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    The crown and glory of life is character

    Men are often led to evil ways in their hankering after riches and earthly fame.But they forget that the real wealth of man,his most precious treasure,is not riches or earthly fame - it is their character.Pure character not only makes a man immortal but also wins the love and favour of God.Most of the religious teachers of the world lived and died poor and were persecuted.But they are respected and even worshipped everywhere for the purity and nobility of their character.Hence,we should not allow anything to stain our character,whatever the sacrifice may be.
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    Hi Srijit,
    I totally agree with your views. It is easy to blow away in the direction of the wind but difficult to stand affirm in the same place when the wind is strong. It is the same with most of us, we get carried away but only few of us can stick to our principles, ideology, conscience in case of adversity. Such people face the wrath, upbraid of the society initially but are worshipped after that. God tests the tenacity of these people who are rewarded after that.

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    Ultimately it is the character of an individual that would determine his or her destiny. Apart from that, the material needs are required to be satisfied to the extent that these do not cross over into the regime of excesses. And herein most mortals are total failure. The human being does not know where to draw the line that enough is enough when it comes to material comforts, money very much included. Achieving happiness through money route is not possible; though certain money is needed in a common man’s life to physically survive in this world. That, however, is not the licence to be the first to grab the loot and devil take the hindmost. This is just the general trend. Honestly living with strength of character gets the second preference only or no preference at all. Yes, the great souls that we have had lived frugally, but gave away plenty. We still remember them with love and deep veneration; since we as lesser mortal see in them our increasing weaknesses for the more banal material gratification. We have that scarcity mentality that we forget that this mentality almost always tend to render our fear of poverty manifest physically in our lives. An individual with character shall always be having that abundant mentality: that state of mind that there is plenty in this world; that giving away a little to the other needy would not reduce one’s reservoir of wealth. Wealth is first created in the mind before getting manifested in its physical form. This secret was known by all the great souls that lived on this earth. And it needs a man of incredibly strong character to understand fully; to refuse the physical gratification that he did not earn. As we have come to really love the refrain “money for nothing... “, we would need more courage to break free of this mental fixation.

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