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    Role of Value Education in Contemporary Society

    Every Country develops its own system of education to express and promote its unique Socio-Cultural identity and also to meet the challenges of the times. Although the country has made rapid progress in various areas like scientific technology, economic infrastructure etc. but its value system has been declined. Therefore, Education in general and value education in particular occupies a prestigious place in modern context of contemporary society. The problem of value education of the young has assumed increasing prominence in educational discussion during recent times. Parents, teachers and society at large are concerned about values and value education of children. We are witnessing tremendous value crisis throughout the world today. A lackadaisical attitude towards value and its institutions is pervasive in the world today. The reappearance of barbaric qualities of selfishness, clashes and conflagration give clear indication of the process of degeneration of human society. There is an urgent need for a great effort to revive and reform the values of human life and to rejuvenate the foundation of civilization.

    Values are goals set for achievements and they motivate, define and color all our activities cognitive, affective and conative. They are described as the socially defined desires and goals that are internalized through the process of conditioning, learning & socialization. The present education needs moral, spiritual and aesthetic values also to be included in it. The culture and traditions can be preserved & transferred to the next generation by the help of value education only. Value education is much concerned with striving for personal wholeness as well as generating a responsible attitude towards others and an understanding of wrong and right behavior. The most constructive factor in value education is its purpose which encourages the child to explore the powers while offering living guidance and setting appropriate limits to behavior. Value education helps in building and strengthening of positive sentiments for people and ideals. It should prepare individuals for active participation in social life and acceptance of social rules. Value education has to be included in various aspects of education. Attention needs to be pay by higher authorities to spread the importance of value education in society. The present paper will focus on Role of Value Education in Contemporary Society.
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    Hi friends ,
    In fact you wrote all nothing left to say in this regards. But a thing there is no meaning of education that lose the moral values of human being .SO all the policies should be made in order to maintain the value. THANKS

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