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    Is the education system in India is good?

    The education system in india and the changes to be done - discuss
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    I think that in India education system wants some change according to the time and nature of environment in the world.In current condition we are still lead the world in this feild.Our many people are play important role in various feild like in NASA,medical and many other feild.But according to the population of our country we have to improved our educational system because still many people in our country are not take part in the developing India because of the lack of educational It's our responsiblity to remove this negative part of our system. But history of our India show that our ancestor was the teacher of whole world. they teach the world from the origion of civilization.

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    Hi all,

    I want to share my knoweldge, I think that in India education system wants some change according to the time and nature of environment in the world.In current condition we are still lead the world in this feild.Our many people are play
    important role in various feild like in NASA,medical and many other feild.But according to the population of our country we have to improved our educational system because still many people in our country are not take part in the developing India because of the lack of educational It's our responsiblity to remove this negative part of our system. But history of our India show that our ancestor was the teacher of whole world. they teach the world from the origion of civilization.
    Good topic choosen.. keep posting such nice topics

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    Its good but need to be improved further according to the needs to meet the future.

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    Education system is not good in India. Students don’t get practical knowledge, they just learn everything theoretically. This system must change, instead of theory papers students must concentrate more on practical knowledge so that they gain real knowledge. Our government should keep more practical oriented syllabus and all schools should have same syllabus. only schools and teachings makes a human being good or bad in this world so government should take some steps to save this nation.

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    I really agree with sandhya.she mentioned some valid points about the current education system.

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    Youngsters in India, do not have the freedom of selecting there career, it is said. They are forced to become engineers, doctors, MBA’s and IAS officers, it is said. Yes, agree. But that is not the problem. The problem is, youngsters in India do not have the vision to think beyond. Neither their parents, nor their grandparents had that vision. This is where the root of the problem is. Generations have gone through a system which sucks. Now the beauty is even the law-makers and educators of today’s India are products of that age old system. That is why no less than a revolution is needed in the education system in India.
    Girish Patil

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    Basic Disciplines like,
    Road discipline
    Behavior in Public places
    Usage of Public property
    Importance of vote
    Responsiblity over the country have to be taught in the school ages itself.

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    Education is all round development of mind and body. Unfortunately the education system in our country mostly is focused on the academic and that too theoretical aspect.

    A graduate or a post graduate in a particular stream is still not competent enough to take on the analytical or research related or developmental work. He has to undergo the rigours of further specialisation.

    Our education system primarily the outcome of British Raj was aimed at producing good BABUS and not intellectuals for any kind ofdevelopment.

    We need to re-align the system to meet up the requirement of modern youth to be able to gain knowledge and expertise for persuing further in aparicular field.

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    Being a Developing Country, Education System in India is technologically improved, because we are competing with well developed western countries.

    Education is given to different categories in different areas. We have Matriculation system, Central board System, International Level of Education, and State board system in individual states, etc. We don't have a common education system.

    In the past decade, some villages are slowly improving in education, health and technology.

    More over, the education is forced to children in such a way that they become bookworms They have no way to think of their own in studies. Also there is no moral studies taught to children. So they lack of self creativity, self confidence.

    The only solution is to change the Education system to give higher priority for self phased learning and moral values in society.

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    Hi Geethu,
    Very valid points mentioned by you.But forcing the children up to some extent is required must because at those ages they are not able to decide about their future life.So parents or teachers must have to push them to concentrate on studies to make mature.

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    Dear Mr.magesh,
    I really appreciate your thought on education system in India.I mentioned below the history of Education in India.This may be helpful for others to discuss more about this topic.Kindly give some suggestions to improve our education system further and take it to the world.

    History of Education in India.

