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    Is spending more money of marriage correct or incorrect?

    It is a trend now a days to spend more money in marriages for the sake of Orchestra, hiring of very big marriage halls etc. This trend followed has made even the very middle class families also to spend more money which is not even affordable to them.

    Each one of us have our own views on marriages. Some like marriages to be as simple as possible and some like it to be in a very grand manner because they feel that marriages happen only once in life and they want it to be done in a very memorable manner and hence they spend more on marriages. On the contrary some feel that wasting money on marriages is an unnecessary waste o and they feel that instead of wasting so much of money on marriages they can use the same money to leave happily for the rest of their life.

    Looking at theses aspects what type of marriage do you like to have and why?
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    Yes these trends to spending more money in marriages for the sake of DJ systems, light works, hiring of very big marriage halls, giving a big dowry, cars etc. have made the very middle class families also to spend more money which is not even affordable to them. So they take loan from bank or borrow money from some where else. it is bad and it should be condemned by all of us . Views on marriages can be different but in my opinion marriages should be as simple as possible, wasting money on marriages is an unnecessary waste and instead of wasting so much of money on marriages they should use the same money to leave happily for the rest of their life.
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    Well its a good question, i will give my opinion later before that i want to clear one point here now a days the earning capacity is also increased and now a days people are looking of their status, and now a days we think to any body a successful person by his life style, and to maintain that status people unnecessarily waste their money in their own marriage just to keep others happy they spent lot of money from their pocket and by taking loan, they want that every body should remember their marriage for ever but my dear friends its human mentality no body will remember.. now in my opinion i believe that the less and lesser budget should be used in marriage and i am against dowry, people should make the marriage so cheap and easy that the other sins doesnt happen ...and that money which is remaining can be donated to other poor people who are not able to do thier daughters marraige due to lack of money..

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    This has become a fashion & show-business nowadays. Spending more money in marriages for the sake of decoration, Orchestra, hiring of very big marriage halls, music systems and band, etc has become very common. Everybody can't afford this. Some people even take loan for such functions.
    Instead of wasting so much money on marriages, it can be kept as fixed deposit in bank & couple can use it for future needs - delivery expenses, child's education, child's illnesses,etc.
    Another fashion among young boys is " bachelor's party". Here the guy who is going to get married arranges a party for his dear friends and makes arrangements for beer, whisky, rum, etc. All these wines are very costly.

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    spending money for the marriage is not that much necessary. if they can they should and time to time the economic conditions change and the parents are unable to buy the same amount of jewel as their elder daughter and they get from someone and pay interest and it goes on. The situation must be considered and the marriage must be done in an economical way. according to marriage is only for the knowledge of all the people that these two are pair. only for the acknowledgement it has been made and nothing else

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    I agree that marriage is one of the most important occasions in one’s life to cheris. But, At The Same Time Spending too lavishly unnecessarily on this occasion is merely a waste of one’s precious hard earned money. Instead of spending the extra money on celebration, crackers and inviting too many guests, the same can be deposited on couple’s name that promises of ensuring their future. In todays ever increasing expensive life, parents should deposit the amount on their safe future instead of spending it lavishly to showcase their sibling’s marriage.

    I hope the new generation parents will broaden their mind and won’t follow the custom of extra spending on their children’s marriage and will to put their best step’s forward to give their kids a happy post married life.


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    Yes now days this has become a fashion as they want to show to others and now days people want that they are going to get married one time in life then why should not they spend a lot of money so that it will be memorize for ever,But I suggest and my opinion is it is good to preapare 100 types of dish at marriage party but the decoration for lighting,flower arrangement goes waste in the next day after the marriage so there should be cost cutting in decoration,music,band and lighting

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    ha ha , now the people are spending really lots of money to the marriages but they forgot the values of the marriages , they are just spending for the fun and media ,most of these marriages are ending very soon ,
    i think finding the true meaning of the wedding is better than wasting money ,

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    It is true that many do not understand the real meaning of marraige and spend more money on marraige unnecessarily. If a wealthy person does such expenses unnecessarily, he will not be that effected. But if a person with low income does such things, then he will surely be effected to it.

    There are person who work so hard to earn a small amount of money and if they spend so much of money just for a day, then imagine that they have to spend many years to overcome and earn so much of money spend. The hard work is rewarded but it should be used suitably and not in such ways.

    I hope people will understand soon what is the real meaning of marraige and how to make it much simpler according to their financial means.

    Best regards,

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    Spending lavishly on marriages not one of the wisest things to today in today's crunchy market.

    Marriage is one time affair - agree so people think that they should enjoy it to the most, what they forget is that it may become a burden for them in the near future. Some even take personal or marriage loans from banks or their respective organizations to celebrate it to the maximum, what they forget is that they have bear the EMI's and interest rate for years and not by the one's whom they invite on their marriage. More over, people spend too much on orchestra and crackers, which I feel is sheer wastage of money. By doing that what they do is they pollute the environment.

    Marriage should happen as a one time affair with closed one's who really matter and with a celebration which they can afford, keeping in mind the recession and bad times of future. The amount they spend can also be deposited on the couple's name will ensure a safe future for them, instead of calling thousands of people and making them eat everything.

    Marriage is an auspicious occasion and not the lavish spending. People should understand the thin line difference between the both and should spend accordingly.


