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    Say "No" to polythene

    What is your 'Green Resolution" for the year 2009?
    Mine is to recycle and say "NO" to polythene bags.
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    yes it is a must to follow resolution for all of lets join hands to fulfill the same religiously to save our planet

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    Hi Rajeev,

    Save money and live healthier by taking action. One to three (or more) changes per household can make a great difference in decreasing energy consumption, eliminating or minimizing toxins, reducing waste, and offsetting your carbon footprint.

    What would be my contribution is :

    a) I shall Switch to linen napkins as an alternative to paper napkins at all possible places like kids tiffin, dinning table etc.

    b) Remember to carry a cloth bag when going for shopping so that i can avoid the polythenes from shopkeeper.

    c) Educate my kids for no waistage of paper while studing or playing.

    Have a healthy day

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    Thats a good decision to reduce pollution and save our planet. Most of the people are talking about the subject how to reduce the pollution with a plastic bag in their hand. Everybody is interseted to save the planet . But cant live without polythene covers .Every shops are giving this covers. so one way to avoid is to carry your own shopping bag.

    Be aware and make others aware about the bad effects that polythene covers can cause to our planet. Actually plastic bags should be banned.

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    Hi dear,

    This is a good thing to save environment.for implemeted this thing.each member to take initiative to use bag.for reduce poytehene.when we will celebrate environment day of 5th may then that time we can conduct verious competition between childrens and our working premises.and gifted to them daily use bag.and encourage to them for use bag,not polythene.we have to encourage our neares pepole
    to reduce ploythene and their lacks.

    Warm Regards,

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    Yes we have to say no to polythene bags. In places like OOty and Kodaikanal and several other hill stations, the use of polythene bags are completely banned. I think we can save nature if this is not into practice.

    Best regards,

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    WE can even plan to have exhibitions in various schools and colleges to spread awareness among the students who will help us in to follow the path of "greener tomorrow".





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    Polythene has become an important part of our life. It lies in which manner we use it. Every day we shop for our daily necessities from the market and for our convenience use some kind of carry bag to transport the purchased goods to our homes, as we think that these might not fall out and get spoiled or may be the brand name imprinted on these bags. Polythene bags or plastic bags are posing a great threat to our environment. Perhaps polythene shopping bags and wrappers are a potential threat to global environment. Their use is increasing day by day as they are cheaper and lighter than any other packing material and easy to use and disposable.

    But while using them, seldom do we think about the harm they are causing to our environment. Once you have used and discarded them, you just do not lose your link with them. Perhaps they return back to you in one way or the other which we may not realize. Like poly bag thrown may choke the drain of kitchen or may be recycled and sold in the market in some other color or shape. The sewerage system which is also called the arteries of city life is flooded with tons of plastic waste coming out from house holds of various colonies of the cities. Some day it may be clogged and put the sewerage out of gear. It may lead to accumulation of dirty water and may pose a potential threat to the health of the residents with the outbreak of any epidemic like malaria etc.
    Even small villages or towns are free from the menace of plastic. Millions of people visiting their home towns everyday carry a wide variety of shopping in most colorful bags made of plastics for their near and dear ones. The family members are definitely pleased with the shower of gifts they receive wrapped in plastic poison but are unaware about the affect. Sometimes they may preserve these poly-bags, but later or sooner these are just thrown away in village wells, rivers, tanks and drains. Some may even throw them into their fields with a sense of belonging or pride or just to show off to their neighbors that they are in receipt of precious gifts from their urban brethren.
    Millions of school children bring their lunch and Tiffin boxes neatly packed in plastic bags. They just litter them here and there unawares of the consequences and the great harm they cause to our surroundings. It is perhaps the mothers who find it very convenient to pack sumptuous food prepared by them in plastic carry bags.
    Plastic is a menace by all means and a serious threat. It is a non-biodegradable substance which remains undissolved and does not decay for a long period of time when thrown or buried under the earth’s crust. It may prevent rain water from seeping into earth and may cause soil pollution and makes it unfertile. When burnt it emits noxious fumes which pollute the air we breath. Thus use of polythene bags should be completely banned by law, rather its manufacturing should be stopped. Masses should be awared about this unwanted menace. The use of jute, cloth or bags made out of recyclable paper should be widely popularized for shopping purposes. This can go a big way in solving the problem of polybag pollution.
    Another polythene menace. Disposal of banned category of Polythene Bags in an improper way which in fact do not dissolve easily causes choking of deep/surface drains and open Nallahs. This unwise system categorically obstructs the flow of waste water and causes sanitation problems and unhygienic condition generally in the valley particularly in the core of City limits.
    Such alarming situation has a great contribution towards environmental degradation. In addition, some other factors responsible for such degradation in the environment are dumping of garbages, traushs and other waste products in Rivers, springs vis-à-vis in lakes/ponds. If such devastative/destructive and remorseful nuisance is curbed in a systematic manner approximately 50 to 60% sanitation problem could be solved in municipal limits and people shall find clogged free drains.
    The state Administration contemplating to undertake a gigantic drive to contain the threat of environmental degradation etc shall have to explore possibilities in a quickiest way mobalising all resources to impose absolute ban on use of Polythene Bags etc and close down the manufacturing establishments of such unhygienic products and also through public address system convince the people of blissful atmosphere, in case they do use Cotton or Paper Bags in place of polythene bags and avoid dumping of waste products in water tables etc.