    The history of education in India is very rich and interesting. One can trace the ancient India education to the 3rd century BC. Research shows that in the ancient days, sages and scholars imparted education orally, but after the development of letters, it took the form of writing. Palm leaves and barks of trees were used for education, and this in turn helped spread the written literature. Temples and community centers often took the role of Schools. When Buddhism spread in India, education became available to everyone and this led to the establishment of some world famous educational institutions Nalanda, Vikramshila and Takshashila. These educational institutes in fact arose from the monasteries. History has taken special care to give Nalanda University, which flourished from the fifth to 13th century AD, full credit for its excellence. This university had around 10,000 resident students and teachers on its roll at one time. These students included Chinese, Sri Lankan, Korean and other international scholars.
    It was in the 11th century that the Muslims established elementary and secondary schools. This led to the forming of few universities too at cities like Delhi, Lucknow and Allahabad. Medieval period saw excellent interaction between Indian and Islamic traditions in all fields of knowledge like theology, religion, philosophy, fine arts, painting, architecture, mathematics, medicine and astronomy.
    Later, when the British arrived in India, English education came into being with the help of the European missionaries. Since then, Western education has made steady advances in the country. With hundreds of universities and thousands of colleges affiliated to them, in fact scores of Colleges in every discipline, India has positioned itself comfortably as a country that provides quality higher education to its people in specific and to the world in general.

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    S it’s really interesting.
    Today in India only some good schools in cities provide good quality education. Still people in rural areas don’t have proper schools, no teachers, no rules nothing. If this situation continuous there is no use of students in rural areas going to schools. There is one part of our country which is still developing and we are enjoying it, but still i feel bad for people in rural areas whose life getting wasted because of this education system

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    Hi to all,
    After knowing the history , i think we have improved a lot all this year . as far a present day ,Education system at primary level need t
    take help of technology ,and schools need to prefer on Quality of education Given rather than Commercializing . And youth need to know their basic, what are the interested in pursuing .after all education need to built a socialized person .My view is that why is that so many Board like CBSC, ICSC , AND SCSE. subject knowledge need to same at this level of age. and by they graduate they need to be well exposed to the theoretical and practical knowledge ,and all need to pursue PG According to the sphere they are interested . and Govt need to issue scholarship to every need students of India . see its Executing in right way .

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    well there r so many problems in indian education system.
    main thing is that study should be intrest based .
    i mean to say that till 10th & 12th level a student have to study so many subjects .if a particular student has intrest in engineering then what is the need of teaching him biology, history, art etc.
    our education system should be more specific towards a paricular direction for career.
    then a student can feel better when studying a subject of his intrest


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    The Entire Education system is framed mainly to make a child mature in means of his/her thinking, responsibilities,Decision making etc.,But our Education system is not up to the mark.We have to modify them according to the change of generation,change in the world,development across the world,etc., These change in the entire education system is not happening in the correct time.The ministers have the responsibility to take care of education system .We can be able to make changes by forcing them to do so by being in the good position.hope some readers of this topic can take care of these things.


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    Author of this article is Mr. Dilbag Chaudhary.

    Our India is having a large intelligent population the only hurdle is our education system. I firmly believe that if we can provide better education then others will face tough competition with our Indians. We lack in education system, which needs proper attention.

    First of all it is necessary to make it possible for every Indian to get education. Steps should be taken that approach to education should be viable for every citizen.

    Secondly, our Government should clear all the decks for providing education in interiors, which is lacking much as well as much populated. Our major population is in interiors and where as no proper provisions are there. Because these are remote areas and nobody can take risk to this challenging job because financial involvement is there with least recoveries, which will lead to a great loss.

    Third reason is now our Govt. has commercialized hence not paying interest to this area of liability. They must pay attention to this sector, as this will become a major sector of growth. Today we are growth oriented and must know the necessity for the same.

    Fourth, it is proud for we people today that the private sector has jumped into the education sector. But this lead to many malpractices. We can notice when we come to know that the teachers in Govt. schools pay attention to only those students who are getting coaching from them for their own financial benefits only.

    Fifth, private sector’s association in education is quite appreciated but not at this much higher cost. I can see that huge population is still unable to bear this cost.

    Sixth, our technical education system is not up to the mark means it is not competent to the international standards. If there are some institutes competent to the international standards i.e., IIT’s etc. but few in numbers.

    It is necessary for us to raise the strength of the same to get qualitative educated brands in large numbers.

    Seventh, we must know that our large population is in rural areas where agriculture is main industry there. So, we should give attention to upgrade our agriculture industry we should give attention to this education sector to get technical agriculturists. Which I hope will boost our economy in top gear.

    Eighth, our Govt. should know that after its commercialization it is not the liability of the private sector only to take it through. It is mainly on the Govt.’s shoulders as major population is eyeing on them.

