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    Drinking and driving is dangerous to yourself and others

    lets discuss about this topic
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    Yes drinking is dangerous as per as health is concerend and also it leaeds to the development of antisocial activities. Excess use of drink is harmfull to an indvidual as well as to others too. The use of heavy drink may leads to the imprpoper circulation of blood, it may damage the nervous system and leades to the development of many health problems. Also the homely and social environment get affected around the drinkers.
    Driving while in drunken state is much more dangerous. It leads to dangerouus accidents coz driver loose the attention if drunken and situation becomes very dangerous to an indvidual as well as to others when accidents happnes.
    Life is very beautifull, live and let others live so one should strictly avoid drinking and driving while in drunken state.

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    yes drinking is dangerous if you are driving but if you are not driving then its showig the behaviour of all the persons whom you with. but my dear friend never do this,,,
    No,Never,liquior is hrmful for us but it is also..

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    yes drinking and driving is very dangerous for the drunken and the other people who are travelling with this drunken and the people who are coming along side or on the opposite direction. i know an incident which happened recently a lorry driver who had drun full and was driving the incidents tragedy was he didnt not make accident by hitting on other automobiles simply he lost his control and he drove his lorry into the houses on the along side of ther road people were sleeping and about 10 people died this was terriffic tragedy

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    Drinking affects the brain and due to this one needs more time to respond for any activity. So drinking offers more chance to accidents while driving since driver cannot predict the speed or direction of vehicle and he will not be able to respond correctly in the necessary situation. The one who is driving should take care of his co passenger and by drinking he is making them in danger.

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    Ya drinking is basically harmful,and drunken drive has more dangerous effects,drinking affects brain and also heart due to poor blood circulation.
    Driving after drinking would cause lack of consciousness,leading to out of control.He will not be able to respond to the public traffic and rules,this would lead to accidents..

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    Yes its dangerous to both the driver and others. Its a crime that it can cause even death of people. The only way to prevent this is self-consciousness that a individual should have not to cross the rules of driving and it can result in offense if caught. Lots of events are occurring day by day of this drinking and driving. They themselves are not affected but affecting others too.

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