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    Effect of cinema on Youth

    How much effect it is showing on youth.....
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    Youths are both benificial and affected with cinemas

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    It has drastic effect on illiterated youths than literated. Also nowadays the cinema media is only concentreating on lust and songs rather than stories and messages.

    In the name of fashion they are spoiling the dressing sense of the youths.

    They say they do different concepts but do the same concept in different styles.

    They are creating an image that Love is the main theme of life by creating films purely based on love background.

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    It has more serious disadvantages than the advantages. Youth imagine themselves to be heroes and heroines and just blindly behave in their own way. It also affects their way of thinking by taking the wrong information. However media cannot be blamed for this effects as it is the whole responsibility of them to take the good things alone.

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    Cinema surely affects the youth. They try to imitate the life styles of their hero in the movie.The type of movie one watches affects his personality and way of thinking. One who likes action movies may some times have an aggressive attitude towards anything.

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    Current scenario, youth want some excitment in movie.
    Excitment in the sense action,romance or society relationship.
    Certainly some films help like Rang de basanti and some cinema gives motivaion for struggling in life.

    Nowdays most of the youth not interested to watch movie with their parents.They want with either friends or with girlfriend/boyfriends so movies/Directors are also considering this fact to attract.And put some excitment in movie.

    In all i think cinema did affect youth in positive as well as negative way.but this depends on youth for what he/she wants to take from it.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    Cinema has a key role in youth life.Because they follow what ever they did say.Its real fact.good or bad they are ready to follow.
    But everybody didn't follows everything.Some of then follow some things.

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    Well, I guess everything here have some positive as well as negative effects, it all depends upon how you grab things or understand it. But most youth specially those in early teens are mostly influenced in a bad way by the cinemas. They are only attracted towards the bad images of the media. They follow blindly whatever they see in movies from their clothes to the way they talk, walk, etc...

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    don't think that cinema has a very large effect on the general youth population.

    Firstly, cinema is probably less influential than television and the internet, because the other two mediums are more widely used, i.e. you may go to the cinema twice a month, whereas you watch tv/ surf the net everyday

    Secondly, films in the US are strongly censored/ or restricted to adult audiences (I'm making the assumption you are referring to Hollywood cinema and therefore a predominately U.S. audience), so its harder for young people to be able attend an R rated movie in the cinema than watch on the internet, or get an adult to hire it in the dvd store.

    There are lots of arguments concerning the desensitisation of youth due to the prevalence of sex and violence in the media but I think those arguments are quite limited- but that another whole other issue. Cinema itself is unlikely to be considered in this day and age, a particularly influential and dangerous medium for youth.

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    The minds of youth are like potter's clay.The things they see and the things which succeed in leaving even a little impact on their minds,change the course of their actions.
    Good cinema when made in a way to inspire and motivate youth can rightly make use of their energy.On the other hand,if movies having contents like violence can greatly push the youth in negative direction.
    One's own way of grasping the content shown and taking in a right way also decides its impact.
    Thus,cinema can have good as well as bad effect on youth,depending on its content.

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    I think Indian cinema is affecting its youth in a certain way, though many films are good such as 'Rang De Basanti', 'Taare Zamin Par' 'Hey Raam' 'Anbe Sivam'and many others, but many films are leaving bad impression on youths like 'Dostana', 'Fire', sensetive issues like gay and lesbian relationship should not be handled untill and unless it has 'Green Signal' from Government Of India, also 'Censor Board' should give strict instruction to all production houses as to not produce such movies, though it is said that 'Movies are the Mirror image of the society' but such relationship are not the part of our society, it might be there in certain European countries but not India. So i think that production houses and censor board should take care of it.

    And also the issues of violence shown in Indian Cinema should be properly taken care of, because many youths as well as younger ones are enacting it in their personal life, flims like 'Dhoom' where in they have shown that speed is everything, is causing an serious impression on youth. There can be many social issues other than gay and lesbian relationships which could be tackeld in the movies 'Taare Zamin Par' is the best example of it, i'm not a critic or anything of that sort but what i think is, there are many issues which can be handeled effectively by our film industry as they are the effective medium to reach even the remotest place.


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