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    Orkut -- Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hi Friends ..

    Having orkut type of sites is advantage or disadvantage for this world .. some news papers saying that using orkut people are creating troubles to others .... does this really happening .. please share your thoughts .. lets have group discussion about orkut @ ISC

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    1. Advantages
    * You can find your old college, school friends here.
    * You can get the news of the places, schools, colleges, cities which you have left as there are so many communities.
    * You can create a community and have many friends of your mentality.
    * Etc Etc Etc

    2. Disadvantages
    * There are many fake ids which can make you feel as a good friend and can play with your emotions.
    * Certain unparliamentary things are easily accessible on which the young generations can easily attracted.

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    hi sra
    Every creation can be used in favour or against the society. It basically depends on the individual who use it.
    I myself feel that Orkut has really helped me to connect with many of my old friends. And also made any ones. That has not harmed me or any one i know .

    But the incidents sited in news paper reported baffled me a lot. I am not aware if those incidents were true or not but its hard to believe of how those incidents happened.

    so personally i feel Orkut kind of sites are an advantage only.

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    hi sra you have taken into ligh the things behind the screen. My applauds for your good discussion topic.
    There are a lot of ways to get into the social network. But before getting into that one must think whether that or any social network is really useful. Sites like orkut is getting famous because of many adult smuggling in there. Today youths are in queue like in theatre to the sites where the adult informations are shared. So only these aites are allowing just keeping in mind the traffic to their site alone. Even though some pages are blocked disabled erasoning adult content but many are there. With this no one can say it is advantageous.
    Why cant you use the community sites like ISC . It never allows adult content so there is no way to go wrong because of this site.


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    Mihir has mentioned some advantages and disadvantages but I dont think the disadvantage he has mentioned is at all related to orkut, these things can happen even from other sites. Orkut has a great advantage as you can know about many persons whom you can just think to meet or want to know about him or her.

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    many sites are emerging in the name of social networking sites part of revenue generation. but people use this kind of previleges to their wish to introduce poronographism in such sites.
    it is the sole decision of the website owners whether to allow or reject such contents.
    but after rejecting such things their success also gets rejected because people will switch to some other sites which allo such provisions. to day it has become uncontrolled.

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    I think orkut is a good site, but there should be restriction, they have got the facility to accept or deny scaps, friends and all, so it all depends on you how you use it. It is a good site to know about your old friends.
    Namita Jha
    Editor ISC

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    Orkut is a good and a popular site, though there are several other sites with same purpose as of orkut, but being so popular we can find our old mates here as most of them have an account here.

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    Dear Friends

    Orkut is familiar and great site to regroup the peoples.I got my school friends and college friends back to contact through orkut.Thanks to Orkut.

    There may be some disadvantages but that will happen when we used it in a wrong way.

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    Hi Sra,
    as coin have both the sides like the sme in case of orkut.
    It is really nice if we use it in correct manner.
    here i want to share my self experience to you all.
    actually through it only i got many of my school friends back in touch and at that time we all said orkut zindabad....but after a few days i changed my privacy settings over there and one fellow saw my profile through one of my friend and sent me a friendly request to add, i checked his profile and as it`s looking good i too accepted, but with in no time he proved himself as a rouge and irritated me like anything so immediately i blocked no no problem at all......but what i want to tell is before accepting some strangers as friends we have to think twice as well it`s better not to reveal our personnel things like mobile numbers, address, etc....remaining all is cool about it untill we are in our limits.


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    I think orkut is a great way to make friends, you can even get your old friends if they migrate to other places and also to make new friends. I dont think there is any thing wong in orkut.

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    One should use all such sites carefully.Every thing has advantages & disadvantages.Adult contents should not be allowed.Girls shouldn't respond to any boy who contacts them through such sites

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    Every sites have some advantages and some disadvantages and precautions is required every where, either be orkut or any other site, but the advantage of orkut is great, and this compiles a huge number of members and you can easily find your near and dear ones. Yes one major disadvantages is that scraps here are not private and everyone in your friend list can see it.

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    thanks for your responses .. as you all said every site have its own merits and demerits .. one should use it for good purpose .. I agree with you all..
    But placing photos, videos and some times contact numbers will be harmful to us .. never ever scrap a message your friend saying this is my contact number or personal email address.. if we are alert from our side nothing will harm you ..


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    well everything we know of in this world has its merits and demerits as said "every coin has its two sides ".it totally depends on how we as using it.
    orkut and other social networking sites(facebook,myspace,hi5 to name a few) have made a smaller place. certainly a good cocepts on allowing the crowd to interact with each other.

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    Orkut is good site because we can find our old friends if they migrate to other places.See every site has some advantages and disadvantages but it all depends on us that how we use it.

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    yes .. I agree with you, do you think orkut helped anywhere for mumbai attacks .. as per my knowledge if you want to see any one scraps it will not allow you to see one's scraps unless you are a friend of them .. is it the good idea to stop others to see one's scraps ?? having this set is sometimes advantage but some disastress .. ISC members post your comments on this ..

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    Orkut is a beautiful website or portal which can bring back your scattered friends of schools and colleges together to be in touch. I am telling this from my personal experience that even though i could not able to be in touch will all the friends in personal, we have felt the importance of "Being in touch" instead of "Being lost and forgotten".
    I agree there are some issues of this system where people can also take negative advantages of the website. but my question is "Who is perfect"? When it comes to assessing something we must be aware of all the pros and cons but believe in the positive and avoid getting affected by negative.

    Madhusudan G S

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