    More over & lastly it is to be said that our Govt. should not prepare the politically motivated programmes to please only to gain votes. Today we are looking after the growth of the nation, so, we must look after all these aspects and our children will praise us for efforts taken along with the results acquired.

    We should join hands to make shining INDIA and a brilliant tomorrow.

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    I appreciate everyone's views on education. There is a common point in all the views, "everyone needs change". yes everyone in some way or the other, directly or indirectly expressed that they need a change. but the sensitive point here is,"what type of change?"what is the change we are looking for. As one of our friends discussed earlier, in our ancient india, the education was oral, the knowledge was transmitted orally from one brain to the other.But when technology started improving people started depending on the material, thus less development of mind and brain. Science can give us comforts but not peace of mind. i very rarely see students respectfully wish teachers. it is only hi and hello. whereas in ancient education system student is keept under his guru and made him serve him, Guru passes his knowledge. The basic elements such as respect, love for lerning,responsibility,thirst for knowledge, shradda etc.. need to be taught to children which gives fruits in future.

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    Hi to all,
    Education is very important for the every peoples in their daily activities.And with the education one can do anything in any field.To become a better person in the life one must to develope its knowledge and skills.If one is working for any sector or a company he should bear a knowledge so it will be good for that sector.So in India for the past year education is becoming good and it as been developing well.The economy of the country is also increased due to the development of the knowledge in India.

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    Hi All,

    I must say that the education system in India is definetly good.That is why Indian doctors,engineers, Mathematicians,Fashion desingers, MBA graduates etc. are required all accross the world. Indian is contributing in every field and every sector. But what I feel that that Indian education system is lacking in following respect:-

    a. Indian education system is more examination oriented. We just want to pass the exam and judgement in based on the 5-6 question asked in the exam.

    b. Secondly, we are lacking in the practical application of the theory into the practice.Few application based questions are asked in the exam.

    c. We are lacking in the infrastructural development. The no. of schools and the no. of colleges keep on increasing, but the infrastructure to accommodate such new comers doesnt change.

    d. There is lacked of skilled knowledge in India.

    f. A huge percentage of girls are still uneducated.

    g. There must be proper bifurcation of skilled and unkilled workers.

    Above are the few areas where the drastic improvement is requied.

    Thanks and regards

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    Education in India is only one among various other elements that have captured the attention of the world. While the United Nations is worried about the presence of a large number of illiterates, various other countries are amazed by the quality of some of the human resources that the Indian education system has produced.

    The growth of the Indian economy in the recent past and the compulsion to sustain it is also forcing the Indian government to accelerate the process of developing all the branches of the Indian education system. Therefore, it would be very interesting to understand and analyze the various structures of education in India, its present condition and future developments.

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    India Education Historical Background:

    The Vedas, Puranas, Ayurveda,Yoga, Kautilya's Arthasahtra are only some of the milestones that the traditional Indian knowledge system boasts of. There are evidences of imparting formal education in ancient India under the Gurukul system.

    Under the Gurukul system, young boys who were passing through the Brahmacharya stage of life had to stay at the Guru or the teacher's home and complete their education.
    Although the ancient system of education has produced many geniuses and still a major area of research, it was hardly egalitarian. Women and people of lower castes gradually lost their right to educate themselves. The spread of Jainism, Buddhism, Bhakti and Sufi movements did have some liberating effects on the condition of the women, sudras and atisudras. But it is the English language and the reformation movements of the 19th century that had the most liberating effect in pre-independent India. Thus, the Britishers, although rightly criticized for devastating the Indian economy, can also be credited for bringing a revolution in the Indian education system.

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    India Education Present Condition:

    Soon after gaining independence in 1947, making education available to all had become a priority for the government. As discrimination on the basis of caste and gender has been a major impediment in the healthy development of the Indian society, they have been made unlawful by the Indian constitution.