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    dear friend i don't unterstand why people measure everything in terms of money,people consider that the more they spend more will be the happiness,for me it's not that way ,keeping a mairrage very low profile and saving the same money for the couple for thier future will be of much more help ,then"ek din ki chandini" ,life is not all about one day,so guys take your call you want to live for a day or for a long time

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    A very good topic relevant to the present trend of wasting money on wasteful expenditure during marriages. I do not know why people waste so much money, some even borrow money for such unncessary expenses in marriage. Right from printing of invitation cards to the end of reception, people spend money on all unwanted expenses.

    A marriage can be celebrated within the family members in a small mantap keeping all auspicious cerimonies in mind. For friends and other well wishers, a reception can be hosted at a later date. Unnecessary expenses which does not add any value to the marriage expect lavishness may be avoided. The money saved can be given to couple to start their married life and growth of their family.

    This is right time to think and people should try to minimise expenses in the conducted of marriage to the extent possible.


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    I dont think so spending lot of money for occasions like marriage is good. If you use the same amount for the welfare of Women & poor children will give more satisfaction to us. So better to donate excess money or items for welfare of the poor rather than spending

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    I do not see any reason of spending more money on marriage cermony, decoration, parties.
    Its waste of money only.

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    Yes Everyone must accept this. Because helping poor means helping God. Thats i donate my money to a website . The one more thing we remember is that " The More you Give , The More You gain"

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    hai friend
    it is a fashion today that spending lot of money during marriage.
    in most of the middle level families are suffering after borrowing lot of money for their son or daughter marriage.
    you can take a cinema stars marriage the saree of a actress is about
    some lakhs...(from a popular newletter).
    This are the various unwanted expense.

    simply inviting the relations and a wedding ring is more than enough for a marriage


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    I am motivated to provide an answer to this question again because this is what happens in our community,the factor which prompt us to do so are like:
    people are influenced by societal influences. Most people don't have the mind of their own. people live other peoples'life they eat what they eat, drink what they drink; wear what they wear and all that. While it is good to have a guide or mentor or some people to look up to for certain character traits, it is foolishness to put yourself under a burden on simply because the society or a person wants you do so

    also we spend on mairrage just for the desire to please everyone.My experiences till date after interacting with different People,reveals that the family of the guy or girl may have a strong desire on to how much to spend and what to spend money on.

    marriage is sweet and lovely feeling to the heart,to behold but you should be cautious that you don't regrets afterwards on things which can be easily averted

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    For those who have the dough it is a matter of snob appeal. But for those who lack it it becomes a dowry headache. I think there is nothing wrong in spending if one is affluent as it is a one time affair in life and should be made as memorable as possible, but there should not be a tendency among the in laws to demand money as dowry.

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    In no civilized can it be justified. Moreso when millions of people are starving and dying. It is criminal to spend the way we do in our Indian weddings. I strongly condemn such an attitude.

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    It is the whole decision of the people who are involved in the marriage.
    A little / nominal expense in marriage is acceptable, but spending Lakhs/ Crores rupees for 1 marriage is not a good idea.
    Politicians are the culprits behind huge expenditure for marriage.

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    Hi Friend,

    The people should cares and knows about the economy, financial position of country. then they will not waste money like this.

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    I think this depends a lot on the pocket of an individual.
    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    The way i see it, it is totally an individual's or rather a family's choice to spend lavishly on marriages.however, the culture we live in starts making comparisons very fast and as such it makes it worse for the not so affluent classes of society.
    For someone who is not in a position to shell out loads of money is thought of as a non social being and aint respected.It givves a inferiority complex and makes the person borrow money just to show off.
    it is utterly unjustified but then there is no way out.because you cant have rules and regulations imposed on these things.For people who have money and think of marriage as a one time huge celebration, they would enjoy throwing a lavish party

    Ankit Agarwal
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    I think that there is no harm in spending money on marriages. After all the persons who decorate the marriage gets job because of this. All the people involving in the marriage preparation, they all gets job because of this. Because in India people are not that educated and those who are educated somewhat did not get their deserving jobs.

    Moreover, its the Indian culture to invite the other people in marriage and share their happyness with all the relatives and friends. Because marriage comes only once in lifetime. And if some money is spended on that, there is no harm.
    But spending lavishly is also not good on marriages. There should be some limits. If money is spended to just show off, this is not good.


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    That is very lame yaduvanshi.Go tell that to the girls parents who wait all their lifes to get their girl married.For parents this is the like the final destination to do the best for their girl/boy
    lavishness can be avoided but the methods u suggested sound a bit cheap.

    Ankit Agarwal
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    hi frnds,

    every human being wants his/her marriage to be very merorable,unforgetable.this all things flaunting,showing status business is very easy for rich peoples,they can spend their money in every useless things like DJ's,cocktail parties,decorations,in hiring very very expensible halls,hotels,vechicles for marriages,very expensive and 100 types of dishes,gifts for relatives,so that all relatives remember their marriages,expensive invitation cards,spend handsome amount of money in all useless things like dowry,infact they all know that dowry giving and taking is a very big crime in our country but still they have extra money so they flaunt.all these things they do just to show their status.

    on contrary to this if we talk about middle class family.they dont have handsome amount of money but beacuse of society,relatives fear thatthey all will blame in future that marriage was not up to mark,they take loans,some times these people martgage their homes for the marriage of their daughter,for dowry because if they dont give dowry daughter in laws may tease her in to arrange all these things a middle class family suffer alot.

    all these things are because og higher class family,they should not waste their extra money just like that only to flaunt,to show their status,instead save their money for future,for their next generation as we all know higher studies today is very expensive,so they should save their money for their benefit only.

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