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School life Vs College life

Friends,parties,canteen,library,classes (some boring), cinemas which saw those days, boy/girl friends ,strike, fight between students, Mass bunk, Friday movies,enjoying group, arguments,freshers day and farewell day with tears....." College life is nothing, but a heaven"...... Those days are unforgettable,.come on share your college life with us.

School: 1 colored dress for 100s of days
College: 100 colored dresses for 1 day

School: 2 note books for 1 subject
College: 1 notebook for all subjects

School: white pipe in teacher's hand (chalk)
College: white pipe in student's hand (cigarette)

School: Most frequent letter-Leave letter
College: Most frequent letter - Love letter


#52349    Author: anita    23 Jan 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hi Girish,
Its good to see this topic. After reading all the good memories of school and college flashed in my mind.

I have enjoyed both the forums.
In school I enjoyed the development of sense of competition, Discipline and more over breaking the discipline,
collecting of stamps and coins.
The organised picnics,
Farewell stage (the first place to express your thoughts in front of everyone about any one) and so on.

In college, even though became serious about carrier but
that freedom,
Selection of a a different attair daily,
bunking clsses and watching first day first show,
running out of pocket money,
recieving cards and letters (being a girl I was more on recieving end and when I was in college the girls where not open enough), Hostel life (as I did my college staying in hostel),
The whole group going back home in vacations and the enjoyment on way.

Here I would like to share one very good thing that when we used to come back home by train we used to try all tricks like climbing on train roof and sitting there, placing the coin on railway track etc. Even though all these were dangerous but I did it and when I look back to those day there is a big smile on my face and now also I am smiling and writing so you can imagine what fun I had.

Burning of midnight lamps in exam days and last of all but the best of the convocation program after which I could call my self an engginer. Writing all this I have gone down the memory lane and it was fun.

#52457    Author: rajuseth  23 Jan 2009 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Ah ! what those days were in school and as well as in college . Nothing to worry about . But in school no fashion but in college you are awkward
. In school no cheating in college to survive be a cheater.

#52603    Author: Magesh u    24 Jan 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Hi to all,
This is one of the good topic than the other topics.And in this topic i want to share my buddies and feelings.College life is very good and most enjoyable one those times will never come back in our life again.Most of the peoples will say that college life is more good than school life but in my point of view and from my experience its not at all true.In schools their will be nothing in the minds of us other than the friendship but in the college their will lot of misunderstanding between the friends due to lot of even their is lot of enjoyable stuffs in college it won't be good as like as school life.......

#52621    Author: Ashis Dubey    24 Jan 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Hi Girish, let me share my personal views regarding the difference between college life and school life.School life is the period which enriches one's basic ethics and makes one to be prepared to achieve the desired goals.Schooling grroms oneself into a well mannered and a good personality with good thoughts.
Whereas the college life enables one to realize one's dreams and strengthen to convert these dreams into reality.Therefore both lifes are very important in one's life.

With regards,
Ashis Dubey
Editor - Forums & Resources

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