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    Role of media in bringing awareness in our society

    The media has got a vital role in molding a good society. As far as children are concerned they have a tendency of grabbing the dialogues, actions etc aired or published through the media. So the media must be aware of this fact.

    Media should always try to side with the truth. Unfortunately some Medias side certain political parties for their mutual benefits. They must always reveal the truth.

    Media is the biggest tool to bring awareness in the society, either it be political, social or economical. they let us know about the whole word while we are sitting in our dining rooms having a cup of coffee, so the definitely play a huge role but some times all they show is not the truth, the news is manipulated under the circumstances and pressure created by political parties and others.
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    I think there is no need to rein in media as they have their own unions and they set their own set of ethics. What media is doing today is really commendable. You see a poor man finds justice from the administartion just for the media coverage he is getting which was not possible some years ago when common man assumed that justice was only for powerful people. Similarly, media has put a fear among politicians and bureaucrats who are constantly watched against corruption.

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    yes media is playing major role in bringing awareness in society,giving us latest about what is happening in our world,making us aware about our rights,creating awareness againest evils in our society, what new happening around us ,exposing corrupt politicians and hardcore criminals by sting operations,really media playing vital role in development of our lifestyles.

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    Dear friends, Now a days we can't find even a single house without television. Like wise radio,news paper,internet and other media also have become a part of our life. Hence good or bad, people from child to aged people easily grab things from media. Hence it is the function of the media to understand its responsibility and act accordingly. Now a days many political parties have started starting television channels in order to use them as a weapon for their campaign tool.This really damages the image of the media. Rather than making money and to misguide the people,the media should be completely used for constructive purposes. Else the people will be misguided and the whole country will be ruined. To avoid this, media should understand its power and responsibility such that it must create some awareness programs promoting the development of our nation

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    I agree that media plays a very important role inn bringing awareness to the society. To prove my point, I wish to quote a very simple example from my life. My thirteen year old son has much more awareness than I had at the age of seventeen.


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    yes as media has the power to reach at people very easily and soon,and as there are so many talented people working they present the things ina very good way which attract more and more people and get attaintion from people and as now days every body using tv,reading news paer they have the power to reach each and every person

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    Media and society is correlated each other to share them self about the past,present and future news on need base method of the society.Media since past to present has given to the society a complete recognition by supplying what society needs.Once upon a time we see all news,view of the Govt. even of the businessmen through Radio,Banner and through Cinema slide show.But now everything is in the hands of the society to see,enjoy and to share. So Media and their function has been changed as because there is a competition among the Media also. Therefore apart from the service to the society they have to earn also.From this point of view several media are taking different steps to expand their business and sometimes they are deviated from the principles for which they are functioning.What society will decide for their existency and functioning is mainly depend upon the Govt.rules and regulations by limiting their scope of works in a particular field. In my opinion several sensitive international issue should not be published through Media for which tension among them increased.Otherwise media should come in front of the society with all truth to make them more reliable and acceptable.

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    Yes, i agree with Aparna.
    Media and Society are correlated.
    But if we look back for the past 5 years, we see number of channels growing and every news in all corners of the world are hammering people's heads and minds. Even the media are aware of it.
    What do we see..... A great competitive WAR going on between channels, for the sake of TRP's!
    At the same time, the society got influenced in such a way, that they got addicted to believe whatever comes in those channels.
    But to what extent Media is being Truthful with their News? Does they have any idea of to what extent they are diluting and influencing people's faiths and beliefs?
    Media is BORN to raise TRUTH among people - But now, Is Media Ready to Keep up their Existence?

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