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    Remix of Old songs

    Old songs remix is good for the music or not. There is not only remix of music but also the lyrics.
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    Remix is favourable for music till an extent. The song should be remixed to increase the sound quality and orchestra and not just to make them NEW. The SPIRIT of the original song should not be lost during remixing. A famous DJ 'Akbar Saami' once said that people feel the mood of old songs while listening them, the remixed song must maintain the same mood. The library of old songs are very precious, but we are forgetting them. The remixes bring them back and this is the biggest plus point of remixes.

    The other point is of there videos. These are really bad. only few of them are watchable at home with family members.
    In short, Remixes are good only if done in proper way.
    And remember "Old is Gold".

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    Sound editing is an art........ but changing the lyrics in certain cases doesn't look nice while it seems to be violent. But remixing the music is comes out wit different versions of that particular song!!!

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    There is so much remix craze these days. Many old film songs are remixed. First , only remix albums use to come. Now remix songs are used in movies too.

    Making one song by mixing many popular songs was old practise, even in some old movies , used like that. But now they are taking full songs adding different modern background music and making new song. We are used to old songs in original form so , new variety sound very strange and noisy.

    I have heard some remix albums. Only some are nice, like fast songs. ( one remix of the MGR song "Thulluvatho Ilamai " was good) A Srilanka Pop Music Band had made weaternised Rock ( or Rap) song with Ilayaraja's " Madai thiranthu " (SP)and it sounded really good.

    But if they take nice melody songs of M.S.Viswanathan and others and add some loud drums and all, it sounds like murdering that melody.

    I did not like AR Rahman's remix of "Thottaal Poo Malarum" but the remixed "Ponmagal Vanthaal" was OK because original song also was fast and dance music. " Ennamma Kannu Sowkyama" was so-so because not much change. Now latest, " Maasi maatham aalana ponnu" gives me ear pain
    !. That beautiful smooth -flow melody is totally murdered. Especially that female voice does not fit the lyrics at all.



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    hi sachin

    I agree with your explanation. All the remix songs are not good. Only few remix songs reach the people and that too depending upon the music directors and the singers.

    Some of the Rap songs sound good in remix. But remixing the melody song as a rap song is not good. A good example is "Maasi maatham aalana ponnu".

    Today not only there is remix of old tamil songs but also the english pop albums too. An example is "My hump hump" songs was remixed.

    The pleasant of hearing the old songs should not be disturbed. But youngsters are not hearing the old songs. so to create an awareness of the oldsongs there are remix songs.

    The lyrics of the old songs are very good. But the lyrics of the good old songs are not remixed.



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    We feel very comfortable in hearing the old songs in the latest music because the well known lyrics mingle in to the new music makes us very pleasant.

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    Hi to all,
    Now days remixing of Old songs are becoming more popular among the youngsters.More hit songs are been reproduced in many films.This is become one of the big phase for the Music directors.The youngsters are not ready to hear the old songs in this techinacal world.So,this remixing of old songs will make them to hear that oldsongs also.In my concern more remixing song must be come in the feature...........

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    I like remix songs because of fast beats..but i dont like mixing of english words...

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    It's a very subjective question and may differ from person to person.Some people like the old songs in their original form,whereas the old songs,in their original form sound boring to some and they wish to spice them up through remix.So,it actually depends on a person's taste of music.

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    i like both remix and original depends upon your state of mind.what sooth you more?

    Remix is favorable for music till an extent. The song should be remixed to increase the sound quality and orchestra and not just to make them NEW.
    but we know that Old is Gold

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    eventhough remix songs are likely to hear.but it is like stealing the knowledge of one person by the remix songs the musicians are simply changing the silent music into rap or rock vil spoil the original songs.though it is likely to hear wont last for along.thats the only truth.

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    I believe that remix adds life to the original song. hence I am in favor of it.





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    The old songs were so melodious that people used to go to see movie only for these songs. Remixing of songs is allowed but there should be a limit for this. For certain songs, remixing seems to be okay but not for all.

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    This is a recent trend in Indian movies these days to just remix old songs.
    In the name of remixing of old popular songs the film producers and music directors get together and if I say in my words are spoiling the real melody of the old songs which even now is audible. And the melody of these songs cannot be challenged by the nowadays music directors.

    i like the remix trend but the way they are remixing is disgusting .
    they should not spoil the values of the song .

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