    The 86th constitutional amendment has also made elementary education a fundamental right for the children between the age group- 6 to 14. According to the 2001 census, the total literacy rate in India is 65.38%. The female literacy rate is only 54.16%. The gap between rural and urban literacy rate is also very significant in India. This is evident from the fact that only 59.4% of rural population are literate as against 80. 3% urban population according to the 2001 census.
    In order to develop the higher education system, the government had established the University Grants Commission in 1953. The primary role of UGC has been to regulate the standard and spread of higher education in India. There has been a marked progress in the expansion of higher education if we look at the increase of higher educational institutes in India. The higher education system in India comprise of more than17000 colleges, 20 central universities, 217 State Universities, 106 Deemed to Universities and 13 institutes of Natioanl importance. This number will soon inflate as the setting up of 30 more central universities, 8 new IITs, 7 IIMs and 5 new Indian Institutes of Science are now proposed.

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    Education System in India:

    The present education system in India mainly comprises of primary education, secondary education, senior secondary education and higher education. Elementary education consists of eight years of education. Each of secondary and senior secondary education consists of two years of education. Higher education in India starts after passing the higher secondary education or the 12th standard. Depending on the stream, doing graduation in India can take three to five years. Post graduate courses are generally of two to three years of duration. After completing post graduation, scope for doing research in various educational institutes also remains open.

    Prominent Educational Institutes in India:

    There are quite a good number of educational institutes in India that can compete with the best educational institutes of the world. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Indian Institutes of Science, National Law Schools, Jawaharlal Nehru University are some such institutes.

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    Education for the Marginalized in India:

    As education is the means for bringing socio- economic transformation in a society, various measures are being taken to enhance the access of education to the marginalized sections of the society. One such measure is the introduction of the reservation system in the institutes of higher education. Under the present law, 7.5% seats in the higher educational institutes are reserved for the scheduled tribes, 15% for scheduled castes and 27% for the non creamy layers of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Under the Indian constitution, various minority groups can also set up their own educational institutes. Efforts are also being taken to improve the access to higher education among the women of India by setting up various educational institutes exclusively for them or reserving seats in the already existing institutes. The growing acceptance of distance learning courses and expansion of the open university system is also contributing a lot in the democratization of higher education in India.

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    i think education consists of two sides
    1.intellectual side side

    most of the sources of education in INDIA have been developing since INdependance of our nation but still we lag far behind some things.
    Intellectual capability of students of rural areas are much less than that of urban areas.
    System of teaching and even the syllabus is not at the required levels
    and not going with required senario.
    upto 12th the education system is worst
    it someways improve for some universities for graduation n post graduation but it solely depends on the universities profile..

    most of the education is theory oriented without practicals this is the area which we really lag. ANother such area is SPORTS teaching no one is interested in making sports as a career except some rich games like cricket etc.

    Umesh Mahajan

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    HI all,
    The education system in india is always good compare to other countries.Here Till 10th Std we are able to learn Maths, Science and history.So the basement reagarding all the fields are given to the children.Then in the higher secondary, based on his interest he can select his feild.
    Normally people will ask, the person going to work in a particular field, then what is the need to learn other subjects.For example, while studying history ony we can learn about the past incidents, our culture and those will be forwarded our new generations.Otherwise they will be destroyed.
    So this education system should be maintained.

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    our education system after higher secondary is very good.. the very most thing is one should select a field by themselves and not by force...the thing to be changed is the higher secondary education system since it is based on memory capability....i am doing my second year aeronautical engineering.. i didnt find enough scope within india.. i think i should go for foriegn countries for my higher studies...

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    The Indian education system comprises pre-school, primary school, secondary school, higher secondary school, and higher education (graduation and post-graduation). Although primary school is compulsory, this has been difficult to achieve in practice and India is still struggling to raise its literacy rates.

    Through school, students are taught a uniform set of subjects including languages, math, sciences, and social sciences. Higher education in India provides an opportunity to specialize in a field and includes technical schools (such as the Indian Institutes of Technology), colleges, and universities.

    Higher education in India has evolved in distinct and divergent streams with each stream monitored by an apex body, indirectly controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and funded by the state governments. The important universities are called Central Universities and these are maintained by the Union Government. The private sector also has a strong presence in Indian higher education. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), National Law School, Bangalore; All India Institute of Medical Sciences; Indian School of Business, Hyderabad; and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are renowned for their superior standards of education and compete with the best in the world.