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    in this year we want to say bye bye for polythene bags and we should save nature, because from polythene bags its getting problems for nature by not decaying n we cant do anything for that for out of nature if we fire for that it effects for nature only and if we put into under the earth also it wont decay so we should use limitedly and we should avoid almost of that polythenes products..............



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    i would like to share some more points in this topic because the menace of polythene has caused a lots of problems to the human society in several ways. There are several unknown but silent side effects that are occuring in this society due to the increase of polythene. But it is this durability and resilience of plastic that is causing worry among environmentalists. As the use of polythene has increased enormously, so has the accumulation of waste polythene, particularly in urban areas.It began when people started to use and dispose polythene indiscriminately leading to the accumulation of waste polythene. Today, used polythene bags have become a recurrent spectacle in many places. We can see them hanging from railings, branches of trees, and lying in heaps of garbage. They are often seen floating on the surfaces of water bodies and finally choking the drains, gutters, and sewers. This causes water and sewage to overflow and become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that cause diseases. Also several animals have died consuming such plastics. Even though polythene and other plastic products are considered useful and practical and have become part of our daily routine, they are not very friendly. They are a big menace to handle and dispose of. Being non-biodegradable means that they are not disintegrated easily by normally occurring bacteria. Those bacteria actually have capability to fragment the natural wastes and not polythene. Chemically, polythene is a polymer of ethylene with high molecular weight. On heating, it softens; when it is cooled, it solidifies again. These chemicals are highly toxic. The main problem with polythene is associated with its non-degradable nature. This raises the question regarding its disposability. If polythene bags are burned for disposal, they release deadly toxics — like dioxin and furans — as they are made up of chlorinated compounds. The effects of these compounds on human health are well-documented. According to the Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, dioxins are one of the causes of chloracne, a severe skin disease with acne-like lesions occurring on the face and upper body. Other skin problems include rashes, discoloration, and excessive body hair. Its a great destruction of the natural appearance of a person.


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    Polythene bags have become a great problem for the society. we all should determine that we will avoid polythene bags. Wherever we go - Market, shopping malls, readymade garments, etc. say no to polythene bags.

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    Hai friend,
    The peoples are now only understanding the polythene and its dangerous hazards to the human environment.The government also made some ban on the usage of polythene they are telling the manufacturing company to reduce the thickness of the polythene. It is quite a good thing that if the thickness of the polythene is reduced then it will become easily degradable.So the harm to the human environment is quite low.

