is ones needs which decides the jobs

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    according to family requirements teaching job is very suitable for ladies becoz after marriage she can give time to their kid and educate them also. in any other other jobs she will be busy whole day. teachers are free after half day.Any job where she is comfortable except where physical labour is more.

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    I think nowadays both girls and boys and equally competent enough to do any job. Only some physical jobs which involves lot of stress can be done only by boys. But the most suitable and peaceful job for girls is a Teacher profession. Here there is a stipulated hours of job and workload specified. It suits girls best to go for job and also taking care of the family.

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    I do not think there is a particular job suited for a woman as they seem to excel in anything they n.

    Whatever allows her to make enough money for survival and feel sufficiently intellectually (and, at times, emotionally) stimulated.

    I think that all of the jobs are equally suitable for both men and women, but our current society is more likely to find jobs like physician and politician suitable for men. Also, the term 'nurse' has been stereotyped to be a job for females, although there are quite a few male nurses around.

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    First of all there shouldnt be any gender difference as to job.But considering the fact that India ia not a forwarded country and we do have traditional views,we need to consider such things in mind.
    Being a girl i enjoy the timing from morning 9 to evening 6/7.
    Infact we cant demand job like that .so whatever the job is we need to finish and be smart enough to finish in time.HOWEVR IN CORPORATE WORLD ITS QUITE DIFFICULT TO DO SUCH THINGS.If you are smart and has got good proficiency in English,then it can be a Lawyer,or Manager,Financial officer in Banks,Arbitrator etc.If you like to work hard a lot then get into some technical or software job or even Medical related job.If you are in rural place and like to do serviceds then it can be NGO,Teaching,nursing,etc.

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    In my view, a lady can do jobs with equal proficiency or even better efficiency than a man can. Now certainly, I would want women to Not opt for jobs which involve strenuous physical activities, but, if it comes to "creativity", women are generally better than men.

    Women are inherently blessed with "patience" which is a virtue, when it comes to artistic jobs, creative thinking abilities and managing things.

    Now , it is a different issue altogether if women are not considered equal to men. Also, another important point to be considered , is that whether "men" would like to orders from "women"

    But, if we have understanding male companions as our colleagues/subordinates, I am sure women can do better jobs at managing situations than men can do.

    I've seen men lose their patience more frequently , than women , and as we all know, and have been taught:

    "In difficult moments, behave like a duck; keep calm and unruffled on the surface but keep peddling away like crazy underneath."

    Best Regards,

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    I dont think there is any job which a lady cant do, ladies have been proving their efficiency in each and every field and even some professions like train driving, pilots and some others, they are coming up. Though medical profession and teaching suits best foe ladies.
    Namita Jha
    Editor ISC

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    As per me..

    In our country although they are trying to give equal importance,but its not fully aquired.In many countries both women are doing equal jobs.In china even women are working as saloon (hair cutting shop),bankers,bus i mean to say is any work is not harder than the women strength, but it is due to their freedom in their location.

    Due female their nature may have much softness.Till they get full freedom from men in any field, they will try to settle in jobs related to easy & softness.

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    I think teaching is the best job for the ladies.Because in teaching we need lots of passion and have solve all the innocent problem with smile. This job is respectful and very save for ladies.

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    People do you all really feel a particular job can satisfy or disatisy any one?My opinion is- Its upto our attitude,Our way and behaviour or atmosphere or conditions of place of work or it can be the colleagues or Team where you work that determine comfort level

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    Now a days all the fields girls doing good job..we all know this one..but these job not suitable in all times some days they working in that field but some days they are change the field or leave to work..i think girls can work online with in home & doing data entry & software development and more home based low gaining business like (small business etc)..those are suitable with out trouble...
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Now-a-days both male and female are equally contributing in every field and girls alike have as much success as boys. But I think ladies are very good in nursing cause they are more kind hearted and caring.

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    I don't think particular jobs are for particular people.Everyone is entitled to every job.If you ask specifically for women then i think government jobs are the best as they are not stressful jobs.So women can easily handle a government job and also the family at the same time.

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    Hi sobha wilson
    i very intrested about this question.
    above all my friends said that now a days there is a no diff b/w male and female.....(work wise)
    i aggreed that but
    recently i heared that in bangalore one call center girl will face a some problums with some males.
    what a stupid this thing
    when ever women will walk in th road at the night time at the time only world will go ups
    i think in the world womens has some limitations they dont cross their limits........

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