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    Hi all,

    The education system in India is not good.The syllabus in

    most of the engineering colleges aims at breadthwise learning and not

    on depthwise learning . If breadthwise learning refers to peeling the

    skin of various fruits in a market , depthwise learning refers to

    enjoying the taste and essence of a single fruit!.As a result most of

    the engineering students are 'Jack of all and Boss of none'.Even

    though a student try to confine himself to a particular area of

    subject , the syllabus and mark awarding system in engineering

    college does not support them. Even today you can see many of the

    engineering college students waiting in the project centers for

    their final year projects. In work places , they have a lot of

    problems in matching what they learn and what they work

    In most of the non-CBSE schools , the student were

    taught how to memorise the entire book and not in understanding them.

    In exams,the students were awarded marks based on their exactness in

    replicating each and everyline of the textbooks in their


    So we require an innovative method for this problem to

    visualise a future INDIA. JAIHINDH!!!

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    As far as the teaching method is concerned we can take a look, and for the importance of Aero space, science and techonology, computers and information techonolgy has to be taken care of from the school levels, and more importance has to be written off to teh students for creative skills. and compulsorily we have to make every student to got to the army for atleast a year.

    Common you are saying me we have passed out from our schools and speaking like a dumb, i am accepting that but ready to join in the army for a year dated today, and wish to serve for it. note that that is the system followed in most developed countries,

    I am ready For It. IS there some one who is inline with me ?

    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need’s to be With You – Saleem “

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    Hi every one
    As per ethical part Indian education is very good. But it lack of practical and global equipped knowledge. Education system must impove in so many areas like Soft skills, Technical skills, moral values , helping others. We have to change education system in creative manner. Are you agree with me or not ??????


    Proud member of ISC

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    Yes, i agree with many other's comments on the fact that education system in India should be changed.
    It should be right from the grass-root level. There should be more time spent on giving the student a look into the practical aspects of life and living. Encouraging them to Sports, Arts and other cultural activities, coz, who knows, who has what kind of talent hidden in one individual.

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    education system in India is great. because we have many good universities in India that provide good and brilliant education to the students.
    now a days people from different countries are coming to India for higher studies.this clearly tell that we have good education system in India.

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    Education system is very essential for any individual as well as nation. Education helps in all round development of personalities which ultimately help the nation in becoming great and powerful. Unfortunately,educational planning and implementation has been quite satisfactory. Many shortcomings have come to the forefront which ultimately derail the developmental activities. That is educational systems have become the must in India to correct the shortcomings and failures.

    So educational systems become urgently necessary. Government should come out with new education policy by making the education system a uniform system.

    Systems in education is long awaited. New education policy could not come out with concrete results fifteen years back. The situation also not improved before that period. The conditions of the government Schools need more attention. The infrastructure for education needs urgent attention. The government should spend more than six percent of its gross domestic product on education. Autonomy has to be given to various research institutes but at the same time accountability has to be demanded in a more forceful manner. The whole system needs overhauling in order to give a better education. Only right kind of education at this juncture can help in solving myriads of problem facing this country.

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    Education should give more emphasis on practical knowledge than theory. A student who gets degree should be able to go out & get a job so that he starts earning immediately. This will help a student a lot. Now we see in many courses, a student has to do internship or some 1-2 years duration course to feel confident. This should be included in curriculum itself & student should be paid some respectable stipend so that he can at least manage his own expenses.In some degree courses e. g. medical course- stipend paid is so less that its very difficult for a student to manage expenses .
    Political people should not be allowed to enter in educational institutes as they will always try to ask for donations, bribe, etc to earn money & quality of education will also deteriorate.

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    i think the education system of india is good but scope of improvement is there .By saying good i mean that a secconday class student can compete with a graduate in foreign countries with their scientific accumen. it all because of the rigarous curriculam we have in education system .

    it definately pressuraizes students but for the better.our education system moulds a student's mind from the begining to compete with the best brains in the world .for this reason we have indians allmost everywhere in the world .

    But as everything has a darker side too. i think a lot has to be done when it comes to provide practical or vocational training to the students.our higher(college)education need some correction also it should be more practical than theoretical.special attention should be given to our technological education which i think is in bad shape because as more &more engineering insitutions are opening in various parts compromising on the quality.

    Quality is more important than the QUANTITY.our goverment is taking steps to improve our education system and i hope we will be sucessful .

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