    Degradation of polyethne is a great challange as the materials are increasingly used.
    Ignorance of the people who don’t care about the effects of proper waste disposal and who may not know about the effects of improper waste disposal. They therefore dump the polythene bags carelessly.
    Emphasis should be put on the use of paper bags. This is because the paperbags are also light and they can easily decompose. They should therefore act as the subsitute for the polythene bags .

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    Trillions of polythene bags are used world over every year.They persist on this earth to haunt us and our generations for centuries.Polythene chokes the drains, the water bodies, pollutes the land and poisons us slowly but surely..Even mowed grass cannot escape the polythene menace.Polythene has been recovered from the rumen of countless cattle and is a major threat to animals also.Polythene pollution is an epidemic now.Polythene is indestructible. One particle of polythene is further made of many particles. If we continue to use polythene, the earth would become polluted on an alarming rate.

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    I have heard that the Government of Delhi has banned the use ,sale and storage of plastic bags in National Capital Territory of Delhi.

    But you know what in Chandigarh the polythene bags are banned from more than six months and Chandigarh Administration has implemented it too.

    Everyone says that it is good to ban polythene bags. Like you allof the above who have replied your post that they are harmful to our environment. They are epidemic.
    They are see hanging on from railings, branches of trees, and lying in heaps of garbage flots on the surface of water bodies, this and that always complaining.

    But have anyone imagined that how much difficult it would be to stay away foem the polythene. Each and every thing that we buy from the market is rapped in polythene bag. They are the east way to carry things.
    Someone has suggested to carry bag all around ( Yaduvanshi ) for example
    I am going some where in my car and i saw fruits so what will i do, i will take out my bag and will purchase it right?

    Though everyone talk about not using polythene bag but we are so use to it that it seems impossible. They are a part of our day to day life.

    In one way or another you will come across one.

    Know lets see if our friend Rajeev can keep up to his resolution or not.
    I am sure you will life to share your experince from the world without polythene bag.

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    Hi Rajeev,

    Yes my resolution is also nearly the same but the only difference is I'll be using the 3R's system.

    3R's means:-
    3-Reuse it is even better than recycle as recycling uses up some energy whereas this does not use any energy. For eg. using old envelopes by writing the address on the opposite side.

    Hi Gurjant,

    I will say that whatever the government has implement never works until and unless it is Delhi.

    In Kolkata, government passed a law that Two-Stroke Auto should be removed from the roads of Kolkata in just some days and the maximum being 1 month. The government allowed the police men to seize Two-Stroke Autos from their drivers but the police men never seized a Auto because they let them go after having GUSS. Thats the real India!

    Ankit Das
    (Die-Hard fan of Manchester United)

    Ankit Das

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    yes I too want that polythene bags should be banned as they harm the enviorment a lot...

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    hi ankit,

    what you are telling may be right but i really don't know about the Kolkata police.

    But i know about my mine you might have not heard that Ajay Devgan was fined for smoking in in public place in Chandigarh when he has come here for his shooting.

    Well in Chandigarh there is ban on polythene bag, smoking in public places, listening to the nature's call on the walls and spitting.

    Well i am not saying that it wrong to ban on the polythene bags instead i am saying that it is difficult to go without them.

    And it can be seen in Chandigarh and there can be some exceptions.

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    Real this is a question arising in every one mind if we think of green revolution.
    make it in mind like we should not encourage using polythene and we also have to practice the same.

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    o It allows data that is inserted / updated / deleted to be returned.
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    Hi yes i agree with all of you about the defects of using polythene bags but in recent yerars it has been increased a lot and today its really hard to avoid such bags as it is used everywhere But near my house i heard a cow became very serious as it ate an polythene bag and using these bags really pollutes environment but eventhough it is used a lot many can try to avid it by burning the polethene bags after its use eventhough it is the best possible solution to avoid it defects iam taking this decision practically so we all must realise and try to avoid as much as possible to save our environmemt.

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