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    How can we analyze a person?

    We can't able to believe the peoples because of changing mind. How can we analyze good peoples.
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    Human nature is the concept that there are a set of characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that all 'normal' human beings have in common.

    Human nature is very complex. We humans have the most highly developed social structure and most of our nature, our personality, involves interpersonal relationships.

    In general, people are kind and loving toward one another, but under times of stress and mostly through a lack of inadequate nurturing in the early years of life, sometimes tend to be violent and aggressive.

    This is not the nature of humans that have been in a balanced and loving environment. Some would say that people who do come from what may seem to be a balanced and loving environment also have an undercurrent of a violence and aggressive nature.

    They are just better at disguising their true nature of who they really are. These rare people are referred to as sociopaths if their dysfunction is less severe, and psychopaths if their dysfunction ids very severe.


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    If we are stable enough to judge a person, If we are in a good confident mood, If we are well aware of our state first; then we can analyze people with their Acts, Behavior, Attitude and Habits. One should understand Good and Bad are part of every person, before we make any conclusions on them. As far as the person is not ignorant, we can access people by their virtues.
    Firstly, we should understand why do we want to analyze a person. When we come in contact with a person, our instincts automatically realize his acts and will act according to it. It is very important for anyone to realize that before analyzing any one, one should analyze themselves whether or not one's conscience is correct. If we are well conscious about who may come to us and our behavior is in accordance with it, it doesn't matter much what kind of people we meet. Such practice is crucial in every day to day life to feed our brain and consciousness to act accordingly.


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    The analysis of a person is too difficult task.But certain techniques help us in analysis of the person's behavior.

    There are many methods of study like:

    1.Observation method: Wher we can observe the person's behavior in differnt situations and find out some interesting facts.This method include various types like Direct observation,Indirect observation,Participative observation etc.

    2.Experimental study: Here in this we study the individual in the artificial environment by controlling his behavior.All the independent variables are controlled and dependent variable are tested and analysed. study method: This method is a popular method of study in which we collect all the information of teh case(Person to be studied) and analyse it .Here the information include personal details,family details ,social entities,group behavior.This is the method used to find remidy for a problem (Not always).

    4.Interview: This is also popular method which reveals the person's attitude,interest and behavior. The interviwer asks series of questions for which he extract information from the individual.This mehtod needs experts to analyse a person.

    5.Personality test and Psychological tests:
    There large no of personlaity test and questionnaires which are widely used for assessment of the person's abilities.There are tests for different areas like aptitude tests,attitude test,adjustment test,personality tests etc.


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    There are various ways we can analyze a person personality
    Like we say we see many peoples, in our our surroundings, having different face structures,shape and size, no two persons are identical.

    EVER felt about the way we all at some time or other take an instant dislike to a total stranger? Or why we sometimes warm up immediately to person we’ve just set eyes on and know nothing about?

    have you heard about Physiognomists which says FACES NEVER LIEand such phenomenon are described here

    We can analyze persons how and what they feel, how they react, what they like and dislike, with help is the result of astrological, zodiac and human nature studies, this may vary from person to person, which is described in YOUR PERSONALITY

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    analysing human behaviour is difficult because normally all human beings are not open minded. some people pretend like honest people but in their mind they are thinking different. thy have different agendas. Some people are talking straight forward. Here we can judge some kind of qualities of honest.we should accept the praises from the people in critical way. Because people are just praising means they ewant some favor from us. Some people are obsessive and systamatic. Normally these people are honest. they dont like cunning people.

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    GOD has said where there is love I am there. perhaps what he meant was the answer to the question you have asked. L-LEARN,O-OBSERVE.V-VERIFY-E-ENJOY.

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